Friday, 29 August 2014

Photobombing Ferret

I realised that I didn't show any pictures we took last time we went for a walk.
Eryk took his bike and for most of the time I was sitting on the bike while Eryk was pushing me along. This was fun, I wasn't exhausted, Eryk had bit of a workout, people were laughing.
Here I am, with a beautiful face expression

I totally adore this place!

Our fun times :D

Well, and now over to today's part.
Today I got up early again as Eryk went to college. Maya didn't want to stay in the cage any longer so I let her play in the bed while I was trying to relax a bit more. But soon I got up as well, got ready for the day and Maya was playing in the room all morning long. She has the lama, an empty bottle and a pair of socks to play with, and sometimes even my slippers. She's such a happy girl when she can just run around. She doesn't chew on wires or furniture, which is very very good and she always poops in her cage. So we are not scared of letting her out for an hour or so. You just need to be careful when walking around and stuff like that. When she realised that the room door was open she quickly ran outside and when I came to look after her she was just running around in our tiny hall. Then she walked down the stairs and checked out the living room a bit and then Eryk came home already so I put her back into the cage as Eryk made himself something to eat and I had to go to town.

The weather is ugly today and I wore a dress. It wasn't the best idea, but I survived. It is raining and very windy. So I thought of buying myself a rain coat. And some time ago I saw a parka-in-a-pocket in Primark and thought that this was great! Today I saw soo many girls wearing these, that I thought it was worth buying one myself too. So I went to Primark and got one, but didn't wear it today.
It is a very thin parka, quite long and waterproof, with a hood and a strap around your waist to adjust the width of it. There are different prints and sizes as well. You can also roll up the sleeves and secure them with a button. And the best thing about it is that you can roll it up and stuff it into one of its pockets so that you have a parka-in-a-pocket wherever you want it!
Can you see that cheeky ferret there?

And here again?

And here!

I think this is great for the UK as weather changes here very quickly and I am not a fan of carrying around jackets in the heat and am hoping that this will be a great solution.

Another cool thing is that in Boots you can now swap your old eye liner (JUST ANY EYE LINER YOU HAVE! ANY!) to a new Mini version of the Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner for free! I was curious about the liner and wouldn't buy myself one for about 18 pounds I think to later find out that I totally hate it maybe. So I took my old eye liner from Golden Rose, that I was barely using any ways, and got a baby Benefit one to try it out. This offer is valid in every Boots in the UK that has a Benefit counter, for the next 2 weeks.

You have to squeeze the silicon part until the gel liner comes out from the tip. I was actually surprised about how little of the product you need to draw a line! Of course this liner won't last for a long time but if you have an empty eye liner at home and want to try a new one for free, why not?

And here you have a cute cuddles picture of me and my baby Maya, who tried to get into every picture. Now she's posing for you!

PS: Tomorrow I will be at work from 8 until 5, so a post will be up later again, same thing on Sunday again, I'm sorry for that!

PPS: Check out my boyfriend's blog! He just started writing short updates about what he's learning in College and so on! 


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