Thursday, 27 October 2016

National Holiday 2016

Hello everybody!

Yesterday we had our National Holiday here in Austria, so like every year we headed into the city centre for a nice family walk. The weather is actually much better this week than it was over the last ones, which is very good. I could even leave my winter jacket at home, so that's a big plus.
I must say that I was a bit disappointed by this years' National Holiday, because usually it's at one location, every year it's the same one, and this year it was scattered all over different areas, which was very confusing and unusual. But still, it was a nice day out.

After our long walk around all the pretty, cobbled streets of Vienna, we went to a Chinese restaurant for some food, which was so tasty! We ate so much though, that once we got home we all had to nap first. And somehow I didn't manage to put this post up anymore, so that's why I'm doing it today!

I wanted to study all day long today but due to some issues I wasn't home til now, so I only have a few hours left to revise.
Tomorrow is just another busy day- first I have a uni class early in the morning and then I have to work for the rest of the day + Saturday too.

I wanted to wear something more fancy yesterday on that special day, but somehow I again ended up wearing my favourite outfit, which you can also find here!
And here's the outfit I wore last year! ( Much more fancy )

Hope you all Austrian people had a nice day too! :)



Sunday, 23 October 2016

Cosy Autumn Outfit

The Semester has only begun 2 weeks ago and I am already running out of time. I don't get to blog regularly anymore because of my days at uni and work, so all I have left to do everyhing is Sunday, and this again is not enough when I have to do all my homework, revision, house work, vlog editing, blogging etc.

I also thought we would have a nice warm, sunny autumn, but turns out it is only grey, freezing and windy, often rainy and you really don't want to leave the house anymore.

One day I was looking through my wardrobe and I realised that most of my stuff is great for summer, but not warm enough for the colder months, so I decided to get some new more cosy bits in.
Now, over tha last few weeks I was wearing the same jumper over and over again. Even in one vlog I realised that I wore it everyday! It's so chunky and warm that I never want to take it off, so it looks like I need to get more new jumpers in the next weeks.

I also realised that I had so many pairs of jeans and only one would fit me nicely, but since it's a low rise jegging it won't go with every top, and after weeks of struggling with finding a good outfit ( and always opting for skirts instead) I thought it was about time I went into town to have a look at some high waisted jeans. And I absolutely hate jeans shopping because I can NEVER find a nice looking one. But, before I started wearing skirts on a daily basis I used to shop my jeans at Bershka only so I gave it a try this week. And I actually found a pair that I love! ( And it was so cheap!)

grey chunky sweater- Forever21
grey washed high rise skinny jeans - Bershka
 black suede boots - Voegele Shoes 
burgundy cross body bag - Vigneron

The jeans are suuper elastic and I took the jumper in size M so it's a bit bigger on me and more comfy. I love this outfit and I could seriously wear it every day now!

Such a shame I have to wear my winter jacket already on top of all that cosiness.

Did you already change your wardrobe for Autumn?



Saturday, 8 October 2016

Ziaja Cosmetics Haul + Discount Code!

 Hey everyone! Being ill and not having to work nor study gives me enough time for blogging, which is nice because I got pretty crap at blogging lately.

Today I'm back with a post about a few new things I've tried from Ziaja.
I got all the products a few weeks ago and wanted to spend some time testing them all before writing a whole blog post about them. Now the time has come, so let's get straight into it!

The first product is the Ziaja Grapefruit with green mint hand soap and this is a new addition to their range actually, so I just had to test it straight away!
I totally fell for the beautiful monochrome look of the soap, with the pretty writing and the cute red grapefruit on the bottom. I wish all soaps would look as beautiful as this one. 

The soap smells heavenly ( I do love the scent of grapefruits!) and for some reason I really like shower gels and soaps that smell of grapefruits.
What surprised me about the soap is that it's bright green, but I guess mint is green so it's adequate.
The soap gets rid of grease and bad smell quickly, leaving your hands very clean, soft and moisturised! 
The soap also comes in 3 different scents: Grapefruit & green mint, tea & cinnamon, tamarind & green orange. 
I'm sure the tea & cinnamon one will be amazing for the colder months of the year, so I also have to try that one out!

The second product is the Ziaja Manuka Tree purifying paste for oily & combination skin and oh my god is this great!
My skin has been a bit weird recently, with many clogged pores and dead skin peeling off my nose and this paste saved me just in time!
You use the paste like a face scrub, except that this is REALLY strong. It feels like sanding paper on your skin, so if your skin is really sensitive I would opt for the Manuka Tree wash gel instead. 
The paste is harsh but it feels so good and your skin is so soft and glowing afterwards. It unclogs your pores effectively and prevents blackheads formation, which is exactly what I need. 
I absolutely love this peeling paste and recommend it to everyone who has the same problems as me. It is amazing! I will so have to repurchase this once I'm done with this one.

The next product is a body scrub from the Orange butter range that I've never tried before. It says it's energising and at first I didn't really care but once I was in the shower, all tired and happy for my bed, after just opening the tub I was wide awake! The zingy, fresh smell of oranges fills the bathroom within seconds and somehow it changed my mood for the better.
The scrub has quite harsh particles in a jelly like substance. It cleanses and massages your skin nicely, it enhances blood circulation and brings oxygen to your cells. The scrub immediately made my legs look much firmer and the skin looked glowy and had a healthy colour after all the dead skin cells were removed. 
The bad thing is that when I was using it, it fell in the bath tub and nearly half of it ran out, which made me really sad. It is another product I'm happy to have! It is definitely great for any kind of skin type and it only takes seconds to use it!

Now the Ziaja Subtle Bronze body lotion is something I've seen in Poland already ages ago and always wanted to buy it but was scared of orange patches. However, now I decided to get it and try it out finally. And I love it. This is basically a self tanning lotion, which is much easier to apply evenly than I thought. I used it a couple of times and it always looked very pretty AND natural, so you definitely don't get an orange skin tone, you don't get weird dark streaks when you massage it into your skin thoroughly. It is such a great product to start using when summer ends because you can kind of keep your tan for a longer time and/or stay tanned until the next one! I do tend to get really pale during winter, so let's hope this year it won't be the same. And I also just realised there is even a self tanning face cream, which is even better cause my face always looks so white and unhealthy, so I might also get that one!

And the last product I've tested is a Ziaja regenerating olive oil hair conditioner. Now I never go for natural hair products because they always make it look even worse, but this time I thought: You can't go wrong with a natural conditioner. So I ordered one and I have to say that after using it my hair felt really soft and other than that I couldn't tell a difference to what it looks like when I use "stronger" conditioners, so I might as well switch over to this conditioner now.
It is a bit liquid so I had to use quite a lot to spread it well in all of my hair, but the effect was great! I was really surprised. It really does what is says and I think that's important. Plus, it's so affordable that everyone should go and get this! You can also get the matching shampoo and hair mask for a better effect.

To sum up I can say that all of the 5 products were new to me, I didn't read any reviews on them before ordering them and yet they still are all amazing! I think Ziaja really offer great products for such a good price, which is good for trying out new stuff! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and then products I mentioned, for more products go to the online shop of Ziaja Austria :  , order a bunch of cool products and use my DISCOUNT CODE; olivialovesziaja5 to get 5 Euros off your order! ( The code is only valid until the 15th of October, so be quick!)



Friday, 7 October 2016

An Unexpected Eyeshadow Palette Favourite | Too Faced

During my stay in Poland I accidentally found a TkMaxx and I just couldn't pass it without having a look through the beauty section. And I am so lucky I went in.

Seeing the Too Faced Cat Eyes palette I grabbed it quickly before anyone else spotted it and I knew it had to be mine. Cat eyes. My eyes look the best with some winged eyeliner and touch of a coppery, or darker shade, just to give them more definition. Now, this palette has all the colours I need, I just need to add some black eyeliner and I'm good to go.

This palette is perfect for autumn and winter and I was actually looking for a new palette for some time already, but just didn't find what I needed. I wanted both the copper and silver & black, but this somehow never gets offered in one palette. This palette however gives you three colour combinations you can go for, depending on what occasion, how heavy you want your make-up to be etc.
I actually never use eyeshadow on a daily basis because I am often scared it will go wrong. But now I decided to try it more often in order to practice my eyeshadow skills a bit.

I like the leopard print on the metal case of the palette, and it's handy size. It's not too big, not too small, and it just looks so pretty! It also comes with a small mirror on the inside and even some instructions on how to use the shadows together, which I find perfect, since I literally have no idea how to do a smokey eye or anything that involves more than one shadow.

As you can see, there are 3 light shades for the base , then next to them there is a bit of a darker shade and the last ones can be used wet or dry as eyeliner.
I think the first row is great for autumn because of the brownish, warm colours that I also think match my complexion well.
The second row is nice for spring and summer because of the lighter, purple shades and the last row is great for party make-up. And I was looking for silver and black for ages, as well as copper and for that reason this palette is just amazing!

Plus, most importantly: it was SUCH a bargain! :)

Let me know if you have this palette and if yes, how do you like it??

PS: Please go and check out my last vlog! :)



Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Lookbook from Toruń

If you haven't seen the first blog post from my Toruń "series" then check this out first!

The weather was better than I expected it to be and I also packed 4 outfits for the 3 days in case I would get something dirty or if I was too cold or uncomfortable etc.
I am actually really proud of myself because for the first time probably I packed really well and I didn't complain about my choices.

I took two jackets with me, one for the colder days and one for the warmer days. And I have to say that in the mornings and evenings I wore the cream furry jacket from Primark, whereas during the day I wore my bomber jacket from Forever21. And unfortunately for some reason we forgot the camera in the hotel room on the first day, so I don't have any good photos from that day.


I managed to take a quick and rubbish selfie that I sent to my mum after I got ready at the bus station bathroom at 7 am. On the ceremony day I wore this pretty dress in this rusty colour. It's a very body fitted dress with long sleeves but the dress itself is pretty short. It has some interesting detailing on the waist area and I just liked the overall look of it. I got the dress one day before my trip at Forever21. I thought it would also be great for other festive days throughout autumn as well as winter.
On top I wore my cream furry coat from Primark, which is just the softest thing ever! I love wearing it in autumn because it's not too thick, yet it keeps you warm.
I also wore black tights and my black boots and my burgundy Vigneron leather satchel.

After the ceremony we went to the hotel room to leave our luggage there and I changed my jackets because it got just too hot in the other one. Here I'm wearing my beautiful Forever21 bomber jacket that looked amazing with the dress!
My lipstick is Golden Rose Velvet Matte Nr. 16.

On the second day we got up pretty early and went into town to look for a nice cafe to have breakfast at and at that time it was misty and chilly, so I again went for my furry jacket. I also tied my hair in a ponytail that day and I never really realise how long my hair actually is until I see it from behind.

I wore no lipstick that morning because I was about to stuff my mouth with a delicious panini and a raspberry brownie coffee.
I decided to wear my dust pink sweater that I recently got from Forever21 after I realised that the days are getting really cold now and I had no warm sweaters at all. I love the colour of it and how well it goes with burgundy and cream ( and brown- like my hair).

Under the sweater I had my burgundy silky dress from Mango, which has some black mesh detailing at the bottom. ( That you can't see in any of the pictures actually).
I also had black tights on and some woollen black leg warmers and my black boots. I thought the leg warmers looked pretty cool, although I was a bit worried that my legs would look fat.


On the third day I wore some lipstick again, which makes me feel like my face gets more definition, which is good. It's Golden Rose Velvet Matte in the shade 14. I also freshly washed my hair and that's why it looks so ridiculously huge in these photos. Plus, I really need a hair cut so badly but don't know any hairdressers in Vienna, plus I kind of lack the time to go and it drives me crazy.

So, on the last day I wore my furry jacket again, another new Forever21 cardigan, but this time it's a really chunky, cosy one in a pretty dark grey colour. Underneath that I had a pink long sleeved crop top, which nobody could see, but hey, it was there!
My black skirt is more of a sporty one and I got it from Weekday. I like it a lot actually and it's just so comfy because it's elastic and it doesn't slide up my bum, so I don't have to worry that it will be exposed after taking some steps ( Woohoo, great choice!) Plus it also has pockets.
And again I wore black tights and the woollen leg warmers plus my boots. And I carried the umbrella with me all day cause it was raining in the morning before we left our Air B&B but it didn't rain for the rest of the day. Great.

Hope you liked the outfits I picked for that nice weekend away!



Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Weekend in Toruń with Eryk

Hello everybody!
After a long break I'm again back with a new blog post. The last week was busy because I was working and studying and on Thursday I was leaving to see my boyfriend Eryk in the Polish army. I went on a 14,5 hour coach ride and arrived in Toruń at 7 am, totally exhausted. I got changed and did my make-up in a bus station bathroom, went to a nearby shop to buy some breakfast and went on a walk around the area before I made my way to the military ground. The ceremony started at 12 but since there were 315 people about to become soldiers, their whole families were waiting there impatiently. I think there were around 2000 people there and I felt like I'm gonna get either lost or squashed. After the ceremony Eryk could leave the place over the weekend so we could spend the 3 days together, exploring a new city and enjoying the time of just the 2 of us.
We went to so many places, to so many restaurants and shops and I feel like I could do this every day and it wouldn't get boring with my love.

I thought you'd like to see some footage of the weekend, so first of all, go and check out the VLOG which is already up on my channel, or check out the photos now and watch the video after that.

Hope you'll enjoy this post! :)

PS: All the photos are taken by Eryk cause he is the better photographer of us :D

I'll also post a more outfit realted post soon, so stay tuned! :)