Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year's Eve 2014

2014 has been a very big and busy year for me I'd say.
In April, it was my 18th Birthday,
In May, I had my written final exams at High School,
In June, I had my oral final exams and my graduation,
In July, I moved to Scotland to continue education,
In December, I managed to see my family again after 5 months.

And now this year is already coming to an end and I'm asking myself how 2015 will be. Is it going to be a better one or a worse one? We'll see, but now the only thing we can do is to wait and to celebrate.

Eryk invited some friends over for tonight and we'll have a little home party. I don't know yet whether we'll be going somewhere else later or not.
But I chose my outfit and I kept it simple but also a bit different than usual.

I kept my make-up simple because I didn't really want to create a disaster in the end. I used my Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara ( the orange and black one), Barry M eyeliner above my upper eyelashes and my Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet matte lip gloss in the shade Happy Nude Year, which looks a bit lighter in the picture than it is in reality.

I'm also wearing my Orsay leaf earrings and my hair down + my usual jewellery and my Swatch watch. My top is a crop top with some mesh on the sleeves and cleavage from Topshop ( it is not mine though :c )

I put on my Carvela heels from Kurt Geiger and black tights that I might change in a while to thinner ones. 

And i am wearing my new denim skirt from House, which has a zip that goes all the way down, and I painted my nails with Sally Hansen- 404 Greig Gardens.

This is my whole look for now and I hope that i won't be complaining about it any time soon.

Hope you all have a fantastic night full of celebrations and fun, and a Happy New Year!



Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Poland Haul

As you probably already know, I arrived in Scotland last night after a week of Christmas holidays with  my family in Poland. My journey was a complete nightmare to be honest and I am still totally exhausted. My parents brought me to the airport in Poland and waited with me until there were only 40 minutes left until my flight, as we could see each other through a glass wall all the time. Then they left and I went to the last passport control and waited for the boarding sign to appear. However, due to very bad weather conditions, my flight was 5 hours late in the end, as the plane couldn't take off in Glasgow on time. I could have spent these 8 hours I spent at the airport, with my family instead. At half past two in the morning ( Polish time) we finally took off and I landed in Glasgow more than two hours later. I was lucky enough as Eryk and his dad picked me up because I wouldn't be able to go to Edinburgh on my own any more. My journey from leaving the house until entering the house was 14 hours long and I felt dead.
But I got up at 12 and managed to unpack all my luggage and to tidy up the room a bit and thought I could show you the things I bought in Poland.
I will also upload an entry with the gifts I got for Christmas, but not today.

I thought it would be nicer to split the purchases into categories, so the first one I'll show you is clothing.

On the day after my arrival in Poland my mum and I went to the hairdresser and to town afterwards and I got some black short boots with golden studs on the back and a golden fake zip on the outside of the boots. They also have a real zip on the inner side of the shoes. They are quite plain and I was looking for such boots for a longer time. I wasn't too sure about the studs at first but then I just took them as I didn't find any other black boots I'd like and I think these ones are quite alright.

Then, some days after Christmas we went to a huge shopping centre and there I got a burgundy hat, which I just tried on because I was curious and my mum and aunt loved it so I bought it and kept it on all day long and I also like the look of it and hope that I won't be too shy to actually wear it.
I also managed to finally get some black plain heels as I only possess very high ones and they are quite dangerous. But the ones I got are from Carvela from Kurt Geiger and I am absolutely in love with them! They are shiny with two thin straps and a heel that is not too high but makes your leg still look very flattering.

And the day before I left I met up with my cousin Kinga and we went to town and I spontaneously bought a denim skirt which I think I'll be wearing a lot.

The second category is beauty.
Also on the first day in town with my mum I bought myself a shower cream from Ziaja, which has the best smell in the world! It is from the cocoa butter range and my mum buys it all the time and it just reminds me of home and the smell is very luxurious too.

Another thing I got that day is a nail treatment, that apparently has diamond in the formula, which is supposed to make your nails stronger and I really need that! We'll see if it will actually work but I think it should.

On the family shopping day I got two pairs of earring- one with burgundy feathers and the other one with rose gold leaves. I found them both really pretty and as I don't have many earrings I was happy to get them.

I also managed to find a 4 pack of Sally Hansen nail polishes in the shades 170 Pink Slip, 804 Green Tea, 404 Greige Gardens and 270 Boca Moccha. They are all pastels and my mum has one too and I was impressed by how nice it is so I went for some too.

And the last thing I got there are two eye shadow brushes from EcoTOOLS, both with two endings and I definitely needed some of these as I only have one eye shadow brush- not too good.

And the last thing I got was the evening before I left, it is a cloth that polishes silver jewellery and also, my mum has them and they are just amazing! Now I have my own one and my rings will be shiny again!

If I am not wrong. this is all I bought and I am very pleased with the purchases.



Sunday, 28 December 2014

Last day in Poland

Today in the morning I got ready and left with my uncle because we had to sort out some ticket printing and then he gave me a lift to my cousin. As it is totally freezing, with a temperature of -8 degrees,we first thought we would stay at home but after a cup of tea and some cake we wrapped ourselves up and her dad gave us a lift to a cafe. There we had a cup of hot chocolate and a piece of cake each and stayed there chatting for about an hour and half of not even longer. Then we decided to go for a walk and popped into a shop, where I bought myself a skirt. Then we hurried to another cafe to get warm again because we couldn't even move properly any more. There we had an amazing cup of hot orange tea and Kinga also had another piece of cake. Again, we stayed there for a long time chatting and laughing about many things until her dad picked us up again and brought us home. We had another cup of tea and some quick dinner before my mum arrived to pick me up. Together we went to buy things I'd like to take with me and came home afterwards. As I am leaving tomorrow already, I thought it would be a good idea to pack today to avoid issues shortly before the flight tomorrow. And it was definitely a very good idea as somehow I had about three kilogrammes too much of luggage I'd need to take with me. Luckily, my mum and I managed to figure out what I could leave and now the luggage should be all fine.
Today is my last evening here in Poland with my loved ones, but my flight is in the evening tomorrow so I will still have some hours to say goodbye to them, which is nice.

And so already a week passed and I will be heading back to my other home tomorrow evening. I really enjoyed my time here and I think it was a good choice to leave for a while.

Tomorrow I won't upload anything because I will arrive late, but I will film something once I am back and all ready.



Saturday, 27 December 2014

Shopping Trip to Łódź

Today after breakfast some of us went to a city called Łódź, to a bit shopping centre and afterwards to another one too. It was freezing outside because the temperature sank to -10 degrees and when we had a break from shopping, we left the main building and went around it to go to an Italian restaurant and I only wore leggings and a jumper... Well, I was cold. But I ate a whole Margherita, which was totally crazy and made me feel sick again. I really need to stop eating because it makes my stomach go crazy.
However, I got some things as you can tell from the picture, and some more too and I will definitely show all of them when I am back in Scotland.  
Also, I am sorry that it is THAT late, but we just arrived at home as we went to see some friends after our shopping trip, and we spent some more time there than expected.

Tomorrow I will visit my cousin and on Monday I will already have my flight back to Scotland. I will still have some free time so maybe I'll get all organised and stuff.



Friday, 26 December 2014

Second Day of Christmas

Today we all woke up a bit later than over the last few days but when I first woke up at 8, I looked out of the window and saw that snow was falling. When we all got up, we had a nice family breakfast and then the kids got all wrapped up to go and play in the snow. I didn't go as I just washed my hair and started doing my make-up, but I was looked at them from inside.
In the early afternoon we all got ready because we were about to visit our other part of the family, like every year on this day.
It also got quite cold outside- our phones said -7 degrees and the streets are really ice too.
Once we got there, we had another big dinner together and I really feel very sick right now,  because I definitely ate way too much over the last three days and will need to work out once I'm back in Scotland to lose the additional Christmas kilogrammes I surely gained here in Poland.
Now, at 9 pm we came back home and are trying to relax and stay still after all the food we consumed.

Tomorrow morning we would like to go to Czestochowa to have a shopping day, so hopefully  we will go and find some nice things, because I would really like to get some new warm clothes if possible. And then I could also write a Christmas haul post and video too!



Thursday, 25 December 2014

First Day of Christmas

Yesterday we went to bed after midnight and I was so tired today at 8 in the morning, but still decided to get out of bed, do my make up, to get dressed and to do my hair quickly. We had a family breakfast and after that we all watched TV, had some cake, tea and coffee and had a chat. Then my uncle, cousin and I played Monopoly Imperium and I even won! Then again we sat in front of the TV and had a long lazy afternoon. At about 3 I went to see Eryk's grandparents for an hour or so and came back home, where again, we watched TV. Now I'm sitting here with my mum's laptop and try to write a summary of the day before it gets too late.
I am so happy here that I am already scared of leaving in only four days...The problem is that there are no flights available from Bratislava or Vienna to Edinburgh and the other way round... It makes me worry so much because I would like to go to Vienna sometime too.

Tomorrow we will go to my cousin and have another family dinner there, so I'll better stop eating now, because I feel so sick anyways already. Once I'm back in Scotland I'll need to start working out again. And I'll also need to revise all the stuff for French and Spanish.

My OOTD consists of this beautiful crop top from Topshop, which actually doesn't even belong to me :( , my H&M skater skirt and some black tights.

Excuse the red spot in the middle of my forehead..
I used my NAKES On the Run eyeshadows today if you are wondering.

And my doggy feels a bit shy today about having pictures taken, but he is so cute and so pretty!!



Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve

Today we woke up quite early again because I had an appointment to get my ingrowing toenails done again. It was so painful that I was literally crying out of pain there and they are still sore, so hopefully I will be able to wear my shoes tomorrow. After that we went to my aunt's house to prepare the rest for the evening and everyone else came over too. Once everyone got dressed we could finally start the enormous family dinner. When our bellies were finally full, the kids went outside to look out for Santa, and once we got back home we found a huge pile of gifts underneath the christma tree. Each of us was so excited and we started unwrapping all our gifts. I only got a few to be honest, because I got money. I somehow enjoyed seeing all the family opening their gifts and it made me so happy to be with them on this special day. 

Now we are having some drinks and cake and to be honest I am already so tired but we will stay up a bit longer.
Back in Scotland I will write a short blog entry about the gifts I got for the ones interested in that.
Hope you all have nice Christmas days, just like we do!



Tuesday, 23 December 2014

First Day In Poland

Yesterday I had a very long day- I had to travel from Edinburgh to Glasgow and then to Poland all on my own. I managed to get to Glasgow Airport and my flight was very short (less than 2 hours) and it was so calm,  so I can really tell that everything went smooth. When I landed and picked up my luggage and went outside, where my parents, brother and cousin were already waiting for me, I started crying so much because I was so happy to see them again after so many months. They took me home and there we were talking and eating and it was all just amazing!
Today I woke up super early, before anyone else was out of bed, to get ready for the day. After breakfast my mum and me went to town. We got our hair done at the hairdresser- I cut my hair a bit again, and then we had a walk around town, we managed to buy some new boots for me, we had tasty doughnuts and then my aunt picked us up and we went to her house to prepare some Christmas food. It was only the three of us , so we could talk without all the kids interrupting and I was also playing with their cat, which is just beautiful!
Then we went back to my granny's house and all the children were playing with me and Noah is so cute! He asked me whether I still remember that I am his sister! This made me cry again becUse I feel so bad for not being with my family.
Now tomorrow is already Christmas eve, the very exciting day for the Whole family. I also can't wait anymore but it makes me sad that soon I will be leaving again.

I am uploading this post from my phone, so I can't upload more pictures than this selfie with my freshly cut hair. 

I hope you all will have a nice Christmas with your families! 



Sunday, 21 December 2014

Flying tomorrow!

After so many months I am finally going to see my family tomorrow this time. I really can't believe it and I am so happy that it is crazy! I don't even know what else to pack and I just hope that the journey from Edinburgh to Glasgow Airport will be easy and without any issues. And of course, that everything will be fine with my flight.

It is already half past eight and I really should go and finish packing because we should go to bed earlier today as we have to get up early tomorrow morning. I remember when Eryk and I were waiting like this for each other and now I am waiting to see my family.

I didn't plan any topic for the blog today as I am just way too busy at the moment to create something that actually makes sense, and also, as I'll leave the house before 11 am tomorrow and arrive home before midnight, I will not write a post either. Maybe I will be able to upload a short note from the airport with a photo, but that would be really the most I could do. I am sorry about that, but I think everybody understands.

To help your boredom a bit, go and check out our video, or all of the videos!
 Youtube channel

PS: Also, my camera started working a little bit again. Keep your fingers crossed for it to get better soon! 

I also managed to charge the battery of my iPod and to create a new playlist for the flight.

Hope you all have a nice evening and day tomorrow! 



Saturday, 20 December 2014

Airport Tips | Travelling

As I am leaving on Monday already, I thought it would be quite nice if I shared some tips for travelling by aeroplane. I've learned some useful things over the years and I know that flying can be quite stressful, especially when you are not prepared. Lots of people travel by aeroplane, but some still never had the chance to do so, and maybe these persons would find this quite useful.

1) So, if you have to check in online- do it as soon as you can. If you forget to print your ticket before arriving at the airport, or if your printer should break down or something like that, it is better to do it as soon as possible. With Ryanair you can check in two weeks before the flight up to two hours before the flight. This time I checked in through the Ryanair app on my phone, so basically I have the boarding pass there, but if there should be any issues with it I preferred printing the ticket any ways, just to make sure nobody will make any fuss at the airport.
Also, make sure you have your passport and tickets ready- if you forget them at home, you're not flying anywhere.

2) The next thing is probably being on time. If you have to check in your luggage, make sure you arrive at the airport two hours before your flight. If you only have hand luggage with you, you don't need to be that early, but somehow I was always there two hours before my flight as it made me worry less.
Don't worry about waiting at the airport- you can go eat something or stroll around the shops, look at planes taking off- all these things are better than being late for your flight.

3) Once you are on time and checked in your luggage, it is time for security. And this can be very stressful, so it is always good to be prepared. Wear comfy clothes, if you wear jewellery, than only pick gold and silver, metal won't let you through the security without taking it off. Shoes, belts and bras can also be a problem- be prepared to quickly take off your shoes, and for women touching your chest area (can be awkward in front of all other passengers). All electrical devices should also be kept in one bag to quickly place them in the trays that go through the x-ray machine.  If you have any liquids in your hand luggage, don't forget to put them all into a small plastic bag, that you can also get from the airport, and don't forget that the products can't be bigger than 100ml. If you don't take this seriously, your things will stay at the airport. You will also need to put the liquids through  the x-ray, just as your passport and electrical devices, jacket and shoes.

4) When you are done with security, you can wait for about an hour until you get to know what gate your plane is at. During that time you will still find shops and cafes to make the time fly faster. Once you find out what gate you need to get to, go there immediately. From then there is not much time left until your flight, and arriving late  at the aircraft would be bad.

5) On the plane, make sure you store your hand luggage and be prepared to stand up some times until all passengers take their seats and so on. If you are nervous of flying, try to relax, listen to music and read a magazine or a book. I always buy myself one or two magazines at the airport and I always have my iPod and headphones with me, so that I have something to do on the flight. Sleeping is quite uncomfortable, but you can always try it. My flights last usually from 2,5 to 3 hours, which is not too bad, but it is good to organise your time.

6) Once you've landed, don't forget to take all of your belongings from the plane. If you have no checked in luggage, you can go straight to the exit, and a passport control before that and then you are all done and can leave. If you have some more luggage, go and wait for it after the passport control, then you can finally leave. But, remember that there will be tons of luggage, and lots of bags will look the same. Make sure you tie a bow on a handle or make your suitcase recognisable for you.

These are all the tips I can think of just now. I hate it when I am not organised, so I will be following those steps on Monday as well.



Friday, 19 December 2014

My OOTD | 19th of December

Today I woke up and realised the weather was totally crazy but this is the outfit I've picked to go to the shop. Back at home we cooked dinner and after that I started editing this week's vlog. In the evening Eryk's sister and her friend Paige came over for a while and we played with Maya, who was really cheeky, and now they just left so I managed to finish editing. I am just converting the video, and I know it will take about 20 minutes until it's all done before I'll upload it to Youtube.
I wanted to bake some cookies just now because I found a recipe that looks promising and when it comes to cookies I've never had luck with baking them before. So we'll see what I'll manage to do,
Tomorrow is also another day of work and I should go to bed earlier than yesterday.

My jeans jacket is from Levi's, my pink jumper from Forever21. My striped dungaree skirt is from River Island and I got it this summer. I also wore black plain tights and my neon pink Vans. And as I was leaving the house I grabbed my caramel brown FOSSIL bag to keep some change and other useful stuff on my way.

And today I decided to keep my make-up simple as I didn't have any bigger plans and I hate taking off my make-up. :D

Hope you all have a nice Friday night! :)

The vlog is here: VLOG



Thursday, 18 December 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet | Lips

Some days ago I was so lucky I won this nice lip gloss from Bourjois' online advent calendar, but I never got a confirmation email or anything so I thought it would take some time until they process the whole thing. And now I just came home and saw a little envelope addressed to me, and I had no idea what it could be. When I opened it and saw the lip gloss I was very excited and had to try it out immediately. I saw it in drug stores so many times but I was never really keen on buying it because of its quite strange smell. But now I decided to try it any ways and I have to say that I am so surprised about this product! It doesn't have a smell at all on your lips ( which is a relief after smelling it right from the container). Also, the texture is absolutely non-sticky and it feels like you are wearing absolutely nothing on your lips.
It looks so strange when you apply it because it is liquid but it looks and feels more like a very powdery something. It is so creepy but the effect is so nice!
I already love it and I will be definitely using it a lot now.
And if you are interested in getting it as well, I have it in the shade Happy Nude Year. It is a really pretty dusty pink colour, that really matches my natural lip colour very well, so it nearly seems like it is my real lip colour, but a bit prettier.

Have you tried them yet?? They are great!



Wednesday, 17 December 2014

My Drugstore Favourites | Beauty

Today after College, Eryk, a friend of Eryk and I met up in town and went to a Chinese restaurant to have a chat, and of course something to eat. After that we were just strolling around the city centre, but it started raining and we went back home. Now I was trying to sort all the documents and so on and it is already 8, so it is about time for me to write today's blog post, right?

So I decided to write about 5 products I got from Boots or Superdrug, that I really enjoy using, and that I keep repurchasing.

The first product I'll talk about is the Soap&Glory SugarCrush body scrub. It smells like fresh limes, (really!), its scrub bits are not too harsh to your skin, but definitely leave it in a nicer, softer condition than before using it. It comes in a 300ml tub and costs 8£, which to me is a bit pricey, but I am in love with the smell, so I'm glad to have it. Mainly of course, because I tend to have really dry skin that I'd like to get rid of once in a while.

The second product is my all time favourite deodorant from Dove. It's from the Pomegranate range and I've written about it quite recently already. I also have the roll on version, but this tiny compressed bottle is just so handy and the smell is again fabulous! Very fruity and fresh, and that's what is important in a deodorant I think. I've been buying it for nearly two years over and over again, and two days ago Eryk came home with a massive spray for me. So, once this little bottle is empty, I'll have another one, which is not too handy for on the go, but nice for using at home.

And then I also picked three make-up bits to share with you. The Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in the lightest shade, 01, is really perfect for my skin. Unlike the slightly darker shade, 02, it doesn't leave orange patches on my skin and covers my dark under-eye circles really nicely and now I can tell that I am really happy with it and I will surely buy it again.

The Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycraflex mascara is one of my favourite ones and at a price of 7£ it is really a good one. It curls my lashes, it keeps them up and visible all day long, which I totally love. It makes my lashes longer and gives some volume too, everything is good about it I'd say, and once I'll run out of all the mascaras I can use just now, I will definitely get myself one of these again.

And the last product for today is my favourite face powder from Bourjois. I've tried so many drugstore powders already, but this one is just brilliant. It is in the shade 53 and it gives your skin a bit of coverage and colour, which is really nice and it looks very natural at the same time. The smell of it is also beautiful. Sadly, I already hit the den and I'll need to get another one in some months time. It was about 8 or 9£, which is also a bit pricey for a drugstore powder, but it is amazing and I will definitely buy it over again.

If you know any drugstore products worth buying, let me know! I'd like to try out something new too!



Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Gingerbread Men | Recipe

As it is getting very festive and I am very excited for Christmas, I just needed to bake some kind of biscuits. There is no Christmas time without baking Christmas biscuits, right?
And since I've never tried baking gingerbread before, I decided it was about time to get it done.
I found a recipe somewhere on the Internet, which said that it was a very quick way to do the gingerbread biscuits.
So, Eryk and I were very excited and started mixing the dough until we realised that we need to wait 24 hours until we can cut out the gingerbread men and bake them actually. But we eventually managed to bake them and they look very cute and are quite tasty, even though they are terrible hard by now and it is very dangerous for your teeth, but maybe someone is interested in a gingerbread recipe, so here it is!

- teaspoon of baking powder
- 1 egg yolk
- 180 g of honey
- 375 g of flour
- a bit of salt
- 5 tablespoons of water
-1 teaspoon of cinnamon
- 70 g of sugar

1) First you need to put the honey and sugar into a pot and heat them up a bit until they kind of melt together. Don't let it boil though!
2) Then this sticky mixture needs to cool own a bit before you can continue.
3) Add the yolk, cinnamon salt and water and mix everything thoroughly.
4) Take a second bowl and mix the flour and baking powder in it, then add the honey mixture to it and use your hands to form a ball out of the dough.
5) Cover up the mixture and let it rest for about 24 hours. ( I put the dough in the fridge)
6) On the next day you can start rolling the dough until it is as flat as possible and you can cut out the biscuits. ( I found it very difficult to get the dough flat because it was quite hard) Also, make holes using a toothpick or fork into every biscuit.
7) In the meanwhile you can also preheat your oven to 175 degrees.
8) Then put the biscuits in the oven for about 11 minutes.
9) Once they've cooled down, you can decorate them with some icing sugar or whatever you'd like, I let them stay the way they came out of the oven.

And this is it! If you have a good gingerbread recipe you can of course let me know, and you can also try this one if you like.



Monday, 15 December 2014

Urban Decay Naked On the Run Palette

So, Christmas is very soon and Eryk didn't really know what to buy me and he just decided to give me a specific amount of money so that I can buy myself whatever I'd like to have. The first thing I chose is this new very handy palette from Urban Decay. The 3 Naked palettes are very, very common when it comes to big bloggers, so I was reading a lot about them. However, I wasn't too keen on getting a palette with 12 shades just now. Of course I would be happy to have such beautiful pieces of make-up in my make-up space, but I decided to go for something more practical.
This palette came out just some short time ago and from the first time I saw it, I was quite fascinated. So, I chose this as my gift. It is fancy, it is nice, I'm just a girl, girls like fancy make-up, you know...

The box contains: 4ml of the Perversion mascara, a glide-on eye pencil in the shade Stag, which is a pretty dark brown shade, a full sized lipgloss in the shade Sesso, which is a lovely nude shade with a slightly glittery finish, and also the rosegold packaging is beautiful. Then you get 5 eyeshadows in the shades: Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun and an extra large shade in number 5050. Also, you get a bronzer and blush, so basically your whole make-up is sorted with just one single box. 

As you can tell, the lip 
gloss is quite nude.

The 6 eye shadows are shown from the left end of the palette going to the right left of it.

And I also swatched the bronzer and blush, eyeliner and lipgloss on my creepy hand, just so you can see how they look like.

Well, this beauty came already about two weeks ago and I just touched it now because it is too pretty to use it, but I know that I will definitely take it to Poland, because it is so handy. And to be honest, should the mascara get empty or would you like to take a different lip gloss with you, why not? You can easily swap them!

What I also like a lot about the palette is the really big mirror. Compared to usual eyeshadow palettes, which have slim mirrors, this one has a nice big one that is also very handy in my opinion.
The lid seems to be magnetic and doesn't open too easily.

The only bad thing about this palette is that if it comes with so many eyeshadows, it should also have an eyeshadow brush in my opinion, but it doesn't.

All in all, I am super happy that I got it and I will really use it for ages most likely.

What do you think about it? Would you be as excited as I am??



Sunday, 14 December 2014

Oranges, Cloves & Gingerbread | Christmas

Today I was at work again and couldn't wait to come home. Yesterday we made the dough for the gingerbread men and today I could finally bake them. I am not too sure whether they turned out the way they should, but they taste nice.

But, today's topic is a little DIY project, to decorate your home for Christmas. Or even before Christmas, just like me and my mum do it always.

For this DIY you need oranges and cloves. And that's literally it.

You can use one orange, or more if you like, it's all up to you!
So, take whole cloves and just tuck them into the orange, just the way you want. You can get a specific pattern done, to make it look pretty, or tuck the cloves in messily and do it just for the smell.
I prefer to create a simple pattern and keep the orange in a visible place. I just decorated two and put them up somewhere in our room, most likely in between all the candles that we let burn in the evenings. The smell of oranges and cloves is so christmassy- it just makes me so happy!

I think this picture shows that I feel very festive already and in just a week I will be already in Poland with my loved ones! 

Let me know if you decorate oranges too!



Saturday, 13 December 2014

4 Christmas Eve Outfits | Christmas

Someone suggested in the comments that I should do an outfit post, regarding ideas for Christmas days. Well, in Poland Christmas is a period of more than just a day, so all the family is always dressed pretty, so these re probably the outfits I will be wearing this year. Hope you enjoy them:

This dress is so casual, but so pretty and elegant. It is kind of double layered, and the more it goes down, the slimmer it seems. It is navy, which occurs very often in my wardrobe. There is something about navy dresses, I don't know how I manage to do this but most of my dresses have at least a little bit of navy in their prints- it's crazy!
If I look at all the shoes I have, these Mel flats match the dress perfectly. The dark heel are and the bows are made in the exact same colour like the dress. The dress is by the way from H&M and I got it already two years ago. 
I would wear my hair in a high ponytail or just completely down, as the back of the dress is pretty simple and the main detail is the double layer on the chest.

This dress is my princess- ballerina dress, and AGAIN it is navy blue! I got this dress from Forever21 for my graduation back in June and I totally love it. The tulle looks very cute and the top part of the dress is so beautiful! It has the navy lace on top of a beige/gold satin like fabric. I just totally adore the look and as the back is a bit cut out, you could wear your hair up, just like I did in the picture, but you could also wear it down, like I did on the day of my graduation. Back then I also wore sandals, which were matching the silky part of the dress quite nicely, but as I've got the Mel flats now, I would definitely wear them with the dress, as again the navy colour is the same one on the shoes and the dress.

Then we have the red and nude floral dress from Primark that I bought quite recently. It has 3/4 sleeves and is not fitted at all. It has two black quite wide strings to tie a bow at the back, below the neck, but I don't manage to get a pretty bow done, so I always wear my hair open.In my opinion this dress is also one that could be worn on a daily basis without doubt, and I like it especially with thick black tights and my new Clarks leather loafers. I also applied red lipstick to match the flowers, which I found quite pretty.

And yes, this is ALL my natural hair in the bun, no donut inside. This is why I never wear buns, because they never look too flattering on me and because they fall apart in seconds!

And the last outfit consists of my latest addition to my dress collection, also from Primark, plain black tights and again my Clarks loafers. The dress has kind of an aztec print, feels quite silky and has long sleeves. It is fitted in the waist and flares out below it, which I totally love in dresses! I think that this dress really doesn't need any jewellery, because of all the colours and the lively print. I need to say that this is probably my favourite dress at the moment and I also think that it is acceptable to wear it on a daily basis. And I would wear my hair down as again, the back is simple.

This was it, hopefully I will manage to take at least three dresses with me on holidays!

If you haven't seen our latest vlog yet, here you go!


Friday, 12 December 2014

Soap & Glory The Next Big Thing

When I first saw this online I couldn't believe my eyes. It is so beautiful and I really wanted to get one myself. Today I went to town and I saw these pretty boxes in Boots, with people grabbing more than one of them at once and I first went to the huge pile of boxes, grabbed one, stepped away and checked what products were inside. Then I called Eryk to ask if he could get it for me as my Christmas gift and he told me to bring it home and to pay for it with his money.
So I was super excited, as Soap&Glory is definitely one of my favourite beauty brands. They do amazing smelling products, their product descriptions are the funniest in the world and they are just overall awesome things. But a bit pricey. Now, this box has 10 full-sized products inside, which are worth more than 60 Pounds. But, you get the box for only 29! This is still a bit of money, but as I've already had quite a lot of their beauty products and I loved every single one of them, I was sure, this box would be the perfect gift for me.

Without talking about how amazing the box is, here you can finally see it:

The products come in a cute dust bag, which can be reused obviously.

There are 10 full-sized products inside, waiting for you...

A foot cream and a hand cream - very useful during winter...

A body wash and a shower butter...

A body lotion and body butter...

The best smelling body scrub in the world...

A pretty lipgloss, a nice mascara and make-up removing wipes...

And a 3 pounds off voucher for more Soap & Glory to spend at Boots.

Even Maya enjoyed all the pinky beauty a lot. You can tell she is a real lady!

I am very very very very excited to try out all the products and I know that I will be totally in love with all of them!

What do you think about this box full of beautifulness???

As it is Friday night, don't forget to come back in about half an hour to get the link to the latest vlog!