Sunday, 31 August 2014

Beauty Favourites | August

It is the end of the month again and I collected some products I've been loving lately. All of them are new products, so this might be exciting!

The first product I grabbed today is the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection. It is a beautiful smelling spray that is supposed to make your hair smooth and easier to style. And of course to keep it safe from heat. At first I wasn't too sure about it because I've had a heat protector once before and it literally didn't do anything to my hair. But as I know that TRESemme is a good brand I went for it. And I am so glad I've bought it! I wash my hair using the TRESemme shampoo from the picture, then I use some conditioner either my older one that smells like cashmere and shea butter, or Glad Hair Day from Soap&Glory. Then I leave my hair in the towel for about an hour before I blow dry it. And before I blow dry it I just use a tiny bit of this spray on my ends and once my hair is dry it absolutely is not frizzy any more and it is so soft finally. It just looks really healthy and beautiful. If I however use too much of it, it will make my hair greasy quicker. 
But I already know what amount of it is great so I will totally continue using this spray.
It is an awesome product in my opinion.

The second thing is a face product. I left my face scrubs in Vienna so I needed a new one over here. I totally didn't know what to buy as I didn't want anything too expensive but effective. So I've found this and the smell just totally persuaded me to buy this scrub. The smell is just amazing, so refreshing! I use this once a day and if I don't forget, even a second time. I don't really have spots but I have loads of blackheads on my nose and I just hate them! And this product just removed them and my skin looks so much nicer. And I always use just a tiny bit of it so I think that I'll have this scrub for a long long time.
I"d totally recommend it because it really helped me!

I also always wanted a white nail polish for summer but I could never find one that would actually cover up nicely. And lately I've seen someone on Youtube or Instagram wearing a white nail polish from Barry M and it looked really pretty so I was looking for one everywhere until I found one. You need two to three layers, but then it looks really cute. I also think that this is going to look fine in winter, so snowy.
This nail polish was about 3 pounds so not too bad. And it is my second Barry M polish already.

Now this is a product I wasn't sure about again. I wasn't sure if it was a waste of money or if it was a cool, useful addition to my make-up bag. And in fact it turned out that it is useful, I use it every day. I actually use only the highlighter at the moment as I have the whole bronzer block as well which should be used too. I just apply the highlighter with an eye shadow brush underneath my eyebrows, in the inner corners of my eyes, on my cheeks and on my Cupid's bow. You can't really see it if there is no light shining on your face, but you can see he highlighted corners of your eyes, which looks very pretty in my opinion.
And this highlighter is also very pigmented I think, more than the bronzer itself! It has tiny shiny particles too but they do look pretty.

And the second hair product for today is my new shampoo from TRESemmee, Luxurious moisture. I always buy shampoos for thick or dry hair because I want to keep the ends pretty and I feel like it helps a bit at least. Now this shampoo I've been using already in Scotland many times and I was always so angry that I didn't have it in Vienna because my hair looked just amazing after using it. This, apart from Head&Shoulders, is the only shampoo that REALLY cleans my hair. Often shampoos look so nice and professional but they just leave my hair greasy and I need to wash them again the second day and that's not what I want to get my  hair used to. With this shampoo I now can wash my hair every third day again, just like I usually did and that is fine. When I dry my hair it is so voluminous, soft and so pretty.It really looks clean and healthy, and it also feels like that.
I am totally in love with this shampoo and won't be changing shampoo any time soon any more. This is the best shampoo for my hair and I am just too happy with it!

And that's the end already! These products are my recent new favourites and I hope that they will stay my favourites for a long time!


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