Monday, 18 August 2014

Breakfast On The Go And Mini Haul

Today Eryk and I needed to wake up early as his new college course started. He chose Software Development as he enjoys these kind of things. We got ready and we soon realised that missing the second bus wouldn't be too good as Eryk would be late for his induction day. We didn't eat anything at home, we just quickly went to the bakery and I bought myself an apple tart and an orange juice and then we took the bus and made our way to college. I ate my small breakfast on the bus and spent some time with Eryk as well.

 I went with Eryk as I've never been there before and I will actually go to the same college in just a week. I think that I was more excited than Eryk, but I think that I also had a reason to be as I was about to see my new school.
When we got to the second bus, we were on time and we even arrived 20 minutes early, which was good.
 I left Eryk at the college and he described the way to another bus to me as I wanted to go to town.  I was waiting for this bus to come for such a long time that I was even sitting in the grass enjoying the hot sunshine after so many cold rainy days. Well, I got really confused as I've never been in this area before and I also have no idea how the different bus services go and it turned out that I took the right service but the bus went in the wrong direction.This means that I arrived at the Gyle Centre instead of Princes Street. I went on a total journey today and I was just hoping that I will stay in Edinburgh. I had no idea where I was, BUT there were shops, which was good. Once I got on the bus I already felt like it was the wrong one but I decided to get off at the last stop and then take the right one which goes to Ocean Terminal via Princes Street.

 But as I've seen the Gyle shopping centre I decided to have a look at the shops and so I stayed there for an hour. There I went to Accessorize, Superdrug, Boots, River Island, New Look and I don't even know where else I've been to.
By the way, the Gyle Centre is such a small shopping centre and it has a Disney store?! That's cool I'd say and I know who would have totally gone there! ;)
After seeing the Gyle Centre I took the bus to Princes Street as I wanted to go to H&M to buy some lace shorts I've seen online. But I didn't find them anywhere so I took the bus home where Eryk was already waiting for me.
How cute are these fitting room doors??

Gyle Centre

I like the mountains around Edinburgh. You can see them from so many spots in town!

However, I finally bought myself a super cute shirt that I could wear with jeans and with a skirt as well. I also finally managed to buy my favourite concealer as exactly my shade was sold out in every other Superdrug I've been to over the last few weeks. I also bought a tooth paste for Eryk and me as ours is getting empty.
In Accessorize I found such cute panties, but I won't show them to you, sorry for that!

Ok, so last time I've seen Karina wearing such a shirt and I actually thought "Why didn't I manage to buy myself such a shirt?!" I don't have any nice tops as I only have the basic vests from H&M in black, grey and white, my mermaid top, my Bambi vest and my silky floral vest, also my latest one the navy white striped top. But I never could find such a delicate shirt that I could wear without a sweater on top, with skirts, jeggings and leggings. Now I finally found one and it looks so cute actually. You can button it up and it is a bit longer than a usual shirt would be. It also has a collar and no pockets.

Then, of course the best concealer I've tried so far that didn't cost 40 Euros like my Shiseido one. This one costs 4,19 pounds and I have been using my first one since April and I think that I'll be still using it in two weeks probably. I wanted to have a new one at home just in case I needed it and it wouldn't be available or something. I bought it again in the same shade, 2 Cool Medium.

And yesterday I also bought two things from Superdrug that I'll show you in this post as well.
I bought this face scrub as I didn't take my old one with me. It contains Avocado and Pomegranate extracts, Vitamin E and Antioxidants, smells really nice. It says that it cleanses and exfoliates, and I hope that it wasn't a waste of money. It looks good in my opinion so I went for it and I'll use it tonight and then the next morning. It also says that you can use it twice a day, we'll see if I won't be too lazy for that.

And also, to keep my hair pretty as long as possible, Karina told me to buy myself a heat protector. Well, I've had one in Vienna but never used it for blow drying my hair as I felt that it didn't work. But the girls told me that this should really work because it is said to be a good one, also TRESemme is basically a good brand. It is a Keratin Smooth spray and I also hope that it will reduce the frizz after drying my hair, this would be awesome! I'll wash my hair tomorrow and try this product out of course. I am already excited about that!

And as it was sunny in the morning, it has to be cloudy in the evening.
Look at this dark grey cloud above the houses! It looks so creepy, seriously!




  1. wow so interesting


  2. holy shit olivia

    im wondering why your life is such a beautiful one compared to mine :(
    id like to have some super interesting days like u have. u wanna marry me ?

    - Anonymous

    btw WHORE

  3. Hahahahhaha that's funny. pathetic. I get you're all jealous, but I mean it's sad to see thats what you have to do in order to show us your spare time. Amusing too really. Oh and also obvious ;)