Tuesday, 24 May 2016

My OOTD: Fave Black&White Combo

Today we had another beautiful hot day so I decided to wear a comfy outfit, which I already wore so often and it already appeared on the blog in a very similar version too.

striped top - H&M
A-line suede skirt - Forever21
black suede tassel bag - H&M
black flats - local Polish shop 

 I like how cool this outfit looks, even though it is so easy to combine and you can wear it out to so many places and for so many occasions. I like wearing this outfit to uni and to town for example. Back in the colder months I used to wear it with some black tights and a chunky cardigan to keep me warm. But obviously now it got really hot and the top and skirt are definitely enough!

Here's some "backstage" posing of me :D Thought I'd still include it to make this post a bit funny plus I like the fact that I'm properly laughing in this picture, which doesn't happen too often.
(my lipstick is Golden Rose Velvet Matte Nr 14 &28 mixed together)

Hope you all had a nice day!
We did enjoy a calm day in the sun and we hope tomorrow will be just as nice!



Monday, 23 May 2016

My OOTD: Holidays In Poland

On Friday evening we made our way to Poland, which means that Eryk and I got to see each other again after sooo long! We are very happy about our reunion and since I'm leaving on Thursday probably, we are trying to make the most of our time together.
We're going for walks, to town and we also had a little barbecue yesterday.
I am also very happy that the weather is so incredible here! I seriously feel like I'm on summer holidays and I guess I'll be very disappointed once I have to come back in a few days.
So, I wanted to show you my yesterday's OOTD since we didn't take any photos today yet.
Hope you enjoy it! :)

lipstick: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Happy Nude Year

floral jumpsuit: H&M
black suede tassel bag: H&M
black flats: Polish local shop

Have a nice evening everyone! Hope to speak to you soon again. :)
 +Sorry for no vlog, the next one will be up on Sunday as usual.



Monday, 16 May 2016

Ziaja Goat's Milk Face Products

Hello again!
Today we will continue with a beauty related topic- I'm very happy to share my product review with you, about the new product line from Ziaja cosmetics that I received last week. I couldn't wait any longer and I've been trying all those products every day and I actually have to say that I can already tell the difference! 
I'll quickly talk you through the products so that you get an idea of what they are and what they do to your skin. Also, I know Ziaja from Poland but thankfully they are now also available in Austria in drugstores like Bipa or even in Merkur supermarkets + they also sell them online here! ( So you can also get them shipped to other countries than Austria too!!)
I also have a hand cream from this range and I've really used it all winter long, which kept my hands in a much better condition than they usually were!

Today we have a day cream, a night cream, a milk& toner , plus an eye cream.
I'm usually very lazy when it comes to skincare ( I know, very bad!) but this delivery just motivated me so much to actually try and keep using night and day creams to make my skin healthier and prettier.

When I get up in the morning, I first cleanse my face and then use a tiny amount of this moisturising day cream, which has a rather thick consistency, but it's very easy to massage it into your face and it absorbs quickly so I can go ahead with applying my make-up straight away, which I'm very happy about! ( I don't want to waste my time in the morning, waiting for a cream to finally absorb because then I just simply stop using it). What is very important to me, is that face creams have a delicate smell, and this one definitely does, so that's a big plus! The whole line is made for dry & wrinkle-prone skin and even though I'm only 20, I can already tell I have some weird wrinkles on my forehead and near my eyes and I guess it's better to start caring about them now, rather than later, when you can't do much about them anymore. 
The day cream moisturises your skin on the outside, but also from within, it makes sure your skin regenerates and therefore it makes wrinkles less visible, plus, what is very good for summer now, it prevents your skin from getting old from the sunrays too quickly- and since I'm THE tanning person throughout summer, I'm a bit concerned about how my skin will look like when I'm old. So I really hope this will help me out!
But what does the cream contain that it's so good? Well, just vitamin A and E, Provitamin B5 plus obviously all the good stuff that is contained in goat's milk!

The night cream does pretty much the same- it helps your skin to regenerate better during the night, moisturising it very well without giving you that greasy film on your skin when you wake up. I really like using it after taking off all my make-up with the milk+ toner.

The milk+toner is great for gently removing foundation, concealer and all that stuff, but to remove mascara, I still prefer using a stronger cleanser.
The toner intensly moisturises your skin while it removes your make-up ( which is a nice 2-in-1 action) and it obviously nourishes and soothes any irritations. It comes in a handy squeezy bottle, in a nice compact size, so I'm looking forward to take this one on holidays with me.
Though this bottle only contains 200ml of the toner, I'm sure it will last me for ages because a little really goes a long way!

And the last product that I was really excited about is the eye cream. I've never had an eye cream in my life before and I just wanted to know what they do. It comes in a little tube, kind of looking like a lipgloss, so again it is amazing for taking it with you when you're staying outside the house overnight!
This cream not only moisturises but also tightens the skin around your eyes and it prevents loss of firmness, so as I said before it is great to use those products now rather than regretting not using anything later. Apparently this cream also smooths minor wrinkles, which after less than a week I can't tell yet, but that's why I'm excited to try it, because I want to see if such products really work. 
I like that you only have to use such a tiiiny amount to get those eyes moisturised (well, not the eyes, but you know :D ). I just gently pat the cream into my skin and I use it both in the morning as well as in the evening. 

After only a few days of using this great product line I can honestly say that my skin is so much prettier, smoother and just moisturised. It doesn't have any dry bits anymore that just look horrible when you put make-up on. 
If you look at the prices of Ziaja products, you can tell that they are just SO affordable, so you can't really go wrong with getting a nice stash yourself and trying it out, right?
I'll definitely continue getting their stuff, just saying. ;)

PS: Thank you Ziaja Austria for those amazing products! :)



Sunday, 15 May 2016

My Fave Spots In My Flat

I am back again after nearly 2 long weeks! It's incredible how fast time goes by because I didn't even realise that it's been such a long time since I wrote something the last time. I keep repeating myself but I'm gonna say it again: I have absolutely no time to blog at all because all I do is going to uni or to work, I'm usually home late and then I try to revise a bit and I'm off to bed. I miss blogging a lot because I always enjoyed doing it and I'm so annoyed of this monotone lifestyle I have just now.

Yesterday after work I finally managed to meet up with my best friend again after absolute ages, so this was a really nice day for me because I got to enjoy my time a bit again and meeting your best friends is always good!

Today all I did so far  is cleaning the whole house, which took me quite some time actually, and now I decided to sit down and show you a few bits of my flat that I probably like the most.

I don't really show my flat too much in my blog posts so I thought that those few photos will give you an idea of what it looks like. I worked hard on it and I'm not trying to brag in any way. I just love watching interiors and I think some of you might like that too.

First of all: THE OFFICE.

This was the first thing I thought of when I first saw the flat. The stunning patio-kind-of area, which has windows all around it is the perfect spot for a little home office. It is SO bright and sunny and I like the view from here. It's so quiet and it has the perfect size too. 
I knew this place was going to be exactly what I needed to study and to blog. So, all I have in here are two small chests of drawers on both sides of my desk, for all the small things that need to be organised, the desk, which is actually not quiet finished yet but I still love the look of it, a comfy chair and a big shelf for all my dictionaries, folders of flat-related documents and other bits and bobs. I have a nice carpet and pretty curtains with copper detailing too, plus a few plants to make it even cosier.
I spend most of my time here. It's gotta be my fave spot in the whole flat.

Those copper and black wire lamps have been so in for the last months that even before I moved house I knew I had to get one! And even though I was first planning on getting a copper one, once we painted the walls it turned out that a black one would look so much more sophisticated and elegant, so just a few days ago I finally went and picked it up and I am in love! 
Next to my bed I have a little table/ basket thingy in the same style, so those two items just so together so well, plus some of the furniture is dark too, which is another reason why I got the black lamp instead of the copper one.
Obviously, what else I love about my flat are the colours of the walls. Initially, I was thinking of a rather plain colour throughout the whole flat, but once I had to decide, I knew that I would have to choose a few wallpaints instead of only one. So, to keep it quite minimalistic I went for those cooler shades of greys and pinks and purples. The hallway is silver, the entry area is a very dark grey with glitter, the kitchen is grey and purple and then my room is grey, dustpink and purple, plus the office is a delicate candy pink/lavender kind of mix. The colours are hard to describe since we mixed them ourselves.

Everyone loves fairy lights, right?
When my mum spotted these ball shaped ones in grey, white and pink she nearly went crazy because those are exactly the colours I have in this room. So, we had to buy them. There was no other way! They are inside my room on the glasswall of my office and I have those sheer curtains on both sides with that cool scandinavian pattern. The fairy lights give a nice warm light that gives the whole room SUCH a comfy and cosy atmosphere. You would never want to leave, trust me!
I hardly ever turn them on though, but even if they are not on I just love that little accent!

We split my big room in a sleeping are and the living area with the sofa, the big armchair, two coffee tables and my old rug that is just too beautiful to get rid of ( which is why I told my dad to transfer it from my old room to my new room!).
I love how the dark grey sofas go with the dark purple and also light grey walls. I bought those thick grey curtains in an ombre style, plus sheer white curtains with embroidered grey circles on them. And the grey carpet just matches everything so well too! I love this cosy area! I like having people over, sitting here together and having a chat. I think this pretty much makes a house a home.

Let me know what you think about my own little ( or not so little) space! :)

Plus check out my new vlog and there you can also find last year's vlog in the description box to watch! :)


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

New In: Maybelline Mascara

I hate buying mascaras. I really do. 
You know when you see all those ads with obviously fake lashes? Of course mascara won't make your lashes look like the ones from the ads. But then, what can you actually expect? This is always my biggest problem. You hear of new beauty products all the time but you can never really know how they will work on you unless you try them out.
When I went to the drugstore recently to stock up on new mascara I didn't quite know which one I should choose. My favourite drugstore mascara is the green Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycraflex one, which they don't sell here in Austria. 
But then the Maybelline counter attracted me with their sign "1+1 free" and I was like: well, you can try out two at the price of one. That can't really go too wrong. So I ended up leaving the shop with two new mascaras- the Maybelline Colossal Volum' and the Colossal Go! Extreme.

I have to say that when the Colossal Volum' first came out ages ago, I did buy it. And I remember it was quite good but then after so many years I got to try out very, very good mascaras and I just wasn't really sure if that feeling from years ago would still be the same. But still, I gave it a go and I was actually amazed! 
I think over time I got to learn how different mascaras are and that you can't use all of them the same way, because each one requires kind of a different technique. Very quickly I found out how to achieve amazing results with this one and now I am sure I will repurchase this mascara for sure, even if it's just as a back-up mascara. It is so good!

It doesn't really look too promising with its very standard looking brush, but trust me- my lashes look insane when I use this mascara.
I've read many reviews where girls said they use even up to 3 coats but I feel like this mascara dries pretty quickly and after about 1,5 coats it doesn't work any better anymore.
However, this is already enough! :)

Now the second mascara is very new to me because I never had one of those before. I just thought it would be better to pick 2 different mascaras just in case one would turn out to be really crap.
But again, after trying this one out for the first time I was so surprised that it works just as good as the previous one! They do look different but I feel like they give you pretty much the same look. Your lashes are long and not clumped, they are voluminous and thick but not overly fake- which is good, right?

The cone shaped wand of this mascara makes it very easy to reach those tiny lashes in the corners of your eyes, which sometimes can be really tricky.

I know I don't look too impressed here, but look at those lashes!

(I used the black mascara in those pictures, but as I mentioned before, both look really quite the same. I couldn't tell which one is worse/ better than the other!)

Hope you are now as excited about those two drugstore mascaras as I am! :)
Also keep in mind that they cost less than 10 Euros here, so this is seriously a bargain compared to other drugstore mascaras + they probably work better than the more expensive ones too!

Now that I finally got to write a new blog post, I'm very happy and now I'll go study for my exam now, which is in 2,5 hours. 

If you haven't seen my latest vlog, make sure to check it out here! :)