Tuesday, 3 May 2016

New In: Maybelline Mascara

I hate buying mascaras. I really do. 
You know when you see all those ads with obviously fake lashes? Of course mascara won't make your lashes look like the ones from the ads. But then, what can you actually expect? This is always my biggest problem. You hear of new beauty products all the time but you can never really know how they will work on you unless you try them out.
When I went to the drugstore recently to stock up on new mascara I didn't quite know which one I should choose. My favourite drugstore mascara is the green Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycraflex one, which they don't sell here in Austria. 
But then the Maybelline counter attracted me with their sign "1+1 free" and I was like: well, you can try out two at the price of one. That can't really go too wrong. So I ended up leaving the shop with two new mascaras- the Maybelline Colossal Volum' and the Colossal Go! Extreme.

I have to say that when the Colossal Volum' first came out ages ago, I did buy it. And I remember it was quite good but then after so many years I got to try out very, very good mascaras and I just wasn't really sure if that feeling from years ago would still be the same. But still, I gave it a go and I was actually amazed! 
I think over time I got to learn how different mascaras are and that you can't use all of them the same way, because each one requires kind of a different technique. Very quickly I found out how to achieve amazing results with this one and now I am sure I will repurchase this mascara for sure, even if it's just as a back-up mascara. It is so good!

It doesn't really look too promising with its very standard looking brush, but trust me- my lashes look insane when I use this mascara.
I've read many reviews where girls said they use even up to 3 coats but I feel like this mascara dries pretty quickly and after about 1,5 coats it doesn't work any better anymore.
However, this is already enough! :)

Now the second mascara is very new to me because I never had one of those before. I just thought it would be better to pick 2 different mascaras just in case one would turn out to be really crap.
But again, after trying this one out for the first time I was so surprised that it works just as good as the previous one! They do look different but I feel like they give you pretty much the same look. Your lashes are long and not clumped, they are voluminous and thick but not overly fake- which is good, right?

The cone shaped wand of this mascara makes it very easy to reach those tiny lashes in the corners of your eyes, which sometimes can be really tricky.

I know I don't look too impressed here, but look at those lashes!

(I used the black mascara in those pictures, but as I mentioned before, both look really quite the same. I couldn't tell which one is worse/ better than the other!)

Hope you are now as excited about those two drugstore mascaras as I am! :)
Also keep in mind that they cost less than 10 Euros here, so this is seriously a bargain compared to other drugstore mascaras + they probably work better than the more expensive ones too!

Now that I finally got to write a new blog post, I'm very happy and now I'll go study for my exam now, which is in 2,5 hours. 

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  1. These look amazing, have to try them out :)


    1. They are really affordable so you can't go wrong! :D