Thursday, 19 June 2014

2 days left!

I am totally exhausted from the nearly non-stop revision. I still feel like I don't know anything for my exams, which scares me a lot. It is now Thursday evening and my exams start on Saturday morning and end in the afternoon.
I really hope that I will pass somehow, I don't even want to have excellent grades or something!
But yes, as you can see, it got really late today, and I am so sorry for that!
First the charger of my laptop nearly exploded or whatever, I only know that it is not working, so also my laptop broke down and I have no access to it now. I only could save all the notes I wrote for my finals, because without them I would be dead.
So, either I am going to buy a new charger (I am leaving on Monday evening) or Eryk is going to take the hard drive out of the laptop on our short stop in Vienna in June. And this is the most likely version.
My arm is still sore and I still can't use it properly, which is very annoying! I never thought this would hurt so much!?

Oh and by the way, Eryk and his sister are leaving tomorrow evening, they are going to Poland! Woop woop! And on Tuesday morning I will finally see my darling again <3

And now I am sitting in my room, with my fairy lights on, trying to relax before going to sleep to study a lot tomorrow.

And this is what the desk looks like. Empty bowl( no watermelon anymore :c ), a candle (Yankee Candle-Clean Cotton), paper mess, empty Soap&Glory bath float ( :c ) and not my laptop, and me.

And I am wearing the old shirt of my boyfriend. He grew a bit over the last three years, so this wouldn't look too good on him anymore :D



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