Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Family Christmas Gift Guide

Today I went to town for a while after College in order to get some Christmas gifts but I didn't find anything I was looking for really, so to get more organised I thought it would be good to create a blog post with some actual gift ideas this year.
This could help all of you and also myself!

For my mum I would definitely get some kind of skincare, as she was also asking for face creams and so on. I was thinking about something quite fancy just now that I found on Boots. I think that if you get something bit more expensive once in a while it is not a bad thing. Especially on such occasions like Christmas.
-> Nanoblur Instant Skin Finisher

Asking my dad for what he'd like to get he could never really answer my question. When I asked my mum for advice she always suggested some fragrance sets or also some men skin moisturiser or so.
As men usually shave, aftershave should never be a bad gift in my opinion. And in the end my dad also never complained about my choice.
-> L'Oreal Aftershave Set

I'd say buying gifts for girls is very easy! A bit of make-up, a bit of skin care, a wristband, something cute for her room,and she will always be happy! There are so many options to be honest that I could list down there but I think that a nice and fancy beauty set is always a good way to show her some love. I would definitely choose Soap&Glory for some skin goodies. ( I got some Soap&Glory products last Christmas from my boyfriend and was so happy that it was nearly strange). Also, this set contains travel sized products, which are very handy for sleepovers, long journeys or even if they shouldn't like them too much and would like to get rid of them as quickly as possible ( hopefully not!).
-> Soap&Glory beauty set

Now for guys it seems to me that it is more complicated to get some cool gifts they'd like, so I also always struggle with my choice, but I try to get some fun things he'd enjoy to have, some things he basically uses often, like body sprays for example, if he is into computing you could also get him a nice USB stick, gaming mouse (careful, these can be pricey!) or a cool book.
-> Gaming mouse

I'm never too sure what to get for my grandparents so I try to give them something they can use together, for example a nice tin of tea and a selection of delicious biscuits, something nice for their house and so on. But if one of them likes cooking and baking, why not give them a pretty recipe book in which they could store all of their favourite recipes? Also, my grandpa is always happy to get one of his favourite perfumes!
-> Recipe book
-> Men's perfume

These family members are also very tricky to me and I usually go for something neutral that they are very likely to be happy with. Something to decorate their home with, something nice to wear, or just some tea and interesting books to read on rainy afternoons.
-> Scented candle
-> Scrapbook

Kids will always be very happy to receive lots of sweets and toys. Clothes will usually not make them too excited as far as I know. If you can, make it something creative and also educational!
-> DIY Dinosaur 
-> Puzzleball

These are only few of all the different options you could try to make your loved ones happy!



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