Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sunny Day In Town

Today Karina, her friend Paige and I went to town as the sun was shining although the wind is still terrible. Eryk needed to go to work at 1 anyways and he finishes at 10 so home alone I'd be bored a lot. In town we only went to Superdrug as the girls wanted to buy some make-up and I just bought myself a face scrub and a hair heat protectant (which will hopefully keep my hair in this beautiful estate they are just now).
Once we were done with the shopping we came home and Karina and Paige just tried out some really nice make-up and I am really jealous of their Sleek pallettes because I don't have one and they do. :(
Then we left and they took the bus to Paige's place and I visited Eryk at work as he had his one hour break and we just had a chat outside and we had a small snack and I somehow really enjoyed it, even though it was just a little thing. I think this is just what love consists of- little things.

Today I was actually happy because the weather was way better than it was over the last days. Of course it is evening already and it got chilly and it is still very windy, but at least we had some sunshine!

:) <3

Lips: Inglot, Eyelashes: Rimmel, Eyeliner: Golden Rose, Bronzer: Bourjois Delice de Poudre, Nailpolish: Barry M-Matte White


Fluffy cardigan: H&M, pink sweater: New Look, dungaree skirt: River Island, tights: Scotmid, slippers: ASDA ( wore my Vans though), watch: Swatch



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