Monday, 7 September 2015

August's Beauty Favourites

I can't believe that the first week of September is already over and Summer is pretty much gone now. I felt like doing an August Favourite's post on beauty but didn't get to do it until now, so I hope you won't be too confused since it's a biiit late for that Maybe you'll find it my reviews helpful though. :)

As you can see, I've collected a few things that I kept using over and over again during the Summer months, and especially during August.

Starting with the first product top left: It's my beautyuk eyebrow kit which I got ages ago and used occasionally in the beginning. With time however, it got a product I've been using about twice a week or so. I have pretty weird eyebrows because the first half of them gets really out of control and then the second part kind of never grows. So my second half of brows is very thin and looks really bad - like 90's eyebrows you could say. Now over Summer, I feel like that thin part got a bit lighter because of all the sunshine and now I really have to fill them in/ draw them on all the time to look normal. For months it was pretty difficult for me to create a nice shape with the kit but now it doesn't take me long to use it in the morning. I like how it has three different shades in the kit, because I do tend to use all of them on different parts of my brows. I hardly ever use the wax though. The kit is also very handy for traveling since it does have a tiny tweezer in it too.

Speaking about hair, the castor oil next to the brow kit is what I use on my lashes to make them grow faster, stronger and much longer than they do naturally. I should try and use it on my eyebrows too, maybe it would help. I got this little bottle in a Polish pharmacy for some pennies and it is so easy to use! I apply the oil every evening, after removing my make-up, to my top lashline with a cotton bud and just leave it on because it will soak in until the next morning. After doing this for about 10 days you can already see that your lashes are longer and you don't even need expensive mascara anymore. The only problem with it is that you have to use it all the time, otherwise your lashes will start growing shorter again.

When in Poland, my dad saw this Bourjois Special Waterproof Micellar Water, and I was like: Oh yes, I'm getting it. Not only was it really affordable, but the bottle with the little "pearl" on top looks so cute and since I'm using waterproof eyeliner all the time I thought it would be a great product to have. And oh how good it is! I am in love with it and currently only use this micellar water to remove all my make-up at night. I still haven't used up most of it and already told my friend to buy me another bottle. I really recommend this because after trying out the Garnier Micellar Water I was just disappointed and thought I'd never find anything affordable. ( Bioderma is not really cheap, right?)

Next we have my Rimmel Scandaleyes Gel Eyeliner that I bought during our holidays by the lake back in July and from that time I've been using it constantly, even though I was a bit sceptical at first because of the brush that comes with it. I've heard many girls complaining about them but I actually like using it and my eyeliner looks pretty in most cases, so I am really happy with that purchase I must say. The pigmentation is really great, it's not too hard and not too liquid, I find it really easy to work with and it's probably my favourite eyeliner so far!

I got a Wibo highlighter in a drugstore in Poland and again, it's so cheap but so good with a really nive pigmentation, it is really shimmery and I like using it in the inner corners of my eyes because I like how they look with nice winged eyeliner and bright corners that just open up my eyes a bit. Again, I've been using it over the last few weeks constantly and really got to like this product.

I "stole" a Batiste dry shampoo from Karina and Paige when they left Poland and I love it so much I wish I could get it here but I'm sure I won't find it anywhere in Vienna. It's from a pretty new range called Eden, which smells of honeysuckle and sugar melon and it's just such a nice summery scent. I like to freshen up my hair a bit instead of washing it if I don't really have to. The smell is amazing even afte a long time and I hate the smell of greasy hair, so this is so helpful! And even though dry shampoo doesn't work that well on my hair, I'm still always happy to have one can at home just in case.

Recently my skin got really bad because of the terrible heat, we think. I got tiny bumps on my forehead and temples, which drive me crazy because you can't squeeze them, but I feel them when I touch my skin and they are pretty visible if I don't cover them up and at the moment I don't have a matching concealer, so I've been using my mum's foundation, which is the Max Factor Soft Resistant Make Up in shade 3 Naturel. It has a light coverage, light consistency, doesn't make my skin look overloaded and just generally looks very natural/ invisible. My spot situation looks a bit better with it on top without putting too much "weight" on my face - which is great!

To exfoliate my face and to just freshen it up I use my Neutrogena pore&shine daily scrub, which not only smells amazing, but also cleanses my face very well. I tend to have blackheads and around spots my skin gets dry and flaky, and the scrub removes all of that stuff within seconds! I'm sure it's by far the best scrub I've used so far and I've used many drugstore scrubs already. I've also seen it in drugstores here so I don't need to worry about not being able to repurchase it once I'll empty this one.

And the last product for today is the Avene Thermal water that I've had for ages somewhere in my beauty stuff but never used it until the really hot days came. I wanted to tan a lot but my face was sweating and just felt disgusting, it was burning sometimes, it got red but never actually burnt. And to soothe my face I started using this. A spritz of it feels so refreshing and cool, so that using it by the pool, seaside or just in the garden in the terrible heat felt amazing! I think that little 50 ml can costs around 5 Euros and you can get it in pharmacies, and I think it can be such a lifesaver in summer if you have a sensitive face.

And that was all of the products I wanted to share with you, I hope you liked this post and let me know if you have some of those products or you'd like to get one. :)

I'd also be happy if you checked out my latest vlog, which was actually a pretty cool one I think: VLOG.



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