Thursday, 21 August 2014

Cutest Baby Ferret And Cooking Skills

Today I woke up and it was raining nearly all day long. Eryk and I stayed at home and all we did was being lazy, eating snacks, playing with Maya, playing games and instagramming. In the afternoon I decided to cook something and all I did was just a tasty cheese and bacon pasta bake. It is such a simple, quick meal, but so tasty at the same time! My belly is still so full that I can't move too much. Now Eryk is at work for the next four hours and I will spend another lonely, lazy evening in front of the computer watching some series and eating crisps.

At least I finally managed to revise some French earlier today because in 5 days I will have my first day of my French course and I thin it would be better if I'm going to be prepared well. Also, tomorrow I am going to revise some Spanish as this course starts in 4 days already. Oh dear, I will have four days of college a week and I will also need to work! Thank god the courses are only about 2 hours a day.

Look at this cutie pie! She's such a sleepyhead and when she's asleep, she's just so adorable!

Also, here are the ingredients for the pasta bake, very easy, very tasty. And sorry, we ate all of it before I managed to take a picture of it.

Today I am wearing my hair in a bun, but I still totally hate it because it just makes my head and hair look horrible. I don't know why it never works.

Oh, I love watching the clouds... And by the way, last night I saw an airplane landing and it was just amazing. You can actually see the airport from our house, but when I was on my way to pick up Eryk from work I just saw the airplane from such a short distance and I stopped and waited until it landed. Oh god was I excited. We should totally go to the airport and just watch airplanes. I totally love them.

And now that I have the computer for myself only, this is happening.

Have a nice evening everyone! :)