Monday, 25 April 2016

My Fave Spring Lipsticks

After a longer break I'm back ( yes, I should be studying right now for my exams next week), because I thought that I really need to provide you with a new post finally again even though I don't have too much time.

Now, today I wanted to show you an updated version of my favourite lipgsticks at the moment.
( Note: I have cold sores and my lips always are in the worst condition during that time, so I didn't choose the topic on the best day but well.)

I picked 4 lipsticks that I use the most at work and uni too. I think they are great colours for spring, though I would also wear them all around the year because I don't think like those shades are only good for sunny, warm months.

Let's start with the one I use the most. It's the KIKO Smooth Temptation matte lipstick in the shade 05. I use it so often because it is so easy to apply thanks to its small tip. Since my lips are often packed with cold sores, my lip contour kind of faded in some places and it annoys me so much, which is why I try to cover that up whenever possible. Now, this lipstick is great because it has a peachy, coral colour, but it is not much different from my actual lip colour, so it looks very healthy and natural and that's what I really want most days. 

The second lipstick is from Golden Rose ( the burgundy packaging) and I got it the Summer before leaving for Scotland. I saw it and immediately fell in love with the colour. It's my favourite lipstick shade- a dark, dusty, powdery pink. It is very matte and it is incredibly pigmented! Plus it was such a bargain that I regret not having bought more of them at once. This lipstick stays on for ages and it makes my lips look so lovely! This colour tends to get pretty dark though when you apply a bit more, but as I said before- I love the colour a lot!

The third lipstick is actually a very new one that I got from my mum a few days ago. It's from the brand PUPA and has this metallic red packaging that is pretty much oval-shaped, it also has a mirrored top of the lid, which can maybe come in handy one day.
Now this is a browny-reddish shade, but it kind of also has this dusry pink/nude pigment, so I was very excited for it though I was a bit worried it would be too brown for me, since I never opted for brown lipstick before. But I tried it out and loved it straight away! I think this shade suits my complexion a lot and I'm so surprised that I like it. It is so buildable too, you can either pat it on very gently so that you can't even tell you're wearing lipstick, or just go for it and create a bold look ( like me in the 2 photos).
You can actually see this shade in the first picture and in the one below.
What I also realised, is that in different lighting they look different. Once it's a very dark brown shade, and the other time it is a dark nude. I really like it! Let me know what you think about it!

 And the fourth lipstick is my KIKO Endless Love listick in the chrome packaging with the cute heart in the middle, that actually shows the real shade of the lipstick inside. I mainly had to buy it because of its heart shape (I already wrote about it here, if you want to know more!). Now this is also a darker colour, I'd call it some sort of magenta/burgundy colour and since it's very intense I don't wear it too often- it's very pigmented so you can't really apply it gently, it is made for bold lips. ( It is also more glossy that matte actually) What I also realised is that it is not as creamy, so you have to press it on pretty hard to get the perfect look- but I still really like it.

And here are also all the swatches because I didn't want to apply all of them on my lips- I think like this you can see the difference better.
The top one is: PUPA  VOLUME Rossetto Lipstick 500
Second one: KIKO Endless Love Lipstick 05
Third: Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick 12
Fourth: KIKO Smooth Temptation Lipstick 05

Let me know what your favourite lipsticks are! :)



Tuesday, 19 April 2016

My OOTD: Fave New Blouse

Hello my dear friends!
Uni got a bit stressful recently because I have some upcoming exams and obviously that's the reason why I don't get to blog really. And trust me - it annoys me so much!

But now I have a short break from uni so it's a good time to upload a new post before I head back for some more classes. Right?
I actually wanted to take photos in the park beside uni because the weather is so pretty, but unfortunately none of my friends were there to take some quick shots. And now I sadly have to share some lower quality photos with you but I like this outfit so much that I just can't not show you!

I applied some eyeshadow today because I thought it would match the blouse nicely. I used my Bourjois Quad in Rose Quartz and I really like those delicate shades!
I wanted to apply a nude-pinky lipstick but due to my massive cold sore I just couldn't. I hate it when I get them. They ruin my whole look but I got used to them already and know there's nothing to do.

I put my hair up in a half-updo and I do like that hairstyle because it does keep my hair out of my face, but it still does show off my hair and it stays in place because only a small part of my hair is up. Great!

floral boho-blouse - Forever21
nail polish - KIKO

Now this blouse is a piece I've wanted for nearly 2 months now and every time I saw it I went crazy. I knew I had to get it, so recently I went to buy it "as a birthday gift to myself". It's my birthday in exactly a week and I'm work hard too so I thought I could treat myself a bit.
And I'm so glad I got this blouse. I love the boho-style, all the strings around the collar and on the sleeves, I like the collar and the bell-sleeves, I like that it is a little bit cropped and so sheer. Also, the champagne colour and the little floral print are just gorgeous! This is the blouse of my dreams! :D
Let me know if you like it as much as I do!

dusty pink flats - Deichmann
black tights - Primark

I couldn't take a better photo of the shoes but they are also pretty new and I think they just match most of my outfits and they are so great for spring and summer! Those flats are so comfy, I wore them to work the first time I decided to wear them out and this was quite risky but I didn't get any blisters and I think that's proof of how comfy they are!
I like the loafer kind of style with the white chunkier sole, plus the colour is my favourite one and as I mentioned before- it goes with most of my wardrobe!

denim skirt - House

The blouse gives me a kind of Coachella-feeling and I think it will be perfect for more cute summer outfits!

Let me know if you liked this outfit and don't forget to check out my last vlog:

Have a nice week! :)



Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My Recent Hair Product Haul

So recently I was a bit too early for uni so I went to the drugstore to kill some time (which is always a bad idea) and I ended up leaving the shop with some new hair products.
And I thought I'd show them to you today. :)

I bought three different products, from three different brands and not all of them are so new to me to be honest.

The first product I found interesting is the Aussie Aussome Volume conditioner. It is suitable for fine, flat hair ( which I don't necessarily have, but I still wanted to try it out). It is supposed to push up your hair and make it look more voluminous and on some days I really feel like my hair is flat and heavy and doesn't look too fresh even though I just dried it.
For this reason I decided to try out this conditioner to get the effect I want to achieve. ( I only used it now but my hair is still in the towel so it's hard to tell yet, but I guess I will update you on it at some point!)
I'm not 100% sure about the smell, and I have the dry shampoo from this range too and there I do like the smell but the dry shampoo turned out to be a bit disappointing in general. I can't really describe this scent but since Aussie is available in so many places now, you can surely go and check yourself. :)

The second product is a tiny can of the Batiste Cherry dry shampoo. And this is a product I already had back in Scotland and I loved it. And when I saw it in my local drugstore I had to get it because they are so hard to find here in Vienna ( they do appear on the shelves already but they are usually sold out straight away). 
Another reason why I bought this dry shampoo is the tiny travel size of it. I thought that this will be so practical for my handbag. Sometimes I look at my hair in the morning and it looks alright and then throughout the day it just gets so flat and it doesn't look too fresh anymore and then I feel bad about it and I can't really do much about it. So, with this little bad boy I hope that my problem will be solved within seconds! :)

And the third thing I got is also a travel sized hair spray. My mum usually uses this brand but since I always wear my hair down I don't need hair spray. However, there are days when I just feel like putting my hair up or braiding it and then it would be so good to have some hair spray to keep it all in place. And for this reason I just picked up this little can to have at home just in case. You can never go wrong with such products I guess. I feel like it does make your hair sticky and you have to be careful when using it, but still, I'm glad I got it in the end.

So those were all my "new" hair products, I hope I will like them all and that I will maybe repurchase them in the future.

Did you try any of those products? Let me know! :)



Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Hair & Make-Up of the day!

Good morning everyone!
I feel so terrible about the fact that I don't get to write anything at all lately. Uni and work are just a bit too much sometimes so there is not much time left to write nice blog posts anymore. I try to write one or two if possible and I know it's a pity, but there is no other way.

So, this morning I had breakfast while watching TV and I obviously also got ready for uni. First I'll have to pick up my brother from school though and then rush to uni. :D
I didn't quite know what to do with my hair today so I put it up in a bun and I hope it will stay alright until I'm back home again.

When it comes to make-up I didn't feel like experimenting so I used all the stuff I usually do and I might even apply some lipstick before I leave :)

My outfit is a cosy one yet still good enough for uni. I have this black tunic with this pussybow-kind of string in the front and the embroidered detailing. I think it looks so pretty and cute!
I'm also wearing these shiny/glossy leggings or discopants which are also very comfy and tights wouldn't be enough because the tunic is a biit to short. Both the tunic and leggings are from Forever21.

I'm not sure yet what shoes I'll be wearing but since it is not too cold ( from what I saw on my phone weather app) I guess I'm gonna wear some ballet flats or loafers and my fake leather jacket.

So, now I'm gonna go print my handouts for uni and I'll eat a quick snack and I'll be heading to Noah's school.

Hope you all have a nice day and that your week started off nicely! :)



Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Spring is here!

After waiting for many cold months, spring has finally arrived! And I couldn't be happier about it.

You will already know that I am much of a sun-person and I can't stand grey, cold days, so now the wait seems to be over because the last days since Easter, it was looking very good outside the window!

The days are filled with plenty of sunshine, and due to this my flat is heated up so much that I have my windows open day and night. It basically feels like summer and I do like that a lot.

I'm sitting here at my desk, studying for uni- my office windows are open and I can hear the birds sing, I feel the warm evening-sun on my arms and I don't get the feeling that I could spend my day better outside. I am happy here in this little office of mine and I guess that's important.

Apart from that it looks like Eryk and I will finally meet again soon and I am so excited about that! *fingers crossed it all works out!*

This morning we went to IKEA and afterwards we were putting up a cabinet for my room and I am in looovveee. Later I had to go to uni because I had to sit an English exam and now I'm at home, trying to study as much as possible.

Hope you had a good start into the week, with also plenty of sunshine! :)