Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My OOTD: Black Mesh And Velvet

It's a pretty awesome day today again, but since it is windy I decided not to go for a dress or skirt. I wore my high waisted skinny jeans, with a transparent black lacey-velvety top, plus my trench on top of that. My leopard bag and leather flats were also part of today's outfit and I feel like every outfit I'm wearing has those two elements in it. Whoopsie.

I look ridiculously small in this picture since Eryk took the photos from above, so sorry for that :D
trench coat - Pimkie
skinny jeans - Bershka
black mesh and velvet top  - Dorothy Perkins
leather flats - Lasocki
leopard tote - FOSSIL

And as you can tell, the top is really see through so I basically had the coat on all the time.

This day was kind of strange because first Eryk had to leave early to sort out some documents and then I left too to buy a dictionary for my exam on Friday. Then we met up while I was waiting for my friend Mhoraig because we wanted to meet. We are so rubbish at meeting up in a specific place that it took us ages to find ourselves, even though we were basically at the same spot. However, in the end we did find ourselves and we quickly went to Superdrug and then took the tram to College. After waiting in front of the class with nobody else appearing, our tutor came over and said that there is actually no class today. Which was awkard. Still, Mhoraig stayed because there was an assessment that she could do straight away, whereas I decided to do mine next week, and so I went back home.



Sunday, 24 May 2015

May Favourites | Beauty

I can't believe that the last week of May already starts tomorrow! It's totally crazy how time flies and I feel like I haven't achieved anything nice yet. I seem to be so busy lately but then again I don't get anything out of my efforts. And time still flies.

For today's entry I wanted to show you my beauty favourites of this month like I usually do towards the end of each month.

Those are the 5 products of this month: 

The first one on the list is the Malibu Fast Tanning Oil. I have bought it some weeks ago and have only used it last week for the first time. If you don't know it then I recommend you go to a shop, find it and smell it. I am totally in love with this smell and if there is perfume that smells like this - I NEED IT.
Well, the smell is a very summery one to me. It is a typical tanning oil smell in my opinion - coconut and vanilla like I'd say. It is amazing and I wish I could use it every day, but the weather in Scotland is not cooperating really at the moment and so I had one day of tanning so far this year ( and it's nearly June!)
I've used this on my whole body and laid in the sun for 20-30 minutes and already had a tan line  (don't forget that the sun in Scotland is not necessarily the best to give you a nice tan). Even though I do tan quickly, this definitely helped too and well - once again, the smell.

Next I wanted to show you the Neutrogena Visibly Clear pore&shine scrub. I got it once in a rush and didn't know anything about it but once I've tried it I fell in love with it and I guess it's my favourite face scrub so far. It does have a very creamy/mousse-y consitency, with little grains that cleanse your skin nicely, which I really need for my terrible blackheads. They are gone quickly after using this scrub and the scrub itself also smells amazing of tangerine and lime, which makes you feel awake and clean. I simply love it and hope I will get to repurchase it once I've used this one up.

Another thing I've loved to death (pretty literally) is my Urban Decay Perversion mascara that I got in the Naked on the Run palette for Christmas. I've used this mascara so often that now it's all gone and definitely can't be used any more, which makes me sad because it is fab! There is also a serum and I would really love to get the mascara and the serum together and see how the duo will work on my lashes because the mascara itself is great in my opinion! My lashes are long and defined, but without any clumps. I would definitely recommend this mascara even though it is pricier than drugstore ones.

Then, I chose my AVON lipstick in the shade Toasted Rose because I feel like I've been using it pretty often throughout this month. It is a simple colour, pretty nude-ish, not much darker than my actual lip colour. so I feel like I can't go wrong wearing it to town, college or even just to do the shopping. I think it is a great every-day lipstick, without too much colour but which is still defining my lips nicely. I can't exactly remember its price, but it was something around £8.

And the last thing for today is a toothpaste. Pretty boring but I really like it and thought it is quite special, so why not show you?
I got it the day I had my dentist appointment and somehow, since that day I feel like I got a bit of a tooth freak, even though my biggest phobia is about dentists and teeth, I somehow got convinced to see the dentist more often than I used to and that it is a wat better feeling than going when there is something really bad going on. So, I try to brush my teeth as often as possible now, I also started flossing and am so happy with how my teeth feel and look like ( even though I am not too happy about their colour). This toothpaste removes all rough particles so easily, which I always struggled with when using different tooth pastes and used to shrub my teeth really harshly, which is not healthy.
Thanks to this tooth paste, which is also black and pretty cool for that reason, I feel like my teeth are cleaner than ever.

Those were 5 products I wanted to share with you this month. and I hope you enjoyed!

Also, make sure to check out our latest vlog, which is HERE!



Thursday, 21 May 2015

My OOTD: Monochrome

I woke up to see a very cloudy sky and was immediately disappointed that I could not tan this morning. And since the weather didn't get better throughout the day, I had to wear something warmer than yesterday, and here's what I chose. I thought it was pretty plain but still a bit rocky and cool, so I guess I might wear this outfit more often now.

Sorry for those not so fancy photos in a rather uncool location, I couldn't be bothered going out in this weather again.
faux leather jacket - Pimkie
crochet jumper - H&M
skinny jeans - Bershka
tote - FOSSIL
leather flats - Clarks

What I liked most today is probably my hair that turned out pretty nicely I think, even though it was not the easiest to do with my hair.

I wore half of my hair up in a braided bun and half down, that all got tangled in the wind, but nevermind.
My nail polish is Hanover Square by Nails Inc.

So, what do you think?
The weather can't make up its mind and it starts to annoy me a lot, so I guess I have to experiment more with my clothes since throwing on a dress is not that easy just now.

Tomorrow is my final French exam and I am still revising, so I hope I will do well and there will be no bad surprises.
Since my exam will finish way past four in the afternoon, I won't be able to upload the vlog earlier than the evening. I do have lots of footage though, so it should be a nice one!



Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My OOTD: Kind Of A Spring Outfit

The weather today was so confusing that I didn't even know what to wear.
In the end I decided to wear my faux leather jacket and my winter boots because it was raining, but it didn't seem to be too cold so I went for shorts and a jumper.

pink jumper - Forever21

denim shorts - Forever21
faux leather jacket - Pimkie
tights - Primark
tote - FOSSIL

leather boots - Clarks

On my way to College it was pretty cloudy and windy but when I left College I met up with Eryk and it got so hot on the bus that you could get a tan after some time I think. I even took off the jacket and went home wearing the jumper only. 

Also, Eryk got me the new Innocent Bubbles drink which he has seen before and I didn't yet so I#'ve been sipping it now for some minutes.
I'm off to have a snack and my dose of antibiotics for now.



Friday, 15 May 2015

My OOTD: Sunny Day Out In Town

Today we got up pretty early, went to the shop to grab some quick food and then we took the bus to town to enjoy and not to waste such a sunny day.
We just had a stroll around the city centre, a lot of fun and I am sad that the weekend is nearly here and I'll be working

denim jacket - Levi's
pink jumper - Forever21
jeans - H&M
shoes - VANS
bag - FOSSIL

My head is always getting so flat when I'm wearing a ponytail, because my hair is too heavy. And I look weird.

I love those two!

The vlog will be up soon here: VLOGS
Make sure you watch it so that you see more of today's cool footage!



Thursday, 14 May 2015

Beauty Products I Can't Live Without!

Today I was thinking about products I really use so much that I could absolutely not live without them and decided to write a short blog post about them.
I chose wisely, I think, and if I was not allowed to use anything else, I hope that those things would satisfy me.

So, most of them are face realted as you can tell.

First of all - mascara.
 When I first started using make-up when I was 12-13, I started with mascara. For a long time I didn't use anything else until I started getting some spots and had to use concealer too.
I feel much more confident when wearing mascara because since my eyes are like I often say quite small and in primary people even called me "Chinese" because of them. Well, to open up my eyes I feel like mascara works the best. My lashes are pulled up and if the mascara is good, like this Perversion from Urban Decay or Roller Lash by Benefit, they stay up all day and my eyes look more awake and alive.
Even when I'm ill and have to go to see the doctor I will use mascara and a concealer, I don't care about the rest really.

As already mentioned, concealer is another thing that I just have to use or I'm out. For a long, long time I didn't have any spots until some months ago where they just decided to hang out on my face. And most of the time there are a lot of them there and since they are red only concealer will save me. However, for spots I used to wear concealer sticks, like my Shisheido one, but then I also started getting dark under eye circles, which are totally unrelated to the lack of sleep or so. It seems like it's just a family thing because my little cousin, who is only 9 has the same problem as me. Those circles of course make you look tired and ill and also less confident. For this reason I started using liquid concealer last year in April during my stay in Scotland and I fell in love with this Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. And even though my circles are still a bit visible, as well as my spots too, it is the best one I've used so far.

Face scrubs are another essential in my life. My skin is weird and I am very often confused and don't know what to use for it and so on. But I feel like scrubs do a geat job on my face. I have blackheads, which made my pores pretty big and I just like using the scrub about every second day to make sure those pores stay unclogged and that there are no blackheads visible because they drive me insane! Around my spots, my skin gets very dry and flaky and when I apply my make-up this is visible and looks bad. So, again I am happy that the scrubs exfoliate and make my skin more even, more soft and prettier. My latest find is this Neutrogena Visibly Clear pore&shine daily scrub, which smells absolutely amazing and is just great!

When I was younger I was pretty much addicted to lip balm. I used to have like 20 at the same time and my mum would tell me to throw some away but I would only keep buying new ones and so on. Over here, I decided that I am not a child anymore and that I can manage this so I try to keep my lipbalms to a minimum because I wouldn't use all of them at ones anyway and they would waste a lot of space in my little make-up corner. So to be honest I've tried maany different lip balms in my life and this one by Yves Rocher is definitely my favourite and I first got it from my friend Nicole for my Birthday and then kept repurchasing it. I have the coconut and also raspberry one, but on a daily basis I use the one from the picture because it is invisible, very creamy, smells great and keeps my lips hydrated.

People who know me in person will also know that I try to keep my hair in a good condition. I look after it, cut it regularly and also brush it often since it got pretty long. The weather in Edinburgh consists of 99% wind I would say and my hair looks terrible after 5 minutes of being outside the house. It gets all tangled and frizzy and to make sure I can fix it as soon as I can, I started taking my Tangle Teezer with me in my bag. It is the perfect brush for my hair and even my mum said she is sad it was not such a popular brush when I was younger and had insanely thick hair, which was very difficult to handle. This brush detangles it quickly, without pulling out too much hair and it is definitely less painful than using a normal brush. I swear by this brush and can't live without it anymore.

And the last product I use daily is handcream, My hands got really dry lately and I hate the feeling of them touching and making this shrubbing noise, being all rough and like paper. So, before Christmas I decided that moisturising my hands needs to become a habit and so I have my Soap&Glory Hand Dream next to my bed, or in my bag depending on where I am. It is getting empty slowly, which makes me sad and I will need to stock up soon I think. This cream smells amazing and it leaves your hands soft as satin without making them greasy. Totally love it!

These were my 6 beauty essentials and I thought that maybe you also have some that you'd like to share in the comments below. :)



Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Summer, where are you?

I feel a bit depressed because the weather here in Scotland at the moment is just the worst I could ever imagine during late spring/ beginning of summer.
There are such incredibly strong winds that walking in the streets is a real struggle, the sun is only visible occasionally since most of the time the clouds take over the sky.
The temperature goes up to 15 degrees, which is pretty alright for not fully summer yet, but it just feels like 5 degrees instead because of the terrible wind. There is no day I am waiting for my bus without being totally cold and shaking.
It seems to me like last year around this time it was way warmer over here and I feel like being here is pointless.
I am a person who needs warm days full of sunshine, and I wouldn't even mind really hot temperatures - everything is better than cold, windy and rainy days!
I see my friends in Vienna or Poland wearing summer clothes, enjoying the sunshine, getting a tan and I actually have to wear jeans, a jumper and a jacket to somehow make it through the day outside the house.
When I look at photos I took last year at this time, during my Matura/ finals, it was already so hot and I was so sad that I had to sit at home studying all day long instead of going to the swimming pool or tanning somewhere. And now, now that I could enjoy this beautiful weather back in my hometown, I am here, stuck in more winter than summer.
This really makes me sad and I seriously don't even know what to wear anymore, because I only wear jeans and two different jumpers all the time. I have sooo many dresses that I could be wearing, that are just hanging in my closet uselessly. I could wear my sandals, instead of flats or trainers all the time, sometimes I even have to wear my winter boots!

To cheer myself up a bit, I like to buy flowers and to place them on the window sill in our bedroom. I like to wear less clothes than more, to make it seem more like it's warm, even though I will be freezing - but I just can't stand wearing winter jackets, especially in May.
I would love to go for walks in the sunshine, to tan in our garden and to be warm all the time. But right now I stay in bed most days, where I am cosy, with a nice cup of tea, sleeping cuddling Maya and my laptop. It is just not worth leaving the house at strong winds of 40 km/h.

Now, if anyone can give me some advice on what I should do during those crappy days, or what I should blog about inside - please help!

Hope your weather doesn't make you feel depressed and lazy, like it does in my case.
Also, a quick update: I have tonsillitis, which is great because my throat is so sore that I can't sleep, eat or breathe properly. 



Friday, 8 May 2015

Historic Edinburgh Vlog

I spent my day off wandering around town, exploring a bit again since the weather was pretty nice for a change.
I am so fascinated by Edinburgh's historic part of the city and every single time I am there I feel like I'm back in the medieval times for some reason.
Today I even went to see a bit of the Castle, and I've never been before so I was very excited. I think I'd like to go on a Castle tour once but apparently it is pricey.

I took some pictures for you and hope you'll enjoy them.
In the meanwhile I'm uploading the vlog and will need to leave the house in about 15 minutes to pick up Eryk from work as we want to spend some time together before the weekend, since I'll be working.

Oh, and here's a photo of my eye. I thought my lashes looked really nice today! I've used Urban Decay's Perversion mascara if you're wondering...



Thursday, 7 May 2015

My Favourite Waterproof Make-Up Remover

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about the remover I've been using since Christmas.
Throughout the months I've found that it is really brilliant and that it is a product I would definitely repurchase at any time.
The product I am speaking about is the INGLOT Waterproof make-up remover and it comes in different sizes, which can be pretty handy I've learned.

I first got the smallest size, which is a tiny 25ml bottle and I've been using it basically every day since Christmas because I tend to wear eyeliner non stop. And I am surprised by the fact that you only need one drop to remove one line of waterproof liner! For this reason I still have about half of the tiny bottle left. It was also incredibly handy when traveling by plane because it didn't use much space in the handluggage liquids bag and as I said: A little goes a long way!

Now this time, I've been treated to the full size of it, a 100 ml bottle, again from my amazing cousin who also got me the first one. I got this one for my Birthday though and it just arrived in the mail yesterday and I was so happy that I didn't know what to do with myself.
I haven't used it yet because I want to make sure I empty the small bottle first. And I thought that I would leave the bottle instead of throwing it away because I could easily poor some of the remover from the big one into the smaller one when traveling. Saving space is always a plus!

Alright, over to the wonders that product works!
I've had the Maybelline Lasting Drama liner for some months now and trust me - it is very durable. I couldn't get it off properly with any remover I've been using during that time and ended up with rubbing my eyelids until they were red and sore. Well, luckily now I have the lifesaver!
Every night when I remove my make-up, I first take a cotton ear bud and dip it gently into the bottle. Then I go over the whole eyeliner and it dissolves immediately. I am only left with some black molten liner on my lids and use my regular make-up remover, which takes the remains off easily.
You absolutely don't need to rub it into your skin, any gentle touch will remove the waterproof products.
This is perfect for sensitive skin and delicate areas of the face like the eyes and it also doesn't dry out your skin, which is another plus!

The only thing that is a bit annoying is the price of it. If I think of it as an only eyeliner remover in my case it comes a bit pricey. Also, there is no INGLOT nearby where I live in Poland so my cousin is so nice and gets me some in a while since she actually does.
I've added the prices for USA, UK and Poland below for the smallest and biggest size if you're interested.

USA 25ml      USA 100ml
UK 25ml        UK 100 ml
Poland 25ml    Poland 100ml

Hope this was useful for you! :)



Monday, 4 May 2015

My OOTD : May Bank Holiday & New Bag!

The last week was just so terribly cold, rainy and windy that I wore my winter jacket again! I was so angry but I've risked wearing ballet flats and my trench one day and it ended badly for me. It started hailing and snowing and I didn't even have my umbrella with me. I was soaking wet and cold as hell that I even went to ASDA to buy a jumper to wear something more than just my thin blouse and the trench on top of that.

The weekend didn't seem to be much nicer, but it was definitely warmer, though still rainy.
Today we woke up to beautiful sunshine peaking into our room and some cloudless skies, which pleased me a lot. My phone weather app also told me that it is pretty warm outside and once Eryk had to leave for work, I went with him to enjoy this beautiful weather once again.
I went to do some more grocery shopping and came home about half an hour ago.

And now, over to the outfit part. The reason why I wanted to show it is because I got a new bag. Yes, that's right! Another bag. And it is also from my favourite brand - FOSSIL. I wanted one of those totes for ages and now that I saw this one, with that cheeky leopard print I just couldn't resist... And here's a shoutout to Malky who was the first to see it! And also to Linsey, who always knows about my latest blog posts!

bag - FOSSIL
trench - Pimkie
jeans - Bershka
jumper - H&M

flats - Lasocki

lips - Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet ( shade Happy Nude Year)

Now I'm off to prepare my favourite salad and to do my French homework for tomorrow.
Have a nice evening everyone!



Sunday, 3 May 2015

My Favourite Bedtime Skincare Duo

When it comes to skincare I am pretty bad in my opinion. 
I never really do anything nice to my face in the morning, apart from my make-up. About once a week I do use my Clearasil Face Scrub that is amazing for my skin and I always feel so happy after using it and every time I think to myself that I should definitely use it more often but I never really manage to do so.
However, in the evenings I make sure all the make-up comes off my skin and lately I've been using my Hydrabio H2O Bioderma for it and I am so happy with the results. It does have some problems with taking off my waterproof eyeliner, so I use my INGLOT waterproof make-up remover on the eyeliner to make sure everything comes off.
But apart from that Bioderma is definitely my favourite brand for skin cleansers since it doesn't make my skin go read and the smell is neutral, so that I don't freak out because my face smells like mould or so. 

Once all the make-up is removed I pat my face dry with a towel and then use my face cream from the Polish brand Tolpa. I got it during my last stay in Poland and decided that I should finally start using moisturiser on a daily basis. I still struggle with that sometimes, but I try my best to use it every night.
I chose the mattifying cream, which also makes your pores smaller and moisturises too.
The cream contains thyme and quince, two great ingredients that eliminate sebum and for that reason your skin is less oily and less shiny. This cream also smells amazing! Just so refreshing and relaxing...
 And this is exactly what my skin needs.

My skin feels clean and I am happy! :)

What do you like to use on your face??