Friday, 8 August 2014

2 OOTD's And Sleepy Girls

Yesterday the weather was so lovely already after this long week of rainfall. But today the weather changed again and it was raining so heavily that going out is not a pleasure. On such days, when weather is changing, I am so tired that I just take some naps throughout the day. 

I however did my make up and put on normal clothes, not clothes for staying at home on a lazy day, and I cleaned the bathroom, the living room and kitchen. Also our room and I was playing with baby Maya. 
Actually, Eryk's sister Karina arrived yesterday and she is supposed to stay some days with us and she wanted to come over today but it was raining so heavily that she just couldn't get out of the house. And I didn't even want to open the window because the cold air was coming inside very fast and the rain was very loud, which already scared me.
After cleaning up and having a short break I cooked some rice with vegetables for myself and Eryk and he was still hungry and wanted some sandwiches and I ate some sweet snacks (obviously).

When I took my last nap I woke up and realised that Eryk put Maya next to me and she was sleeping with me for about half an hour. Then I woke up and we had some snuggles together, but when she woke up she wanted to play and run around so I couldn't sleep any longer.
Now Eryk is off to work and Maya is now playing in her cage while I have some time to upload this post.

Hot tea and good biscuits is what you need on rainy days!

As I said, yesterday was a nice day and I had to go to my work to sort out some things as I am still not working due to the bank account issues. I was wearing my dungaree dress/skirt and a very thin sweater underneath.
sweater: New Look, skirt: River Island, and nope, I'm not wearing tights, my legs are just darker than my arms and face as usual!

sunglasses: M&S, make up is the usual one

Today I'm not wearing a dress but jeans and also a new top that I just totally adore!
vest: New Look, jeans: Warehouse, watch: Swatch

I really like the back section. The two stripey parts are only sewn to the basic part of the vest on top of it and the rest is just loosely hanging down and flying around in the wind.
Nails: KIKO Nr. 343


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