Saturday, 27 December 2014

Shopping Trip to Łódź

Today after breakfast some of us went to a city called Łódź, to a bit shopping centre and afterwards to another one too. It was freezing outside because the temperature sank to -10 degrees and when we had a break from shopping, we left the main building and went around it to go to an Italian restaurant and I only wore leggings and a jumper... Well, I was cold. But I ate a whole Margherita, which was totally crazy and made me feel sick again. I really need to stop eating because it makes my stomach go crazy.
However, I got some things as you can tell from the picture, and some more too and I will definitely show all of them when I am back in Scotland.  
Also, I am sorry that it is THAT late, but we just arrived at home as we went to see some friends after our shopping trip, and we spent some more time there than expected.

Tomorrow I will visit my cousin and on Monday I will already have my flight back to Scotland. I will still have some free time so maybe I'll get all organised and stuff.



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