Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Empty Products - Body

After summing up the empty hair products, let's move over to the body stuff. There are again three subcategories and hopefully you'll find some helpful information. :)


It's weird to start the post with the "other" products but I actually think that these two are the ones that might need more of a review than a shower gel.
The first product I'll write about is the Sugar Crush Body Scrub by Soap and Glory and it is my absolute favourite! I can't even tell how much I loved this product and I remember when I got it, I was still in Scotland and then I was using it here in the old flat too and now in my new flat as well, so it really shows how much I used and loved it throughout this long time.
I am a rather lazy person when it comes to skincare but since I have really dry skin all the time, I just need to use some scrub in the shower once in a few days to keep my skin looking somewhat similar to normal. This scrub has the most amazing, fresh and zingy lemon smell that will definitely leave your whole house smelling of it. The consistency is quite watery but the rough sugar and scrub particles definitely do their job. It takes you seconds to freshen up your body thanks to this scrub as it's so easy to use and it really works wonders within seconds! And this is also the reason why I was really devastated once I used it all up because we don't have Soap&Glory in Vienna ( apart from one drugstore that only has a few products that are ridiculously expensive). 

The second product is a shaving gel by Balea and OMG I love it! I first discovered it in summer when I needed a new shower gel for a quick getaway and since that time I already repurchased it twice. It smells nice and fruity, it's pink, the gel foams up within seconds and your skin is left silky smooth after shaving. It's brilliant- and what's even better- it's very cheap! 


I used up the Fa Coconut Water shower gel quite some time ago but I still can't get over its beautiful smell. I instantly fell in love with it when I smelt it in the shop, so I just had to buy it and I also got another one that I haven't used yet because I really have way too much shower gel stocked up. But what I can say is that the Coconut Water shower gel not only looks beautiful, but also leaves a beautiful smell on your skin, your skin feels hydrated and smooth and that's all you want! Plus I heard that Fa is currently collecting empty bottles in the drugstore called DM, in order to create new slides for children. Looks like I will have to go and "donate" this one. :)

The other shower gel is by the brand Le Petit Marseillais, which I am totally obsessed about! In my opinion this regenerating shower oil ( it's actually called oil and not gel) looks so professional and tempting and this is obviously why I couldn't resist trying it out. Also, the fact that this is more of an oil, made me think that it would be the perfect solution to my dry, flaky skin. The product definitely had more of a creamy consistency and it felt good on my skin but the scent was kind of standard to me and I also did not see any amazing results that I expected. To sum up I would say that it was a nice product to try out but it was more of a standard shower product rather than a really pampering, special one.


Since I like peaches, I thought this Fa deodorant would be one of my favourites, but I have to say that I was not too impressed because it was pretty liquid and took quite some time to dry, which is not cool if you don't have much time in the morning. The smell was also not as nice as I thought it would be, so again, I'd call it just a normal deodorant, that I will not repurchase because I've had better ones before.

And the last product for today is my favourite perfume by Moschino,- Chic Petals. This is already like my fourth bottle and I am still in love with it. I love the cool and quirky design, the sweet scent that is more grown-up than the sweet scents I used to wear some years ago. It smells so luxurious and I always get compliments when I wear it, so I guess it really is a nice one to try.
It is a teeny bit on the pricier side but not overly expensive, which is great, plus it also comes in a few sizes, which is always great. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll come back on Thursday to check out the last category of my used up products! :)



Monday, 20 February 2017

Empty Products - Hair

Today I want to start a short series of "Empties" as I have hoarded quite a lot of them now and even threw some away like my shampoo, which is still the same and has always been in my Empties before.
Today's post will be about all the hair products I've used up over the last few months and the next days you will see empties from different categories like face and body products and make-up.


The only two conditioners I have used up over the last few months are the L'Oreal Clay Conditioner and a keratin one by the Polish brand Joanna that I picked up when I ran out of conditioner when I visited Eryk back in September/October.

Starting off with the clay conditioner by L'Oreal I have to say that it made my hair silky smooth and shiny and this was even the second one I got because I loved it so much. I was really impressed because usually my hair is kind of rough, it's never really smooth and it has never been but this conditioner really helped a lot and I will definitely repurchase it. I haven't tried the shampoo though that goes with it, so I can't tell if it is any good.

The Polish conditioner was like I said before an emergency purchase and since I didn't want a huge bottle of conditioner I just went for it because it looked hndy and I've heard quite a few good things about the brand Joanna and i thought it would be fine. The first thing that really annoyed me was the consistency- it was pretty much liquid and every time I wanted to get some of the conditioner out of the tube, it would just shoot out portions that would fill my whole hands and most of it just ended straight in the bath tub rather than in my hair. On top of that, I could also not tell at all if it did anything to my hair or not. I'm pretty sure I would have the same effects if I didn't use it at all. I liked the professional look of this conditioner but it definitely was not worth trying.


Since I'm not washing my hair every day but about twice a week, I like having a can of Batiste in my cupboard because on the third day I can definitely need some dry shampoo to give my hair a little bit of volume and make it look a tiny bit fresher. Obviously, in my case it only freshens up the top layer of hair but that's still better than nothing. Comparing the floral and cherry one I like the cherry one more, which is why I already got a new one in the meanwhile. Also, I think it's so good that we finally have them Vienna and I think it's pretty weird that they only came out in thr drugstores a few months ago. 


And the last three products are the "random" products that didn't belong into the two previous categories. 

The first product I want to mention is the TRESemmé heat protectant which I absolutely loved! I remember when I got it back in Scotland, which by now was ages ago and it was the only heat protectant I've been using since then, so it really lasted me for so long! 
Since I have to blow dry my hair, a heat protectant is essential and this one definitely helped my hair stay in a better condition. I loved the sweet smell it has, I like the way it looks and once again, the fact that it lasts for so long. And if I'm honest there is still a little bit of it left inside but it got a bit difficult to use it so I put it aside. ( though I think I will now try to get the rest out too :D ) I am pretty much devastated that we don't have TRESemmé in Vienna, or in Poland, because this was definitely my favourite hair product in a long time. Also, their shampoos that come in those huge 900ml bottles- how cool is that???

Once I got this little NIVEA hair milk shampoo to try and I was quite pessimistic about it because the amount that is in this little bottle lasted me for one wash and I was sure that would not make any visible difference but in fact I was surprised because it made my hair really soft and I also liked the gentle NIVEA scent that is well-known by everyone in the world. It was something completely different to my usual hair wash routine because it felt more like a spa treatment for some reason. The only thing I didn't like and I knew straight away that this would be a problem, was the fact that my hair went greasy very quickly after using this shampoo, and I am not a fan of washing my hair too often.

And the last product for today is something fun or a bit crazy even. It's the new one-day hair colour spray by L'oreal Colorista and since the day they came out I was dying to try them but the problem is that most of them only work well on light hair, but I still wanted to give the #pinkhair a go because it is my dream to have pink hair. Well, my mum tried to creat an ombré look and this can really lasted me for just one time and this was rather dissapointing, keeping in mind that it costs around 9 Euros. The effect was quite cool though because my hair was kind of gingery, kind of strawberry blonde and I wish this was my every-day hair colour, so I was happy to have it until the next wash. BUT the colour literally was gone after an hour and I didn't even go out- I was just sitting at home doing nothing, so nobody could even see my cool hair. A thing that really made me mad though was that the spray tangled my hair into a huge knot that I could not brush out for like half an hour and I ended up ripping out so much hair and even though on the can it says it would not give your hair a different feel, it does actually make it kind of stiff and dry + the terrible tangled knot.
So to sum up this experience, I have to say that all I liked was the colour but everything else apart from this was really the worst thing ever and I would totally like to get a refund or something because to be honest, it was just a waste of money really. This made me really sad because I was more than excisted for the spray. However, I am also thinking of trying out the 2-week wash out colour but I'm kind of scared of patches and a weird colour for 2 weeks. Let me know if you've tried them already.

Hope you liked my review of all these things, I hope they were useful for you.
Don't forget to check back for the other empties!



Friday, 17 February 2017

Clarins Supra Volume Mascara & Instant Liner

Thanks to Douglas Austria, some months ago I got a new mascara and eyeliner from Clarins to try out and I was really excited. Although I had a mascara and eyeliner that I really liked at that point, I still wanted to give this set a try.

The first thing that has to be said about these two products is: how beautiful are they??? I absolutely love the black and gold combo of the packaging. It looks so luxurious and it definitely is pretty to keep on display.

The mascara has a thin, non-silicone wand, which brushes through my lashes very easily, applying a perfect amount of mascara. The lashes don't clump, they really get beautifully separated, they are voluminous and definitely much longer. And even after using this mascara for a few weeks, the consistency is still amazing, it hasn't dried out yet and works very well on my lashes.

The eyeliner was a little bit difficult to get used to, as I only use gel liner and felt tip liners have always been a nightmare for me, so at first I really didn't want to use it in fear of a disaster. But with time I forced myself to try it and by now it really only takes me a few seconds to do a winged liner, I don't need to clean any brushes afterwards and therefore it really saves me a lot of time in the mornings. 
I absolutely love how pigmented is too but what does not make me happy is that it is not waterproof, and even a teardrop dissolves the liner and you're left with a black panda eye. ( and if you laugh as much as I do, this is really not cool). Still, compared to all the other felt-tip liners I've tried, I have to say that I really love it as it's very easy to work with and it also stays on for most of the day ( if you don't cry or if it doesn't snow onto your face) and I definitely recommend this to anyone who's into eyeliner.

To sum up, I can really say that this is a perfect duo, for day-wear as well as for a party make-up. They are both amazing products that I would definitely recommend to everyone and I would absolutely love to get another set!

If you want to see what my make-up looks like, when using those two Clarins products, check out my Instagram!
Hope you're all having a great day! :)



Sunday, 12 February 2017

Our Skiing Holiday

My uni holidays have started and I still didn't manage to blog because we went on a skiing holiday with my family and only came back yesterday.
We went to Poland, near the Slovakian border and it was seriously in the middle of nowhere. Still, it was relaxing and so much fun.
It was also Eryk's and mine first winter holiday together and we also had our 5th anniversary during that time, so it was pretty cool!
Here are some photos of the trip- hope you like them :)

Obviously, a skiing holiday meant a lot of snow and freezing temperatures, and although I was really scared of that, it wasn't that bad in the end. We went on a walk in the woods here and at some point I fell into the snow so deep that it went into my shoes and my feet were so sore from the cold. I had to take off my shoes and socks and get all the snow out. That part wasn't too cool, but I survived it.

On the first evening and the second day we went to Zakopane, which is a well-known skiing area in Poland and we went for a walk with the family.

I was quite surprised by the fact that nearly all the buildings in the mountains are made of wood. I am still trying to figure out if this is warm and safe. This little church seemed quite cute but also very creepy to me. Inside it was dark and even though I usually like churches, this one was not too inviting for me.

We lived just at the end of the slope and we had plenty of restaurants and stands with sweets around. On this day we got some amazing churros and soon I saw this cute dog following us. He wanted us to pet him and he was so happy about some company. He definitely wanted some churros too, but didn't get any. He wasn't the only dog wandering around though. There was also a small dog that was running up the slope and he seemed like he enjoyed it so much, but I was really scared that someone would knock him over and hurt him.

We were all skiing, apart from Eryk, who learned how to snowboard, and we all had a good time there. Such a shame the holiday ended so quickly. 
For some more snaps of our holiday, check my Instagram here!