Sunday, 31 August 2014

Beauty Favourites | August

It is the end of the month again and I collected some products I've been loving lately. All of them are new products, so this might be exciting!

The first product I grabbed today is the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection. It is a beautiful smelling spray that is supposed to make your hair smooth and easier to style. And of course to keep it safe from heat. At first I wasn't too sure about it because I've had a heat protector once before and it literally didn't do anything to my hair. But as I know that TRESemme is a good brand I went for it. And I am so glad I've bought it! I wash my hair using the TRESemme shampoo from the picture, then I use some conditioner either my older one that smells like cashmere and shea butter, or Glad Hair Day from Soap&Glory. Then I leave my hair in the towel for about an hour before I blow dry it. And before I blow dry it I just use a tiny bit of this spray on my ends and once my hair is dry it absolutely is not frizzy any more and it is so soft finally. It just looks really healthy and beautiful. If I however use too much of it, it will make my hair greasy quicker. 
But I already know what amount of it is great so I will totally continue using this spray.
It is an awesome product in my opinion.

The second thing is a face product. I left my face scrubs in Vienna so I needed a new one over here. I totally didn't know what to buy as I didn't want anything too expensive but effective. So I've found this and the smell just totally persuaded me to buy this scrub. The smell is just amazing, so refreshing! I use this once a day and if I don't forget, even a second time. I don't really have spots but I have loads of blackheads on my nose and I just hate them! And this product just removed them and my skin looks so much nicer. And I always use just a tiny bit of it so I think that I'll have this scrub for a long long time.
I"d totally recommend it because it really helped me!

I also always wanted a white nail polish for summer but I could never find one that would actually cover up nicely. And lately I've seen someone on Youtube or Instagram wearing a white nail polish from Barry M and it looked really pretty so I was looking for one everywhere until I found one. You need two to three layers, but then it looks really cute. I also think that this is going to look fine in winter, so snowy.
This nail polish was about 3 pounds so not too bad. And it is my second Barry M polish already.

Now this is a product I wasn't sure about again. I wasn't sure if it was a waste of money or if it was a cool, useful addition to my make-up bag. And in fact it turned out that it is useful, I use it every day. I actually use only the highlighter at the moment as I have the whole bronzer block as well which should be used too. I just apply the highlighter with an eye shadow brush underneath my eyebrows, in the inner corners of my eyes, on my cheeks and on my Cupid's bow. You can't really see it if there is no light shining on your face, but you can see he highlighted corners of your eyes, which looks very pretty in my opinion.
And this highlighter is also very pigmented I think, more than the bronzer itself! It has tiny shiny particles too but they do look pretty.

And the second hair product for today is my new shampoo from TRESemmee, Luxurious moisture. I always buy shampoos for thick or dry hair because I want to keep the ends pretty and I feel like it helps a bit at least. Now this shampoo I've been using already in Scotland many times and I was always so angry that I didn't have it in Vienna because my hair looked just amazing after using it. This, apart from Head&Shoulders, is the only shampoo that REALLY cleans my hair. Often shampoos look so nice and professional but they just leave my hair greasy and I need to wash them again the second day and that's not what I want to get my  hair used to. With this shampoo I now can wash my hair every third day again, just like I usually did and that is fine. When I dry my hair it is so voluminous, soft and so pretty.It really looks clean and healthy, and it also feels like that.
I am totally in love with this shampoo and won't be changing shampoo any time soon any more. This is the best shampoo for my hair and I am just too happy with it!

And that's the end already! These products are my recent new favourites and I hope that they will stay my favourites for a long time!


Saturday, 30 August 2014

First Real Day Of Work

Today I had my first day at work. This means that I had to wake up at 6:45 am and I worked from 7:40 am until 5:00 pm. It was a long day but it was quite fun! I thought it would be worse. The people are nice, most of them are about my age, which is really cool. The only bad thing about work is that working in a supermarket means staying in the cold areas for a long time. Longer than expected.
When I arrived in the morning I had to answer some questions about the work situation and things like that. This took me about an hour to complete and I was freezing already!
However, after that I could help a colleague with some tasks and I can say that she is really really kind and I enjoyed staying with her nearly all day long. Later on I also had some till training and two deliveries. I was told to put all the products on the shelves across the whole store and standing in the freezer area for about two hours made me look and feel like standing in the snow during a cold winter, somewhere on a field. My hands were burning red and I couldn't even bend my fingers properly any more. But when I had my lunch break I made myself a cup of tea, which really helped me.
After eight long hours I could finally do some quick shopping and go home and have another big cup of hot tea. Outside it actually wasn't really cold, it's just windy. I unpacked the groceries at home, had my cup of tea, fed Maya and went to see Eryk and also buy ferret food. Eryk's working until 10 pm today, so he still has two hours to go.
Then I took the bus back home and I cooked something to eat because I was really hungry already and I know that Eryk will be hungry too once he's returned from work in the late evening.
I was also talking to my mum and Noah on Skype for a while to tell them how my day was and so on.

Now Maya is playing around in our room and I should take a quick shower and wash my hair before it gets too late. Yesterday I wanted to go to bed at 11 pm but I just couldn't fall asleep and I was angry because of that. So today I need to go lay down as early as possible and of course manage to blow dry my hair first, because tomorrow is already my second day and I need to have enough energy to survive the day.

Ferret goes crazy!



Friday, 29 August 2014

Photobombing Ferret

I realised that I didn't show any pictures we took last time we went for a walk.
Eryk took his bike and for most of the time I was sitting on the bike while Eryk was pushing me along. This was fun, I wasn't exhausted, Eryk had bit of a workout, people were laughing.
Here I am, with a beautiful face expression

I totally adore this place!

Our fun times :D

Well, and now over to today's part.
Today I got up early again as Eryk went to college. Maya didn't want to stay in the cage any longer so I let her play in the bed while I was trying to relax a bit more. But soon I got up as well, got ready for the day and Maya was playing in the room all morning long. She has the lama, an empty bottle and a pair of socks to play with, and sometimes even my slippers. She's such a happy girl when she can just run around. She doesn't chew on wires or furniture, which is very very good and she always poops in her cage. So we are not scared of letting her out for an hour or so. You just need to be careful when walking around and stuff like that. When she realised that the room door was open she quickly ran outside and when I came to look after her she was just running around in our tiny hall. Then she walked down the stairs and checked out the living room a bit and then Eryk came home already so I put her back into the cage as Eryk made himself something to eat and I had to go to town.

The weather is ugly today and I wore a dress. It wasn't the best idea, but I survived. It is raining and very windy. So I thought of buying myself a rain coat. And some time ago I saw a parka-in-a-pocket in Primark and thought that this was great! Today I saw soo many girls wearing these, that I thought it was worth buying one myself too. So I went to Primark and got one, but didn't wear it today.
It is a very thin parka, quite long and waterproof, with a hood and a strap around your waist to adjust the width of it. There are different prints and sizes as well. You can also roll up the sleeves and secure them with a button. And the best thing about it is that you can roll it up and stuff it into one of its pockets so that you have a parka-in-a-pocket wherever you want it!
Can you see that cheeky ferret there?

And here again?

And here!

I think this is great for the UK as weather changes here very quickly and I am not a fan of carrying around jackets in the heat and am hoping that this will be a great solution.

Another cool thing is that in Boots you can now swap your old eye liner (JUST ANY EYE LINER YOU HAVE! ANY!) to a new Mini version of the Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner for free! I was curious about the liner and wouldn't buy myself one for about 18 pounds I think to later find out that I totally hate it maybe. So I took my old eye liner from Golden Rose, that I was barely using any ways, and got a baby Benefit one to try it out. This offer is valid in every Boots in the UK that has a Benefit counter, for the next 2 weeks.

You have to squeeze the silicon part until the gel liner comes out from the tip. I was actually surprised about how little of the product you need to draw a line! Of course this liner won't last for a long time but if you have an empty eye liner at home and want to try a new one for free, why not?

And here you have a cute cuddles picture of me and my baby Maya, who tried to get into every picture. Now she's posing for you!

PS: Tomorrow I will be at work from 8 until 5, so a post will be up later again, same thing on Sunday again, I'm sorry for that!

PPS: Check out my boyfriend's blog! He just started writing short updates about what he's learning in College and so on! 


Thursday, 28 August 2014

What I Ate Today

Someone asked me last time to write a post about what I eat during the whole day.
This is a very difficult topic to write about as I can't really say how much I eat on a daily basis. It depends on how I feel, what my plans for the day are and so on.
I also don't have regular meal times. For example today I had breakfast at 11 and the next thing I ate was at 5:30.
When I still lived in Vienna I always had breakfast at about 7 in the morning during the week, then something more to eat at school at about 9 or 10. Later I had lunch at home at about 3. And after that I ate many sweets, and fruits if we had any. Also, I didn't always have supper. And if I did, I just had a sandwich or a banana, yoghurt or something like that. When I got hungry after 11 pm, which was the time I always went to bed, I just went to bed and ate something the next morning.
And of course, I ate more sweets and crisps than healthy meals. It's just what I like more, and I know that it is not too good for me, but as long as I don't gain weight it is ok.

On holidays for example we have pizza every day. And a pack or two of crisps, many many sweets, food all the time, three meals a day and the snacks. This is why I always gain about 2 kilogrammes in Poland, but as soon as I am back in Vienna they disappear again (very good!).

Here in Scotland I decided to cook as often as possible for Eryk and myself. So I did. I cooked something every afternoon, something like pasta bakes, spaghetti, scalloped potatoes, rice with chicken breast fillets and sauce and more such things.
Now things changed again as I have college from Monday until Thursday from 1:30 until 4:00 in the afternoon. I eat less , I cook less and I prefer having snacks, sweets.

So this was an introduction to show that I really don't eat healthy, and now I'm going to tell you what I ate today and what I'll probably eat until the rest of the day.

This morning I got up at 7 when Eryk had to get up for college but I went back to bed and slept until 10. Then I got ready and went to Scotmid to buy bread and food for Maya. On my way back to the bus stop I went to the bakery and bought myself a cream apple turnover again. When I came home it was 11 and I had nearly all of the turnover. And I drank my favourite Volvic water. Normally I drink tea but today it was too hot for tea. Yesterday it was colder and I had 4 cups! After breakfast I cleaned the house, did the laundry and made my way to college. My lessons last for 2,5 hours every day and I do get hungry before the break, which is after 1,5 hours of the lesson. So I had 1 Fruittella, 2 Strawberry Mentos' and a small pack of strawberries covered in white chocolate.
When I came home I made myself a toastie with cheese, mayonnaise and ketchup as I was very hungry already and just needed a snack. Now Eryk's making me a nice cup of tea before I go to work to give the staff all my documents. My National Insurance Number just came in the post FINALLY!
I'll probably buy some snacks and maybe some fruits as well, just to keep our fridge full and I'll maybe cook some baby potatoes or make scalloped potatoes again as I really like them.
And in the evening I'll probably have another tea and some Starbursts and Shortbreads.

View from my French class room! <3

Maya is so grown up already!

I hope this post helped you imagine what I usually eat. :)

EDIT: This is what I ate in the evening: I cooked rice with cream and mushroom and onion sauce. It was delicious!



Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Being A Student And Partying

Yesterday it was Eryk's brothers birthday and we just sat downstairs together having some fun. I went to bed before 4 because I knew that I'd need to get up early and get ready for school.
So in the morning I got up while everyone else was still asleep and I washed my hair, got ready and so on. Then Eryk brought me to the bus stop and I was on my way to college again. This time I took the right bus and was even early. The weather is so beautiful summery today again that I sat outside the college and I waited for ten minutes for the course to start. Today I actually enjoyed Spanish as all we did was easy for me and I was happy. After two and a half hours of Spanish only I took the bus back home where I quickly cooked myself some lunch, dinner whatever, just a snack. Eryk wants to go outside somewhere as long as it is warm. I would love to go and I have to hurry up with this post , because maybe we will actually go. :)

Last night the sky looked so pretty!

For the ones who don't like drinking alcohol- this is probably the best thing to drink. It really doesn't taste like beer at all. But still, I didn't even drink all of it during the whole night.

I like my hair so much right now. It finally looks just as it should! I realised that I really need a strong shampoo like TRESemme and not ones like Garnier or Herbal Essences as these just leave my hair greasy and I have to wash it the next day again. And it is not voluminous at all. But with TRESemme my hair looks so healthy and full! I will totally keep using this shampoo for sure!

As I said before, the weather is beautiful today! Wearing one of my favourite outfits again; :)

And the bag is so full that I've lost control over the things inside. This is a real problem.

Compared to my last school this is one is a bit bigger. I have no idea how to get somewhere, I just know that both my courses are on the 4th floor. And sometimes I can even find the elevator, which is great!

Oh, and again a beautiful church!



Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Confused And Traumatised

Today Eryk went to college in the morning and I decided that I'd like to stay in bed for one more hour. It was so sunny that I opened the window to let the warm air in. But the air was freezing and I was shocked and knew that I'd be wearing a cardigan and my jeans jacket to college. I eventually got up and had some breakfast, cleaned the cage, did my make up and checked my bus route before leaving. At 12 Eryk wrote me that he's in his way home and I had to left so we didn't see each other for half of the day.
Well, so I hurried to the bus stop because I really didn't want to miss the bus as I knew that I'd need to go on another bus after 15 minutes and didn't want to waste any time, didn't want to be late.
Once I got off the first bus I was waiting for the second one and it said that this bus will be here in 20 minutes. This shocked me a lot because I'd probably be late then. However, there was a different bus that just arrived and I asked the bus driver whether he was going to the Sighthill Campus and he said yes, so I quickly took a seat and I felt relieved. This bus was surely not going to the campus I can tell you. The driver just passed the university and college and I thought that he was just having a different route. But soon I realised that this bus won't bring me to where I need to go. So I got off and went back the last three or even four stops until I was standing in front of the university again. I asked a lady about the next bus stop for the right bus and she showed it to me so I ran over there. It turned out that this was the bus to the wrong direction and I asked a young lady if she could help me so she said that I could walk there so I did. I had 15 minutes left until the course started, I couldn't breath anymore, it was hot, I was angry and scared. I saw a woman wearing a jumper with the College logo walking to a bus stop so I followed her and finally knew where I was. The bus was actually due and I decided to wait a minute for it and this one finally took me to the Campus. Once I arrived there I had to find the class and I couldn't find the elevator so I ran upstairs, four floors, which is a total torture to me, and at first I couldn't find my class there. I was so confused already! But soon I found the class, knocked on the door and asked if this was the right classroom and it was. All the people there were doing something and a guy told me to sit down and I thought he was the teacher, but it turned out that the tutor was still in a different course and would be with us in 5 minutes. This means that I wasn't late, but traumatised and really confused, exhausted and hot. But I made it!

The tutor turned out to be a really nice and fun, young guy. We got all the important information about the course and had to write down some things about ourselves that we had to read out to the class later on. I got to know two girls that are nice and I hope that this course is really going to be a good choice.

After that we could go home and I could finally eat my Polish strawberry dumplings we've bought the other day. :)

I swear, this is gonna be my favourite jam ever!

Princess breakfast!

Can you tell I'm obsessed with Twinings tea?

These are all the products I've used to do today's make-up :)

I wore the same blouse as yesterday, but just with my Dorothy Perkins jeggings and my black Vans. I also added a slim belt.

<3 Too good!

And also, my bag started looking like a typical school bag again!