Monday, 30 June 2014

Poland Day 6 and 7


I am really sorry that I didnt' manage to upload anything yesterday. I took many pictures but I just had no time to sit in front of a laptop to write a post. I feel really bad about that because I usually write everyday. Today we are just sitting at my aunt's house playing with the children. The weather is awful, it is raining non-stop and cold and windy. We actually wanted to go to town this morning but as my aunt has some appointments herself we just needed to stay with the kids. And as I said it is cold and raining so walking around town is not the best idea today. I am not sure what we are going to do later but we don't have any plans just now. This means that I am not sure if I am going to upload some further images for today's update.

Yesterday I wore my Pimkie jumper, an s.Oliver top underneath, my Forever21 shorts and  my sandals from Cube/ Voegele.

As you can see the skies were grey yesterday and today it is even worse.

I kicked the coffee table with my small toe on my right foot and I swear I thought it ripped off and I immediately fell to the ground and couldn't move my whole leg anymore and I was sure that I broke my toe again. My aunt gave me some painkillers and some ice spray and it got better. It looks like my toe is alright, but the pain was horrible. 

While I was doing my crosswords outside with some ice on my toe, the small ones were jumping on the trampoline having lots of fun.

In the evening my uncle made some baked rolls with cheese, ham, tomatoes, mayonnaise and ketchup. It was so delicious!!

I'll go and keep an eye on the kids because I think that Eryk might need some help.



Saturday, 28 June 2014

Poland Day 4 and 5


Today it was quite warm in the morning so I decided to tan a bit while Eryk was doing some garden work with grandad again. At about 3 pm we went to town and headed over to a very nice cafe/pizzeria. Mum picked us up and we went for some grocery shopping and just when we arrived home it started raining so heavily that I am not sure if I ever saw such torrential rain in my life before.
Now we are sitting with the children, watching TV and enjoying our time together. So here you are, look at the pictures!

Weather yesterday morning

Tanning with Olimpia yesterday, I missed it so much!

Well, do small ones need to be under constant supervision. Seriously.


This nearly ended badly, but they had fun.

We also went to the shop yesterday in the evening to buy some ice cream!

And it still looked very nice!

Today Orion and I were laying in the sun together <3

We went to town today and the skies were grey already but it was so hot outside.

And yes, second pizza in Poland! We couldn't resist. Traditions are traditions, no way out :D

And here you can see how quickly the situation escalated. This was the view after 15 minutes of rain. We literally had a lake in the middle there.

And we bought ourselves some AMAZING TASTING sorbets. Mine was a lemon one and Eryk bought a pear one for himself. 



Friday, 27 June 2014

Poland Day 4


Today I am again uploading from my tablet so there will be no piftures sadly. However, tomorrow I'll take some more pictures and upload also the ones from today. Mum and I brought Eryk to his grandparent's house and we went to town then. I didn't buy anything but it was nice to spend some time with mum before leaving, you know. When we came home, me and my cousin were tanning for some time. At about 4 or 5 pm mum picked up Eryk and brought him to my granny's house again. Now we are laying on the sofa watching ghost adventures, which is freaking scary. Soon we will go to bed because I was thinking that we could go to town tomorrow morning. We'll see if this plan works out, because it would be cool actually.

Well, good night then and don't forget to come back tomorrow to see some cool photos! :)



Thursday, 26 June 2014

Poland Day 3

Hello everybody!

Today we decided to sleep a bit longer because the weather was not all that good. After breakfast Eryk went to help my grandad with some garden work and I was sitting in the garden with Lili. Then the sun finally came out and I could tan. I am quite happy because I didn't want to spend all summer at home.

In the afternoon Eryk wanted to ride a moped bike so he did. And he did all evening long, which means that I could forget talking to him. :D

We also went to the shop to buy more crisps and drinks and other stuff we just buy and don't even know why.

And now my mum and Noah arrived and I just wanted to quickly upload some pictures because we are tired and want to go to bed soon.

Eryk working with my uncle yesterday night.

                                                              Having fun with Lili :D

Someone is jealous I think!


My boys <3

Dog fights -no animals were hurt, don't worry 

OOTD: Forever21 Jumper, Forever21 Skirt, H&M Tights, Vans

Have you ever tried this one? We just did and although I really hate alcohol, but I enjoyed this drink.

Now we are off to the bed and I hope that tomorrow will be a really warm day finally.



Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Poland day 1 and 2

Hello everybody!

Now that I am on my grandpa's laptop I can upload also pictures from yesterday!
Today we were at home and I was hoping for nice weather, but sadly it was raining all day long and it was quite cold. My cousin had a school festival and we went there but it was taking place outside so we were hiding in tents all the time because it was really raining heavily. We got home after maybe one hour or something and we decided to play some Monopoly and to order a pizza (we always do this in Poland). Now we ate it and stopped playing the game, Eryk went to the garage to help my uncle repairing his car. I am sitting here in the living room with my dogs and the children and I think that we will soon go upstairs to watch a movie before we go to bed because there is really nothing else that we could do today. The weather is said to get better by Friday, and I really hope that it will because I wanted to tan a bit.

I took this picture somewhere in Poland at 4 am during my journey. I thought the sky looked so amazing!

And here I am with my cutest cousin Lili. She got so big already and uses whole sentences when talking. She is so funny!

This is what the sky looked like yesterday evening just outside my window. I don't know why, but somehow skies lately look so nice!

And as always we have our favourite Lay's. These are my favourite crisps and I am always sad when I leave Poland because they are actually unavailable in Austria.

This is what I looked like today and I think I look kind of different here, I don/t know why.

Also our cute Orion got so big already! But he is still such a nice dog and I just love cuddling with him. It really makes me sad everytime I need to leave him behind!

Here is my outfit before we went to this school festival because I only took this dress to my granny's house. It was so cold however, that we had to have a stop at my aunt's house in order to take my whole luggage to my granny's and to get me tights, a sweater and closed shoes.

Reunited <3

Rain drops and grey skies are not the best things in summer.

And the last picture for today: my favourite jellies! They are soooooo tasty and they are shaped like lips. They cost 39 p and you can buy them in Scotmid (in Scotland), I don't know if you can in other supermarkets because I haven't seen them, but maybe you can. They are so good!

We have no plan for tomorrow yet and we will probably spend it in my granny's house again with the girls and dogs. 
I hope you are having fun times just as we do!


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Travelling times!


Yesterday night I was on my coach journey to Poland finally, even though it was a sad goodbye to all of my friends. Today at 7:30 am Eryk and my uncle picked me up from  the bus terminal. We grabbed some breakfast from McDonald's and then went home.

My little cousin Lili grew so much and she is talking so much already. Once she saw me, she didn't want to let me go for a looong time. We are staying in my granny's house tonight and I hope that tomorrow will be a warmer day so that I can relax in the sun finally.

I took so many pictures in order to show them to you but sadly I have no access to a laptop just now. We were trying to connect the camera to the tablet but it wouldn't work. I will try to upload more photos tomorrow cause I can't today. It's late now so we will get some sleep.

Good Night!

- Olivia


Monday, 23 June 2014

Last empties from my house!

Good morning!

Today Eryk called me at 6am when I was sleeping and then I woke up at about 8, got ready because I am meeting up with my Dani for the last time! :( We need to get something from town and then I will need to get ready for my graduation and I will be gone all day long. In the evening I will be on the coach to Poland and my holidays will finally begin!

And for this reason I am uploading the blog post now! :)

The famous empties bag is full again!

These are the products that are empty now. As you can see, some of them are well known already.

Again the head&shoulders shampoo, which I am going to use today for the last time! Not this one, but another bottle of course. Then I will be gone and I will be using a different one.
Also an empty product this time is the Penaten baby oil. And I can tell you that it kind of saved my life lately. Because of all the stress and sun allergy my skin got SO dry, I swear, I have never seen this before. It was peeling off like flour, my clothes where seriously white on the inside for about a month! Even though I was using the baby oil every single evening, and also very often my Garnier body lotion. If I stopped using this oil, my skin would probably look so horrible and so disguisting now! It got better luckily, but it still is very sore and itchy and it is still everywhere on my clothes but it got really better!
 I also used my first own Carex soap! I really loved it so much and it is also very good in order to clean make up brushes! The smell is so nice and it is pinky and you know, just generally a nice product. I will make sure that in Scotland we will always have some Carex soap in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen.
Another empty product is my Dove deodorant. It smells like pomegranate and lemon I believe. I actually bought this one last July in Poland, left it in Scotland from September to December, then started using it again and it got empty just some days ago! I bought the same one but just in a compressed spray bottle because I thought it would be nice to have such a deodorant in the bag on the go! I really really adore this scent and I hope that I will still find it once I move to Scotland because I am just in love with it.

And the last two products for today:
The raspberry kiss shwoer gel from treaclemoon. I got this one for Christmas from a friend and I have been using this one every second day and then the Soap&Glory Foam call the other second days, if you know what I mean. But lately I decided that I need to finish one off before I leave for holidays because I can't take 2 big bottles of shower gel with me. I love the smell of this shower gel and as you can see I have been using it for 6 months so I'd say that for 5 Euros it is really worth trying it out. I also like the look of the bottle a lot.
And the last product for today is my much loved Soap&Glory Daily soothe bath float. I am not really the bath person but from time to time I decided to have a short bath because I wanted to use this product so much. It bubbles up very nicely, the smell is just amazing and I will surely buy it again once I arrive in Scotland. I also liked using this for foot baths before I got my poor nails done. I also got this for Christmas and I emptied it just a few days ago.

Well, Dani just arrived and we are off to town. 
See you next time when I arrive in Poland!


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Empty room-things are getting serious

Today in the morning I woke up quite early because I still had the feeling that I need to study, but nope. I could stay in bed all day long, but I got out of bed because I was so happy and relieved. I finally feel myself again and I have so much energy!
And as tomorrow is my graduation, and after that I am leaving, today was the BIG packing and throwing things away day. By BIG I really mean BIG. We threw away more than 5 bags of school stuff, and so many other things that were not used anymore. My room looks so empty now that I have packed everything for Poland and even for Scotland.

To give you an impression of how my day looked like, have a look at the pictures below!

All the post cards are in one of the suitcases that are coming with me to Scotland.

We turned my bed again in order to get things out of the storage thingy next to my bed.

All the photos from my wardrobe are also in one of the suitcases.

The black ones are supposed to come to Scotland. The brown one is packed for Poland. Also, once I come back from Poland, most of the things from this bag need to come to Scotland as well! I hope that Eryk will have space for these things in his suitcase.

And... the wardrobe.. empty... it looks quite scary, I think.

And after all the hard work I crushed some ice cubes and 500g of strawberries and this is what I got, an AMAZING sorbet!
I am so sad I drank all of it already :(

Tomorrow in the morning I need to go to town to buy something important, then I will come home, get ready for the graduation and after that there will be some food in a restaurant and after that I will be on my way to the bus terminal and off to Poland!
This means that I will try to upload the Empties tomorrow morning.



Saturday, 21 June 2014


Hello everybody!
First of all, I am soo sorry that I didn't upload anything yesterday, but trust me, I was so scared that I wouldn't pass my exams that I was studying until 10 pm and still felt like I knew nothing.
Today I finally had all my exams and I PASSED!!!!
This means that I am done with school! I am so happy and so relieved, now the summer, the fun times can come, now I can plan things again and just live my life.

It was a very, very long day for me and I am super exhausted, I'll just quickly upload this post, take a shower and jump into my bed finally.
I thought that I'd like to share my outfit with you and sadly I didn't manage to get a photo taken by someone, so sorry for the selfies!

Once I got home my dad prepared this for me :)

Also, I usually don't like roses, but these are pinky and the look so nice!

And here is the dress I wore. I really enjoyed wearing it, and I will surely wear it in summer often. It is from Forever21.

As I have some issues with my knees, it was just impossible for me to wear heels all day long. So I bought these sandals some days ago and I think that they are pretty and that I will wear them in summer a lot as well. I got these from Vögele.

My nail polish is from Golden Rose Nr. 13.

Soon the adventure starts and I just can't wait anymore!