Thursday, 31 March 2016

My March Beauty Favourites

Tomorrow is already April and it is just crazy! I don't even know how this month went by that quickly?! We had the start of the new semester at uni and there was also a few days of Easter, plus I was working quite a lot this month. I think this is why I didn't even realise that the month is over already. If you're very busy you just seem not to feel that at all.
But, as always at the end of each month I'm here to let you know about my most used beauty products of March. There's not many because I use all my regular products on a daily basis and they all are my faves but those ones are either new or I just rediscovered them again.

Let's start with the new products:
I've been using different Garnier hair conditioners for some years now and at first I was disappointed but with time they surprised me a lot. My latest addition is from the Honey Treasures range and I mainly bought it because of its nice smell. I didn't expect too much honestly, but after two uses I realised that my hair is silky smooth after I blowdry it and usually it has a very rough structure and it just doesn't feel healthy ( even though it is). Now, I love touching my hair again because it is beautiful, shiny and as already mentioned, silky smooth. It looks so much better and it also smells great! I do however use quite a lot of conditioner and I nearly emptied the bottle already so I guess soon it will be time for a new one. So let's see if I get something new or if I'll stick to this one!
But since it's affordable and it's availability is good too I totally recommend it!

The second new product is my Catrice Camouflage concealer. After the Collection concealer, which is SO hyped all over the internet, this one suddenly started to appear quite a lot too and I was just so surprised because Catrice is also a very affordable drugstore brand and I never really try anything from that brand. But after hearing so many good reviews on that concealer I decided to try it out myself. And at first I was disappointed because I used it under my eyes and they looked exactly the same! But when I walked out of the bathroom and looked into a different mirror my face looked much better and the under eye circles were gone. So I guess it's been a problem of lighting really and now I feel much better about the concealer. It has a very light consistency, smells like Nivea and it so easy to blend. It's just like a face cream! And now I can also say that the coverage is really good. (However, it says that it even covers up tattoos and I think that's a bit exaggerated, I don't believe in that really)
Again, for its 4 Euros and easy application I do recommend it !( I have the lightest shade and it matches my skin tone well- yes, that's how pale I am during winter)

And now the product that appeared on my blog already ages ago;
My Soap&Glory Righteous Butter, that I've had for over a year now. I used it a lot and it's nearly all gone now, but I had a pretty long break from it because I'm simply too lazy to use body lotion. 
Well, a few days back I realsied that my skin got that dry again to the point that I'm pretty much shedding. When I take off my jeans, they are full of dead skin cells inside ( I know this is gross, but that's how lazy I am when it comes to moisturising)
And for this reason I knew it was time again to motivate myself for do something for my skin again. And then I remembered that I have the righteous butter in my room and from that time I've been using it before bed time and my skin looks already so much better! It's still soft throughout the whole day and I love it!
Plus the smell of Soap&Glory is just incredible, so I don't even know why I ever stopped using their lotions! :D

And the last product for today is my Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycraflex mascara, which is SO cheap and SO good at the same time. I usually got it in Edinburgh for arounf 7 pounds but then I realised they are even cheaper in Poland so I always get one when I'm there. They last me for ages somehow and I feel like from all the other drugstore mascaras I've tried so far, this one is seriously the best for me. I mean, there is still Perversion, Rollerlash and Chanel that are amazing BUT the know.
So when I can't treat myself to a Benefit Rollerlash or Chanel or Urban Decay Perversion mascara, I'm perfectly fine with this mascara too! ( However, it's just the green one that works great, I had the black and orange one and was rather disappointed).
This mascara has a big brush and it does make my lashes longer and when it's not pretty empty it does make them really voluminous too, so it does everything a woman would want!
Amazing quality, amazing price! That's all I need to say.

Hope you found out something new and interesting today! Let me know if you have any post suggestions or if you have any product recommendations for me! :)

Have a nice day everyone! I'm off to work ;)



Friday, 25 March 2016

What I Ate For Breakfast

Hello guys!

This morning I decided to lay a bit longer in my cosy, warm bed since I'll be working til 10 pm.
Then I got up and tried to figure out what to eat- and sometimes I have no ideas at all, and then on other days, like today, I'd like to eat everything at once.

So I went for strawberries. Strawberry everything. And I remember having such a breakfast a long time ago and I also blogged it back then.

My breakfast today was some Kellogs Crunchy cereals which I really love! I added some fresh strawberries and cinnamon. I had some strawberries left so decided to chop them up along with a banana and to eat them too.
And as always I had an Earl Grey tea with lemon, cause I couldn't go a day without a cup! :D

And now I'm already having lunch cause I'm off to work and I don't want to be hungry because that would be a nightmare. ;)

My favourite fruits are strawberries and watermelon ( I can't wait to buy them constantly!!). What are yours? :)

Have a good Friday everyone! :)



Tuesday, 22 March 2016

My OOTD: Boho Girl

Hello there!
Today mum and I got up early because we were off to buy some trainers and since it was a very sunny morning I decided to wear something cool and I went for this kind of boho-look with lots of reddish terracotta colours, some ditsy flower prints, leather and tassels.

Most of the things I wore are pretty new and I don't think they were already featured here, so let's go over to that very quickly!
My hat is new and I actually got it from Primark, but I thought it was too cute not to buy it.
My flower top has three quarter length sleeves and I tucked it into my high waisted skinny jeans from Topshop. The top itself is from Orsay and I've had it for a few months now but I never got to wear it until this morning.
I tied a wash out black kind of corduroy shirt by Versace around my waist to give my outfit some more layers and I also thought of maybe layering it on top of the flower top in case I'd be too cold.
My heeled leather boots are from Deichmann and I wore them quite often during autumn/winter because they really go with nearly everything!

My red leather coat is from Forever21 and I am IN LOVE with it! I think it's such a unique, sophisticated looking piece because of the colour and the detailing. I really like how it goes with my silhouette! I think it is a good time to own such a coat because that leather/boho look is pretty in just now and I'm sure such things will never really go out of style anyways.

My little tassel bucket bag is from H&M and at first I thought I'd just use it for summer when I was in the country, going to the grocery shop, using the bag for some money, my camera and my phone. But when I actually decided to wear it out a few days back, I got really surprised by how much this bag can actually hold! I can fit my tangle teezer, phone, camera, big wallet, a lipstick, chewing gum and stuff like that inside and I think this is impressive. And I also really like combining it with this leather jacket or my denim jacket too.

I wore my hair down, obviously because of the hat, and my make-up was just my usual one, plus a dark red lipstick by Givenchy ( I don't know the name by heart so if anyone is interested just let me know and I'll add the information later if needed).
I really like this shade because I think it suits my complexion very well and also, for this outfit I think I couldn't have made a better choice.

What do you think of today's outfit? I really like it and it's pretty comfy *though I could exchange those boots for my Vans or so :D*

Have a nice day everyone! I'm off to work in the afternoon so I need to eat something and relax a bit more :D
Also make sure to check out my latest vlog because it is cool :D



Tuesday, 15 March 2016

My OOTD: French Vibes

I was trying to figure out a nice schedule for my blog posts so I'd also get a bit more organised and so I could plan my posts ahead. So I figured out Tuesdays would be cool for my OOTD's ( Hopefully they will always be cool on those days).

Today I'm wearing a completely new outfit that I got from Forever21. I actually bought a lot of things there recently, so I was also thinking of doing a Forever21 haul video. Let me know if you'd like to see one!

So, my top is a cosy dust pink sweatshirt with the print "comme ci" and I have to admit that I kiiind of went for this shirt just because I'm a language student... ( Am I already weird!?) But also, the colour is my favourite ( which you can also tell by the look of my flat).

I went for my usual make-up but I have such dry lips from my cold sore that I'm not wearing any lipstick today :(

sweatshirt - Forever21

My most important accessoire today was my bottle with hot tea inside because I woke up to some terrible snow and was demotivated to leave the house straight away. Yesterday it was so nice and sunny and warm and today it's snowing and raining and freezing. Amazing.NOT.

bottle - Primark

To stay comfy all day long I went for leggings instead of jeans. Here's what my also brand new leggings look like. They are grey and have a button and zipper like normal pants, plus they have pockets on the bum too! Very good purchase.

grey leggings - Forever21

The sweatshirt also has a zipper that goes half way up the back and you can actually open it or keep it closed ( I went for the closed version because I didn't want any cold air on my back)
Also, look at how much my hair grew already! I don't even know when it happened!!

The sweatshirt is a bit more cropped in the front and it hides your bum a bit in the back, so it is not just a plain sweatshirt and that's also why I like it. You can tuck it in to your pants in the front and leave it out in the back and it will also look super cute!

Let me know what you think about this outfit! :)

I'm off to 2 more uni lectures today, so wish me luck and energy :D



Sunday, 13 March 2016

Waiting For Spring

Hello everybody!
After more than a week I am finally back again!
I am really sorry for the lack of posts recently but I was focussing a bit more on a few videos that you can find over on my YT channel ( here!)

Apart from that I started uni and wotking again, which means that now I am busy full-time pretty much. The only day I have off is Sunday- which is why I finally got to write a new post for you today.

I am a bit stressed out these days because of all those busy days- I also didn't get to do my homework yet, which is due tomorrow ( or even tonight). 
So right after finishing off this post I will try and do all of what I was supposed to do during the week.

Today I wanted to write a bit about spring, and why I really want winter to be over already.
I am a summer person- I need warm, sunny days to feel full of energy and to be happy.
To feel a bit better I buy myself bouquets of fresh tulips because they are my favourite flowers and once they are available in shops I pretty much buy them all the time. It kind of makes me feel like spring and summer are just around the corner.

A few other things that make me feel springy-summery is a nice perfume, candles and just summery accessories.
I really like my Marc Jacobs Daisy Sorbet perfume- and the fact that it looks beautiful too, makes it even better!
Of course it has to smell flowery at home too- which is why I stocked up on some fresh-floral scented melts from Yankee Candle. ( Here you can see Garden Sweet Pea that I haven't used yet but I will very soon. It has such a beautiful smell!!)

Pink lips were my favourite last spring and summer and I think that this Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet matte lipstick is just great for having long days out, eating ice cream without worrying about the lipstick vanishing in a few hours.

I wish that the sun was out more often so that I can wear all my sunglasses out again. (Marks&Spencer had those cool, pink glasses last summer, so I couldn't just go past without buying them.) I also love my black Love Moschino glasses that have tiny red hearts on each side. 

I also miss going for walks on sunny days with Eryk and Maya, like we used to back in Scotland. I also loved enjoying the sunshine in my garden on warmer days.

I am so busy lately that time flies so fast. I don't even know how it's already March?! I mean, it should be warm soon??

Well, looks like I just have to keep myself busy until it is finally warm enough to leave my winter jacket at home and to start wearing cool, fancy outfits again.

Do you miss the warm days too?
Let me know what your favourite time of the year is, and why! :)



Friday, 4 March 2016

BIODERMA BB-Cream & Pore Refiner

Hi guys!
A few days ago, my friend and I had the chance to film a new video for Bioderma, which has become one of my favourite brands now. 
We got two different products to try out and review in a video, which you can see HERE ( I know it's in German but I'd still love it if you could go and like it!)

So, Bioderma has a few ranges for different skin types. I for example have oily skin, so I use the Sebium products ( with green detailing), whereas my friend from the the new and this video uses the Sensibio range ( with pink detailing) because she has sensitive skin, which is also prone to redness.

The Sebium Pore Refiner is pretty much a primer you should use after cleansing your face in the mornings, before applying your make-up. This will make sure your make-up looks so much smoother and professional. The pore refiner pulls together your pores, which means that they are less visible. What is more, it mattifies your T-Zone and therefore leaves your skin good-looking all day long.
After having used this for a few weeks I've realised that I don't have as many blackheads as I used to and even spots don't show up that often anymore. 
Another important thing to mention is that this product contains no parabens and has a delicate, fresh scent that reminds me of cucumber. 

The BB-Cream is also interesting. It has an anti redness effect and also helps eliminating redness over time, which is great because it doesn't just give you a short-term effect. 
The BB-Cream is suitable for a light skin tone, though it looks very orange at first. You have to work it into your skin very well and at first it may take some time, but worry not! -It will look fab in the end!
BB-Creams are great because they are still very moisturising and light just like a usual face cream and therefore don't give you that heavy feeling that foundations often do. This means that it is also very good in summer + it has an SPF of 30 too! Just what you need. Again, it gives your skin a nice, matte look.
And just like the pore refiner, the BB-Cream doesn't contain any parabens, it does have a delicate smell though, and it is very, very suitable for sensitive skin, so you don't have to worry about terrible reactions!

I hope you learned something new from this post, and maybe you'll even try out one of those products yourself :)
Also make sure to check out the videos! :)