Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Being A Student And Partying

Yesterday it was Eryk's brothers birthday and we just sat downstairs together having some fun. I went to bed before 4 because I knew that I'd need to get up early and get ready for school.
So in the morning I got up while everyone else was still asleep and I washed my hair, got ready and so on. Then Eryk brought me to the bus stop and I was on my way to college again. This time I took the right bus and was even early. The weather is so beautiful summery today again that I sat outside the college and I waited for ten minutes for the course to start. Today I actually enjoyed Spanish as all we did was easy for me and I was happy. After two and a half hours of Spanish only I took the bus back home where I quickly cooked myself some lunch, dinner whatever, just a snack. Eryk wants to go outside somewhere as long as it is warm. I would love to go and I have to hurry up with this post , because maybe we will actually go. :)

Last night the sky looked so pretty!

For the ones who don't like drinking alcohol- this is probably the best thing to drink. It really doesn't taste like beer at all. But still, I didn't even drink all of it during the whole night.

I like my hair so much right now. It finally looks just as it should! I realised that I really need a strong shampoo like TRESemme and not ones like Garnier or Herbal Essences as these just leave my hair greasy and I have to wash it the next day again. And it is not voluminous at all. But with TRESemme my hair looks so healthy and full! I will totally keep using this shampoo for sure!

As I said before, the weather is beautiful today! Wearing one of my favourite outfits again; :)

And the bag is so full that I've lost control over the things inside. This is a real problem.

Compared to my last school this is one is a bit bigger. I have no idea how to get somewhere, I just know that both my courses are on the 4th floor. And sometimes I can even find the elevator, which is great!

Oh, and again a beautiful church!




  1. How long will you be going to the college ?

    1. One year only if I get into Uni next year