Thursday, 25 December 2014

First Day of Christmas

Yesterday we went to bed after midnight and I was so tired today at 8 in the morning, but still decided to get out of bed, do my make up, to get dressed and to do my hair quickly. We had a family breakfast and after that we all watched TV, had some cake, tea and coffee and had a chat. Then my uncle, cousin and I played Monopoly Imperium and I even won! Then again we sat in front of the TV and had a long lazy afternoon. At about 3 I went to see Eryk's grandparents for an hour or so and came back home, where again, we watched TV. Now I'm sitting here with my mum's laptop and try to write a summary of the day before it gets too late.
I am so happy here that I am already scared of leaving in only four days...The problem is that there are no flights available from Bratislava or Vienna to Edinburgh and the other way round... It makes me worry so much because I would like to go to Vienna sometime too.

Tomorrow we will go to my cousin and have another family dinner there, so I'll better stop eating now, because I feel so sick anyways already. Once I'm back in Scotland I'll need to start working out again. And I'll also need to revise all the stuff for French and Spanish.

My OOTD consists of this beautiful crop top from Topshop, which actually doesn't even belong to me :( , my H&M skater skirt and some black tights.

Excuse the red spot in the middle of my forehead..
I used my NAKES On the Run eyeshadows today if you are wondering.

And my doggy feels a bit shy today about having pictures taken, but he is so cute and so pretty!!



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