Friday, 11 September 2015

A Cosy September Evening

Summer becomes more and more a happy memory and autumn is coming faster than expected. It was super hot and then it suddenly cooled down pretty much, which shocked me a bit. I've heard that next week will be a warmer one again but after that I think autumn will really start.
On some of those days I felt like just sitting in bed all day long, wrapped up in a cosy blanket, staying warm and happy.
Today I wanted to tell you quickly what I like to do on rainy, chilly days, when I really don't want to leave the house, or when I don't have anything better to do than just staying in my room.

The most important part of cosy autumn evenings is probably a good cup of tea for me. Being in chilly Scotland for a year, I used to drink SO much tea! I drank from 5 to 6 cups at least throughout the day and I was pretty much addicted to it. It kept me warm and hydrated, I preferred to drink my favourite Twinings Earl Grey, to eating unnecessary snacks.
I could seriously only drink tea, at any time really.

To make the space around me cosy I like to either light some fragranced candles or let my Yankee candle melts...melt. The smell makes me feel calm and happy, it also gives the room such a beautiful feeling of warmth. If just the hot tea and burning candles are not enough. I make sure to wrap myself up in my fleecy blanket, which I just love! I always have it in my bed. And if course, warm socks are a must too!

After some time of sitting in my cosy bed I will feel to need to eat something sweet so I make sure there is always a snack in my room. What I love especially during the autumn/winter time is nougat, I can't even express how much I love the taste of it! Apart from that I am more of a jelly person than a chocolate person, even though I also have times where chocolate is a must!

I would get really bored from just sitting around without doing anything, so I like to grab myself a book or some crosswords and just do some reading and thinking. Reading and thinking for school is obviously not the same thing like relaxing reading!

I am definitely a summer person and love the hot sun and air, being able to go outside, to do exciting things whenever I feel like it. I really don't like the depriving grey skies and clouds, heavy rain or stormy weather- especially when I actually HAVE to leave the house. I am also very sensitive when it comes to weather and health - my joints and head are very sore and I am just tired without a reason.

What are your ideas for a cosy evening in? Do you like autumn? Let me know!



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