Sunday, 21 December 2014

Flying tomorrow!

After so many months I am finally going to see my family tomorrow this time. I really can't believe it and I am so happy that it is crazy! I don't even know what else to pack and I just hope that the journey from Edinburgh to Glasgow Airport will be easy and without any issues. And of course, that everything will be fine with my flight.

It is already half past eight and I really should go and finish packing because we should go to bed earlier today as we have to get up early tomorrow morning. I remember when Eryk and I were waiting like this for each other and now I am waiting to see my family.

I didn't plan any topic for the blog today as I am just way too busy at the moment to create something that actually makes sense, and also, as I'll leave the house before 11 am tomorrow and arrive home before midnight, I will not write a post either. Maybe I will be able to upload a short note from the airport with a photo, but that would be really the most I could do. I am sorry about that, but I think everybody understands.

To help your boredom a bit, go and check out our video, or all of the videos!
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PS: Also, my camera started working a little bit again. Keep your fingers crossed for it to get better soon! 

I also managed to charge the battery of my iPod and to create a new playlist for the flight.

Hope you all have a nice evening and day tomorrow!