Sunday, 27 September 2015

September Favourites | Beauty

Hello everyone!
I can't believe September is nearly over! I only did the August Favourites some time ago and it turns out it wasn't actually that recently. (watch it here!)

Today I'm back again with some new products that I think are mostly pretty autumn-related, so let's start!

After emptying my previous shower gel, I took the Le Petit Marseillais shower gel out of the cupboard again and basically started using it again after having a break of it. It smells so refreshing and it just makes me feel like I'm somwhere were peach and nectarine juice is produced or something. It also reminds me so much of summer and when I got it and so on. I really need to get some more of it once I'm in Poland again, because those are just brilliant! ( They also come in a bigger size)

Next I got myself a new perfume because my Escada one ( which is my absolute favourite ) is empty, and it makes me sad. I saw this in a drugstore and it was actually in the clearance area, so I tried not to like it too much because I know that I will again, have difficulties finding it later again. It's the Tom Tailor East Coast Club scent for women and it comes in this little cute bottle with a fabric label and ribbon, plus the cap is in a beautiful rose gold colour, which looks so pretty.
It is again a pretty fresh and fruity, kind of sweet scent, that I generally really like. I do enjoy using it a lot but it still isn't as good as my Escada Cherry in the air.

I also got a new concealer by Bobbi Brown, called the Tinted Eye Brightener. I didn't know whether this would be good or not when buying it, but it turned out pretty nice. My undereye circles are still a bit visible but it is surely better than the Rimmel Wake me up concealer! It's consistency is more liquid compared to the Collection Lasting Perfection one, so it's easy to work with. I've been using it every day over this month and am pretty pleased,

Two other Bobbi Brown products I got are Long Wear Shadow sticks in the nude-kid of shade Sand Dune and the dark purple shade called Violet Plum. I absolutely love them and I've been using the lighter shade nearly every day because it just looks so pretty. These shadows also don't smudge, so you can't really blend them in, they are very well pigmented too. I've been using one of them in my latest Make-Up video!

And the last two products I've been using really often this month are darker lipsticks!
First, I've started using the Givenchy lipstick in Sensual Rose 12, which is a beautiful wine red colour, that I think suits my skin tone, hair and eyes pretty well, especially now in Autumn. I also love the elegant packaging of it, which just looks so different and pretty mysterious cause you can't really tell what shade to expect. This lipstick has been laying in my mum's make-up drawer for some time now and I tried it out last time and was so in love. And my mum said that this shade suits me so much more than pink ones and she told me to keep it cause she wouldn't use it any way.

And the last product is my Too Faced Color Bomb lip pencil in shade Bigger Berry, which is also a beautiful Autumn-colour, but this time more of a purple one. I was using this in summer already and also liked it back then. The colour is quite buildable and also glossy, not matte. It does stay on for much longer than the Givenchy lipstick actually, which makes it even a bit better. 



Thursday, 24 September 2015

My Autumn Make-Up Video

I finally got to film a new make-up video/tutorial and I think it turned out pretty nice.

I wanted to film this update make-up routine for you because maybe you're asking yourself sometimes when checking my blog pictures or even watching my latest vlogs, what I use on my lips or eyes or wahetever.
So, you should watch the video below now and I'll let you know below about the products I've used, if you're interested in them.

Benefit Porefessional Primer
Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener ( Bisque 3 )
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer ( Ivory 001 )
Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder ( Beige Claire 53 )
Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzer ( 52 )
Sleek Blush ( Rose Gold )
Wibo Diamond Illuminator Highlighter

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick ( Sand Dune )
Urban Decay Naked On The Run Glittery Shadow ( Dive )
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil ( Brown )
Rimmel Scandaleyes Gel Liner ( 001 Black )
Rimmel Scandaleyes LycraFlex Mascara
BeautyUK High Brow Kit (medium shadow )

Too Faced Color Bomb ( Bigger Berry )

Real Techniques Contour Brush
Eco Tools Powder Brush
Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Real Techniques Definer Brush
Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush

Make sure to leave any blog/ video ideas down below in the comments and I hope you enjoyed this video! ( Also, please like it, if you did like it! :D )



Monday, 21 September 2015

My OOTD: Autumn Patterns

Today in the morning I went to some shops and it was so sunny and pretty warm, with a bit of fresh air, but on my way home in the afternoon the sky got so grey that I was sure the rain was about to pour down. But it didn't and now it is nice again. My outfit turned out to be good for the weather because I didn't freeze nor sweat, which is great.
PS: Today is not my best day for taking good pictures. I hope you forgive me.

This was my outfit when I first left the house today:
tartan flannel-like shirt - Esprit
black top - H&M
skinny jeans - H&M
messenger bag - Superdry
shoes - VANS

 And when I left the house the second time today, I took this bag.
leopard tote - FOSSIL

I also wore my Love Moschino sunglasses because of the bright sun in the morning.
I like them so much and they are by far the nicest sunglasses I've ever had!
sunglasses - Love Moschino

I hope you all had a good start into the week and I am also very sad for not posting anything lately.
Please let me know what kind of entries you'd like to see on this blog :)

Also, please check out my latest vlog which you can find HERE!



Wednesday, 16 September 2015

My OOTD: High Waisted Jeans and Crops

Today I wore this outfit, which turned out to be a bit too much once the sun came out and it got really hot. I still liked it though and it just a simple go-to look, I think.

see through floral crop blouse - Miss Selfridge
black crop top - Primark
high waisted skinny jeans - Topshop
leather ballet flats - Lasocki
leopard tote - FOSSIL

I finally got a pair of jeans that fits me perfectly and I am so happy! However, I had to first make them a bit more fitted once I got them- but I did it and now I absolutely love those jeans! What do you think about the fit??

The shoes and bag are just the same as yesterday but I thought they'd be the best to match the outfit.
 (check here)

I like this outfit a lot and hope that I'll get my hands on a really thick black cardigan that will be good enough to wear with everything ( also this outfit!) once it cools down.

Have a nice day everyone and don't forget to let me know what you think about today's OOTD!



Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My OOTD: Velvet Skirt And Leo-Bag

It was pretty warm today and I decided not to wear tights and also to wear this skirt. I am absolutely in love with it because it just fits perfectly! It is made of 98% cotton and it is just so soft and velvety!
It is also in a beautiful dark purple colour and has two pockets in the front but none in the back.
I was thinking of doing this post another day but my dear Koko requested it so I had to do it now :D

Those photos are not great because of the light, but you get an idea of the look :)

dust pink blouse - H&M
purple fitted skirt - Moschino
leather ballet flats - Lasocki
leopard tote - FOSSIL
lipstick - AVON

A cheeky selfie :)

Another selfie...

As you can tell the skirt is pretty fitted and I often have a problem with high waisted skirts because I have a pretty slim waist.

I got those shoes back in April as my Birthday gift, but never really got to wear them this summer.

And my make-up was the usual one, I only added the AVON lipstick in shade Wine With Everything. And my lashes are really long today, which looks a bit creepy.

Hope you liked this outfit, let me know what you think about it!



Monday, 14 September 2015

Summer Empties ( Face, Hair, Teeth & Body)

Today I'm back with an Empties- post because I just realised how many things I've hoarded over the last weeks. Let's just start and try to keep the post as short as possible.

I've used a shoe box for now instead of a bag because I find it more handy.

I've used up this big 700ml bottle of my favourite Pantene Pro-V 2in1 Smooth&Sleek shampoo that works just simply the best. I've been writing about this product so many times that I guess you probably all already know it. It makes my thick hair look and feel clean, which not all shampoos do. It also doesn't make it tangled or frizzy or anything - it just does what I want.

Next we have two L'Biotica Biovax hair masks that I've bought at the seaside back in July. I like to use a hair mask once a week when I've got the time, but those are just miracles! My hair is so soft and silky and full and it looks just so perfect! I think I only have one more left at this moment and definitelty need to stock up during my next stay in Poland.

Then I also used up two conditioners/ masks from the L'Oreal Elseve range. They are supposed to instantly repair your hair and again I really liked what this product did to my hair because it looked healthy and smelled so pretty!

I've have the MyFace mattifying sheets for ages and only had a few left during Summer, I didn't use them too often but on days when my skin gets oily all the time and I don't want to wipe off the sebum to not ruin my makeup, they are just so handy and you can put them in your bag/purse because they just don't use up any space at all, and they help! I also believe that they were pretty cheap compared to other ones I've seen. ( This is a brand you get in German drug stores btw.)

When my mum visited me in July she brought me two packs of the Bebe young care face cleansing wipes, which I am pretty sure are the same as the blue Johnson's face wipes ( I haven't tried them thoiugh). I like using the wipes when I'm just too tired to use cotton pads and micellar water and so on. However, after some weeks of using them I realised that they made my skin very oily and I stopped using those and instead started using my Bourjois Micellar Water for waterproof make-up, which is great! Those wipes are also pretty expensive, so it's good to buy them on promotion!

I really love those purple Superfruits Exfoliating Masks from Superdrugs because they are so cheap and smell great and do cleanse my face well, leaving my skin soft and glowy, with no black heads or dry skin patches. I have one left now and will probably need to tell Eryk to send me some more over.

The next face product is a nose strip from a Polish brand called Marion and I only used it two days ago and I have to say that I am disappointed. I've tried German ones about 1,5 years ago or so and wasn't too impressed at first but there were 3 in the pack and the two last ones worked really great! This strip didn't really remove many blackheads from my pores, especially on the sides. My nose tip was looking cleaner but the rest looked just like it did before using this strip, which means that I won't repurchase it.

I got this toothpaste in Vienna because here it costs around 2 Euros, whereas it costs 6 pounds in the UK?! I was a bit sceptical about it but it actually did make my teeth a bit whiter and since I have naturally pretty yellow teeth I was happy to have tried this paste out. I've tried a Beverly Hills Formula one and it made my teeth sore after only three times of using it I think. With this tooth paste I didn't get that problem and so I got a second one, which was a tiny bit different but also worked well.

I sadly used up my tiny can of Sure Bright Bouquet deodorant, which smells of strawberries and apricot. I absolutely love the summery scent and I've already seen it in Vienna, so I'm pretty sure I'll get it once my current deodorant gets empty. I still can't believe it only costed me 97p at ASDA! It's nearly 2 Euros over here!

I have two empty shower gels- the AVON naturals one, which I emptied today after swimming and the Palmolive Mediterranean Moments that sadly got emptied already in Poland. The AVON one smells of guava and strawberry, which is a rather strange smell for a shower gel I'd say, It is fruity but then again it is a pretty "heavy" scent because of the guava. It wasn't my favourite if I'm honest but I know that AVON do have lots of amazing scents that I would totally love to try out!

The Palmolive shower gel smells of apricot and strawberry AND THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. I was using it only occasionally at first because I didn't want to empty it since I'm sure it's only a summer edition? But now it is all gone and I definitely need to find myself a new one because I just fell in love with it instantly. And again, I got it at ASDA for less than a pound, which is just crazy!

And the last product for today is my old Joanna Naturia body scrub. It smells like fresh strawberries and has actually pretty harsh grains that are maybe not the best for sensitive skin, but it's really handy for summer when you're going away on holidays and want to make sure you tan better and also keep your tan for longer. I've had many of those in my teenage years because they are really cheap and they work nicely, there are so many different scents too and you also get them all as shower gels, which is also a cool thing if you want to use a shower gel and then matching scrub too!

Let me know if you know any of those products, if you liked or disliked them and so on.
Also, make sure to check out my last vlog which was pretty funny ( when my friend and I tried to bake.). VLOG 



Friday, 11 September 2015

A Cosy September Evening

Summer becomes more and more a happy memory and autumn is coming faster than expected. It was super hot and then it suddenly cooled down pretty much, which shocked me a bit. I've heard that next week will be a warmer one again but after that I think autumn will really start.
On some of those days I felt like just sitting in bed all day long, wrapped up in a cosy blanket, staying warm and happy.
Today I wanted to tell you quickly what I like to do on rainy, chilly days, when I really don't want to leave the house, or when I don't have anything better to do than just staying in my room.

The most important part of cosy autumn evenings is probably a good cup of tea for me. Being in chilly Scotland for a year, I used to drink SO much tea! I drank from 5 to 6 cups at least throughout the day and I was pretty much addicted to it. It kept me warm and hydrated, I preferred to drink my favourite Twinings Earl Grey, to eating unnecessary snacks.
I could seriously only drink tea, at any time really.

To make the space around me cosy I like to either light some fragranced candles or let my Yankee candle melts...melt. The smell makes me feel calm and happy, it also gives the room such a beautiful feeling of warmth. If just the hot tea and burning candles are not enough. I make sure to wrap myself up in my fleecy blanket, which I just love! I always have it in my bed. And if course, warm socks are a must too!

After some time of sitting in my cosy bed I will feel to need to eat something sweet so I make sure there is always a snack in my room. What I love especially during the autumn/winter time is nougat, I can't even express how much I love the taste of it! Apart from that I am more of a jelly person than a chocolate person, even though I also have times where chocolate is a must!

I would get really bored from just sitting around without doing anything, so I like to grab myself a book or some crosswords and just do some reading and thinking. Reading and thinking for school is obviously not the same thing like relaxing reading!

I am definitely a summer person and love the hot sun and air, being able to go outside, to do exciting things whenever I feel like it. I really don't like the depriving grey skies and clouds, heavy rain or stormy weather- especially when I actually HAVE to leave the house. I am also very sensitive when it comes to weather and health - my joints and head are very sore and I am just tired without a reason.

What are your ideas for a cosy evening in? Do you like autumn? Let me know!



Monday, 7 September 2015

August's Beauty Favourites

I can't believe that the first week of September is already over and Summer is pretty much gone now. I felt like doing an August Favourite's post on beauty but didn't get to do it until now, so I hope you won't be too confused since it's a biiit late for that Maybe you'll find it my reviews helpful though. :)

As you can see, I've collected a few things that I kept using over and over again during the Summer months, and especially during August.

Starting with the first product top left: It's my beautyuk eyebrow kit which I got ages ago and used occasionally in the beginning. With time however, it got a product I've been using about twice a week or so. I have pretty weird eyebrows because the first half of them gets really out of control and then the second part kind of never grows. So my second half of brows is very thin and looks really bad - like 90's eyebrows you could say. Now over Summer, I feel like that thin part got a bit lighter because of all the sunshine and now I really have to fill them in/ draw them on all the time to look normal. For months it was pretty difficult for me to create a nice shape with the kit but now it doesn't take me long to use it in the morning. I like how it has three different shades in the kit, because I do tend to use all of them on different parts of my brows. I hardly ever use the wax though. The kit is also very handy for traveling since it does have a tiny tweezer in it too.

Speaking about hair, the castor oil next to the brow kit is what I use on my lashes to make them grow faster, stronger and much longer than they do naturally. I should try and use it on my eyebrows too, maybe it would help. I got this little bottle in a Polish pharmacy for some pennies and it is so easy to use! I apply the oil every evening, after removing my make-up, to my top lashline with a cotton bud and just leave it on because it will soak in until the next morning. After doing this for about 10 days you can already see that your lashes are longer and you don't even need expensive mascara anymore. The only problem with it is that you have to use it all the time, otherwise your lashes will start growing shorter again.

When in Poland, my dad saw this Bourjois Special Waterproof Micellar Water, and I was like: Oh yes, I'm getting it. Not only was it really affordable, but the bottle with the little "pearl" on top looks so cute and since I'm using waterproof eyeliner all the time I thought it would be a great product to have. And oh how good it is! I am in love with it and currently only use this micellar water to remove all my make-up at night. I still haven't used up most of it and already told my friend to buy me another bottle. I really recommend this because after trying out the Garnier Micellar Water I was just disappointed and thought I'd never find anything affordable. ( Bioderma is not really cheap, right?)

Next we have my Rimmel Scandaleyes Gel Eyeliner that I bought during our holidays by the lake back in July and from that time I've been using it constantly, even though I was a bit sceptical at first because of the brush that comes with it. I've heard many girls complaining about them but I actually like using it and my eyeliner looks pretty in most cases, so I am really happy with that purchase I must say. The pigmentation is really great, it's not too hard and not too liquid, I find it really easy to work with and it's probably my favourite eyeliner so far!

I got a Wibo highlighter in a drugstore in Poland and again, it's so cheap but so good with a really nive pigmentation, it is really shimmery and I like using it in the inner corners of my eyes because I like how they look with nice winged eyeliner and bright corners that just open up my eyes a bit. Again, I've been using it over the last few weeks constantly and really got to like this product.

I "stole" a Batiste dry shampoo from Karina and Paige when they left Poland and I love it so much I wish I could get it here but I'm sure I won't find it anywhere in Vienna. It's from a pretty new range called Eden, which smells of honeysuckle and sugar melon and it's just such a nice summery scent. I like to freshen up my hair a bit instead of washing it if I don't really have to. The smell is amazing even afte a long time and I hate the smell of greasy hair, so this is so helpful! And even though dry shampoo doesn't work that well on my hair, I'm still always happy to have one can at home just in case.

Recently my skin got really bad because of the terrible heat, we think. I got tiny bumps on my forehead and temples, which drive me crazy because you can't squeeze them, but I feel them when I touch my skin and they are pretty visible if I don't cover them up and at the moment I don't have a matching concealer, so I've been using my mum's foundation, which is the Max Factor Soft Resistant Make Up in shade 3 Naturel. It has a light coverage, light consistency, doesn't make my skin look overloaded and just generally looks very natural/ invisible. My spot situation looks a bit better with it on top without putting too much "weight" on my face - which is great!

To exfoliate my face and to just freshen it up I use my Neutrogena pore&shine daily scrub, which not only smells amazing, but also cleanses my face very well. I tend to have blackheads and around spots my skin gets dry and flaky, and the scrub removes all of that stuff within seconds! I'm sure it's by far the best scrub I've used so far and I've used many drugstore scrubs already. I've also seen it in drugstores here so I don't need to worry about not being able to repurchase it once I'll empty this one.

And the last product for today is the Avene Thermal water that I've had for ages somewhere in my beauty stuff but never used it until the really hot days came. I wanted to tan a lot but my face was sweating and just felt disgusting, it was burning sometimes, it got red but never actually burnt. And to soothe my face I started using this. A spritz of it feels so refreshing and cool, so that using it by the pool, seaside or just in the garden in the terrible heat felt amazing! I think that little 50 ml can costs around 5 Euros and you can get it in pharmacies, and I think it can be such a lifesaver in summer if you have a sensitive face.

And that was all of the products I wanted to share with you, I hope you liked this post and let me know if you have some of those products or you'd like to get one. :)

I'd also be happy if you checked out my latest vlog, which was actually a pretty cool one I think: VLOG.



Saturday, 5 September 2015

My OOTD: Day In Town With The Family

My dad is in Poland over the weekend so it's only ,my mum, brother and me at home for now. Since Noah starts school on Monday we thought it would be nice to go for a nice walk together before all the stress begins. I'm sure once school and uni starts for us, it will be pretty difficult to arrange something nice with the whole family.
We also met up with my mum's best friend and her daughter and went for some lunch and as I said before, I walk around the busy city centre and some shops too.
It's pretty cool and windy today and it also started raining a bit so then we knew it was time to go home and spend a cosy afternoon in. Also, me and my mum were both wearing heels and our feet got so sore that we were happy to be on our way home. I actually had to take off the shoes near the area we live and walk home barefoot. Amazing.

terracotta vest - Forever21
long blouse with horse print - H&M
thin belt - Primark
black skinny jeans - Bershka
black faux leather jacket - Pimkie
black platform heels - TkMaxx
leather bag - FOSSIL

Don't forget to watch my latest vlog which is already up on my channel!



Thursday, 3 September 2015

Back After A Year | Impressions

While being in Scotland for a year, living in Vienna has changed for me. Sometimes I walk out of the house and am confused about how to do something  - even if it's something I've been doing on a daily basis throughout my whole life.
I thought I'd give you some examples to show you how different those two cities are and to let you know what I prefer. This is a long post with lots to read, so better grab yourself a cup of tea! :)

Public transport is probably the first topic I can think of when I get asked about how life is like in the UK. I have to say that I was pretty annoyed with the system in Edinburgh. It's true that there are so many different bus services and there's even a tram( that only has one route), but that was still a letdown for me. Going to College took me usually about 40 to 50 minutes because I had to take two buses and they only come every 10 minutes if not even later at some points. Going back home was even worse because of the traffic - I was usually home in about an hour and 10 minutes.
Also, waiting for the buses was torture at times because the shelters are not really thought through and since it's INCREDIBLY windy there, you can't even hide properly to not get too cold or wet when it's raining.
People also queue to get on the bus and everyone has to show their buspass to the driver (there's only one entrance!), which makes the whole getting-on-and-off-process so long! Sometimes it drove me crazy!
Here in Vienna, I am happy to have all the different underground trains, trams, fast trains and buses. You can literally get everywhere within minutes! No matter how busy it is, and let's not forget how big Vienna is compared to Edinburgh and how many people live here. This is a huge plus because I don't need to get up 2 hours before work/school to get there on time.

In Edinburgh I felt really good at first, but once winter came I began being ill very often - you could even say I was ill constantly. For that reason I visited the GP so many times throughout that year- I can't even remember seeing the doctor so often here in a year!
And the worst thing about it is that you always have to make appointments. At times I was already so sad that nobody could check on me that it made my cry. I felt terrible and really wanted some help and all I heard was that there are no appointments left for the whole day and often I even heard the same thing the next day too. How is it possible to call in at the time the practice opens, just to hear that all appointments are already booked? I will never understand.
Going to your GP in Vienna is easy- you just go whenever the practice is open. It's good to get there as soon as it opens because you won't need to wait for too long, but you will always see the doctor without making an appointment before and this is great.
Another aspect of health is medicine. In the UK it seems to me that people don't get that ill. Usually they only get bugs or a cold and then they get well again after a few days. From what I know about Austria and Poland, people do get all possible illnesses that are really uncool and they have to take antibiotics, and will get well within a week or two.
So, I figured out that doctors in the UK prefer prescribing you Paracetamol or Ibuprofen only, and hope that you'll be fine. I had tonsillitis for basically three weeks and went to the GP every week because it only got worse and worse, and then finally after two weeks I got antibiotics!
A good thing there is that you don't need to pay for any kind of medicine when you got it prescribed.
In Vienna you do need to pay about 5 Euros for a prescription - which still is alright, but I preferred the UK system.
In Edinburgh I had an amazing dentist ( and I have a terrible phobia, so I was so happy there) and I decided to make sure all my teeth are healthy. Ater every visit I had to make another appointment for a check up in 6 months. A few days ago I went to a doctor here and then I asked if I already have to make an appointment for the next check up next year and she was like "Um, no. Just a few weeks before the year goes to an end". And then I remembered again that Austria is not that much about appointments and felt a bit dumb.

I am used to many people because I live in a pretty big capital, with people from around the world and also tourists from everywhere. When it comes to groups of people that you see very often in Vienna, I'd say there are many people from the Balkan or Turkey and those areas. In Edinburgh though, I felt like Polish people where literally everywhere! Apart from them there are also many Indian and Pakistani people. Also, in Austrian supermarkets you can find Chinese or Turkish food for example, whereas in British supermarkets you find all possible Polish products. I am not trying to offend any culture here, it's just something I realised when comparing living in both cities and I think this is just interesting.
People in the UK in general are also more happy, friendly and helpful. Strangers will smile at you and even start random conversations. I remember when Eryk smiled at a woman in Vienna and he was confused why she didn't smile back. But here people are more like "Do I know him/her? What's wrong with that person?" Eryk probably seemed a bit dodgy to that woman without a reason really.
At work we were basically forced to speak to customers at the tills because either they'd start talking or you had to ask them how they are. Customers would even say "How are you doll? Thank you love" and such things. And I felt so strange because at first I couldn't really tell if men were being flirty or just kind. Here cashiers don't talk to you. They only tell you how much you pay and you're done.

I never actually needed to sort out any documents for myself because my mum would look after such things, and then when I moved out I had to do everything on my own. Basically without any help. My mum would tell me what to do but she wouldn't understand that everything is different in Edinburgh. I still have no idea how to get a normal insurance in the UK- I only got an Insurance number and I don't even know what it is for, I'm pretty sure it's not an insurance already...
When I had to sort out things like the Insurance number, getting a phone, setting up a bank account, having problems with my bank account or my phone - everything I got told to do was to call them! When I wanted some information about the Uni, I couldn't just go there and speak to someone, I was told to call in. I also never got to fill in difficult forms that are 200 pages long. And over here, I see my mum always filling in so many forms, writing letters and going to all different places to get something done. I hardly ever see her sort something out through the phone.
Being here already worries me because I am not sure if I'll understand all those things and if I'll do everything right because it seems to be so complicated.

This is weird, but I am so surprised myself so I wanted to include this too.
First of all- it is nearly always cold in Edinburgh, and it is always so windy! It doesn't rain as often as I thought it would though, but there's less sunshine than I thought. But now, imagine being in town when it starts to rain and you want to use your umbrella but you just can't because of the hurricane-like wind. Great, isn't it? Sometimes I would come to work soaking wet and I couldn't even change my clothes or anything.
And even though it is always cold I would still go out and explore or do the shopping even though I would freeze so much I'd like to cry.
I'm basically used to warm temperatures and I already missed hot weather so I was more than happy to come home and get to feel a very hot summer this year. And now that it's been a bit rainy over the last two days I'm like trapped at home because I think to myself "Oh my god it's only 16 degrees outside, it's so cold and cloudy and rainy" Well. Some months ago this was my everyday-life and I still left the house without complaining.
The Scottish winter was amazing to me because we never really had temperatures below 0 degrees and it wasn't snowing too much either. So even in December I'd wear dresses with tights and my furry coat and be perfectly fine. Now that summer is coming to an end and winter will be coming soon, I am terrified about the temperatures in Vienna. It may not be that terribly cold but I will still hate it most likely.
What I absolutely miss now is that the days are so bright for so long in Edinburgh. I think it's because it's so high in the North. During summer it is still bright outside at 10 pm - I'm not even exaggerating! And even at night when I woke up, I couldn't really tell if it was still bright or already bright. And the brignth orange/pink/red sunsets are just BEAAUTIFULLL!I absolutely loved those "longer" days because here it is pitch black at 8 and I feel like it's so late that the only thing I can do at that time is going to bed. I also used to pick up Eryk from work at 10 or 11 at night and I was never scared and here I'm like "nope, definitely not" when I think of going out alone at night.

UK: People often start work at the age 16, whereas in Vienna I never saw my friends work at that age! My first job was the one in Edinburgh and when I told the managers, they were shocked.
UK: When I was ill I didn't get paid for the hours I didn't work, which to my mum was strange because apparently in Austria you do get paid when you're sick.
UK: Every flat/house has its walls painted in the exact same colour- it's called Magnolia. And then you also always get old, disgusting carpet floors. As if laminate flooring wasn't easier to keep tidy and good looking? In Vienna you usually see white walls and wooden floors.
UK: A very cool thing is that in Edinburgh you mostly get detached/semi detached houses instead of tall blocks of flats, which means that most likely you have a garden and no loud neighbours everywhere around your flat.
UK: Supermarkets and drugstores seem to be usually very big and they have all the things you could possibly need. Drugstores in Vienna disappoint me a bit because they usually only have about 6 brands of make-up.
UK: You don't need to get your mail from a mail box outside your house/flat - you get it delivered to your home, which is great!
UK: I love self-checkouts in shops! Please bring them to Vienna!

For now I can't really think of anything else that might be interesting, but I'd love to answer all your questions so feel free to ask whatever you'd like and I'll try to answer them in a video ( if you'd like) - Just make sure to ask enough ;)