Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Poland Haul

As you probably already know, I arrived in Scotland last night after a week of Christmas holidays with  my family in Poland. My journey was a complete nightmare to be honest and I am still totally exhausted. My parents brought me to the airport in Poland and waited with me until there were only 40 minutes left until my flight, as we could see each other through a glass wall all the time. Then they left and I went to the last passport control and waited for the boarding sign to appear. However, due to very bad weather conditions, my flight was 5 hours late in the end, as the plane couldn't take off in Glasgow on time. I could have spent these 8 hours I spent at the airport, with my family instead. At half past two in the morning ( Polish time) we finally took off and I landed in Glasgow more than two hours later. I was lucky enough as Eryk and his dad picked me up because I wouldn't be able to go to Edinburgh on my own any more. My journey from leaving the house until entering the house was 14 hours long and I felt dead.
But I got up at 12 and managed to unpack all my luggage and to tidy up the room a bit and thought I could show you the things I bought in Poland.
I will also upload an entry with the gifts I got for Christmas, but not today.

I thought it would be nicer to split the purchases into categories, so the first one I'll show you is clothing.

On the day after my arrival in Poland my mum and I went to the hairdresser and to town afterwards and I got some black short boots with golden studs on the back and a golden fake zip on the outside of the boots. They also have a real zip on the inner side of the shoes. They are quite plain and I was looking for such boots for a longer time. I wasn't too sure about the studs at first but then I just took them as I didn't find any other black boots I'd like and I think these ones are quite alright.

Then, some days after Christmas we went to a huge shopping centre and there I got a burgundy hat, which I just tried on because I was curious and my mum and aunt loved it so I bought it and kept it on all day long and I also like the look of it and hope that I won't be too shy to actually wear it.
I also managed to finally get some black plain heels as I only possess very high ones and they are quite dangerous. But the ones I got are from Carvela from Kurt Geiger and I am absolutely in love with them! They are shiny with two thin straps and a heel that is not too high but makes your leg still look very flattering.

And the day before I left I met up with my cousin Kinga and we went to town and I spontaneously bought a denim skirt which I think I'll be wearing a lot.

The second category is beauty.
Also on the first day in town with my mum I bought myself a shower cream from Ziaja, which has the best smell in the world! It is from the cocoa butter range and my mum buys it all the time and it just reminds me of home and the smell is very luxurious too.

Another thing I got that day is a nail treatment, that apparently has diamond in the formula, which is supposed to make your nails stronger and I really need that! We'll see if it will actually work but I think it should.

On the family shopping day I got two pairs of earring- one with burgundy feathers and the other one with rose gold leaves. I found them both really pretty and as I don't have many earrings I was happy to get them.

I also managed to find a 4 pack of Sally Hansen nail polishes in the shades 170 Pink Slip, 804 Green Tea, 404 Greige Gardens and 270 Boca Moccha. They are all pastels and my mum has one too and I was impressed by how nice it is so I went for some too.

And the last thing I got there are two eye shadow brushes from EcoTOOLS, both with two endings and I definitely needed some of these as I only have one eye shadow brush- not too good.

And the last thing I got was the evening before I left, it is a cloth that polishes silver jewellery and also, my mum has them and they are just amazing! Now I have my own one and my rings will be shiny again!

If I am not wrong. this is all I bought and I am very pleased with the purchases.




  1. OMG! I love the skirt! I'm looking for one like that, with a zip on the front , but I can't find it anywhere :( I used to have one like that but white and it looks like I've lost it or something

    1. I got it from a Polish clothing shop called House, so I'm not sure where else you could get one like that at the moment. I really like it though!