Saturday, 23 August 2014

Sightseeing And Snacking?

Today we again had to wake up at seven to be ready to leave the house at half past seven. We had to get something done in town and on our way back home we took a route I've never been before. I saw so many new areas, shops and buildings and I enjoyed it so much, even tough we were just sitting on our bus. When we then finally arrived in our house after about an hour we had small pizzas that we bought at Morrisons while waiting for our bus to come. Eryk had not much time as he had to leave for work soon. Then I quickly cleaned up after lunch and now I'm talking to my cousin on Skype. In the evening I'll pick up Eryk from work and again we need to go to be early to have lots of energy tomorrow.
Also, I should revise some Spanish later on as my course starts on Tuesday already!
I am totally in love with all the churches in Edinburgh. There are sooo many of them, there are even sometimes two standing next to each other! Wikipedia told me that there are 40 churches in Edinburgh, not sure, but there are definitely many!

Got some Stoats oat bars this morning. They look so cute and they taste nice, although I think that they might be a bit too sweet.

Found this cute shop as well! I think it just looks so adorable and so welcoming!

And I also love the historical buildings of Edinburgh, although I need to say that they are not the prettiest inside. But the architecture is amazing!

You can even see a tiny bit of the castle in the background! We had such a nice view from the bus today!



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