Tuesday, 21 June 2016

My OOTD: Sun Is Back

Hello guys!
My exams have already started yesterday and I am so busy with revision now that I hardly even have time to do anything else. My life got so boring now but I guess after the 30th of June it will all be better again!

So, I just took a break from revising and decided to write a quick entry and I wanted to do an OOTD for ages but the problem is that there is nobody really who could just take some time to photograph my outfit in a nice place. And now I thought I'd try it myself at home and though I'm not too happy with the photo quality, I thought it wasn't too bad. Now you finally get to see my face again, after all the beauty related posts I was writing over the last few weeks ( It is simply much easier than having someone take photos of you + the weather was a nightmare recently and there was no chance for good outfit pictures anyways)

crop top - Forever21
flats - Forever21
( That was a bit too much of Forever21 already :D )
crossbody bag - Vigneron

Yes, my face is 100 times whiter than my legs ( no fake tan, I promise).

I recently got this beautiful bag from a brand calles Vigneron. It's made of leather, has a beautiful braided texture and this gold chain strap. Inside it has another flap that covers the inside of the bag and even though it is such a small bag, I can fit everything I need into it. ( Trust me. ) I was looking for such a bag already months before my birthday and once I saw this one a few weeks ago I just couldn't say no. It has this Chanel like look, which I adore and this also makes me like the style of the bag a lot. It was a bit expensive, but hey, it was my birthday :D

Also, the shoes are new and I got them in the nude colour too and I am so impressed because at first I thought my 2 big toes would be so sore when wearing these sandals but I even wore them to work the day after I bought them and I was perfectly fine! I love them!

My make-up is the same, as usual, I applied some Golden Rose Nr. 12 lipstick to give my poor face a pop of colour. I hope my face will tan soon because I'm so brown everywhere else already and this just looks really weird.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this entry, also make sure to check out this video: HERE
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Wish me luck for my exams and have a nice week! :)



Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Kiehl's Skincare Review

A few weeks ago I received a parcel from Kiehl's with some of their skincare products and I was so excited because I only heard good things about this brand and I didn't try any of their products before.
Already on the first day I used them all and obviously continued using them so that I could write a blog post about them as soon as possible! I hate waiting with beauty reviews- I love make-up and skincare products and I like telling others about it! :)

In my parcel I found the Ultra Facial Cream, the Rare Earth Free Pore Cleansing Mask and the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate. 
The design of the products is very simple and they look more like something from a pharmacy rather than a drugstore. But I like that with skincare. I like when it clearly says what it is for and it doesn't need a colourful design really- it wouldn't make a difference, right?

To start with, I chose the Ultra Facial Cream. At first I wasn't sure whether it is for the day- or night time, so I decided to use it in the mornings and the concentrate at night. 
The face cream has a hydrating formula with extracts of glacial glycoproteins and desert plants. I mean, this already sounds interesting! I don't think I've ever used anything with these ingredients before to be honest. Thanks to the light consistency I only need to use a tiny amount to moisturise my face and therefore it also isn't greasy, which is very good. The cream contains a glycoprotein which comes from sea glaciers and it protects your skin from cold temperatures, and the desert plant makes sure your skin doesn't loose the water it needs to ensure it doesn't dry out, so this face cream is probably a real life saver during the autumn and winter months. I know it's summer now, but I guess the sun dries your skin out too, so it will also come in handy during the hot months to be honest. Amazing!
The only thing that bothers me a little bit is the smell. I had a lip balm from Blistex once, which apparently had no smell, but to me it did smell like chestnuts, and this cream has the same smell ( even though it probably has nothing to do with chestnuts).

The second product is the line-reducing concentrate. I know I'm still young, but I'm a person who laughs a lot and therefore I do have some wrinkles on my forehead and next to my eyes, that just don't regenerate really, and this is what I use the concentrate for. The concentrate comes in a glass bottle with a little pump that makes life so much easier! One pump is definitely enough for one use and that's why I also think this might last for a long time, especially because I don't use it daily but around every second day. The consistency is just like a serum really, but once you start massaging it into your face you can feel like it heats up and at first this is really concerning, but this feeling quickly fades and if you use it at night time, like me, you will wake up with a nice and soft face! The product is also said to tighten up your pores a bit, so I generally use the concentrate on my whole face and give more attention to my nose area, the forehead and the outside of my eyes. So far, my skin is looking pretty good, let's hope it will only continue to look better over time ;) 

And the last product, the deep pore cleansing mask, is probably my favourite! It comes in a massive tub of 142g and I thought it would still be used up very quickly. But I was wrong! After using it once, I knew that this is gonna be a mask I will have in my bathroom cabinet for a long time! The mask has a weird consistency, almost a cream, but with more of a dry feeling? If that makes any sense? It reminds me a bit of concrete but you know, it's not! :D
So, when I was using it, I quickly realised that only such a tiiny amount is needed to cover your whole face in this mask, so from the picture you can't even tell that I've used it at all.
The mask dries within 10 minutes, you gently wash it off with a cloth for example and you are left with a soft, glowy skin that is cleansed from all the dead skin and grease. I still had some blackheads left, but I think if you're using the mask regularly it will minimise your pores and keep your skin clean, so blackheads won't appear anymore, or at least not that many. Still, your skin feels amazing- so clean! What I also think is very good about this mask is that it is washed off so easily, it doesn't dry into that hard shell that you have to rub off your face violently. Your face gets to relax and I also didn't see any redness after the whole procedure. 

So, to conclude I have to say that I'm really impressed by this beauty trio from Kiehl's and I think I might even go and buy a few things from their counter now and then. :)

Have you tried any Kiehl's products? Let me know! :)



Sunday, 5 June 2016

Estée Lauder x Kendall Jenner Make-Up Set

I wanted to write this blog post at a later moment, but I got too excited.
Some days ago I received a parcel from Douglas Austria and when I opened it I found a few make-up products from the Estée Lauder x Kendall Jenner collab and I was over the moon that I got a chance to try such amazing products!
My mum and I used to have Estée Lauder products now and then and we absolutely loved them, so this time again I expected not to be disappointed. And I was right!

In my parcel I found a mascara, a felt tip eyeliner and a lipgloss, so that's pretty much all you need to finish off your make-up after you've done your base.
This little kit is amazing, though I know this range also has a few other bits like eyeshadows, which are probably so nice too!

The lipgloss is called Pure Color Envy in the shade 110 Discreet Nude. It is a very light, nearly transluscent shade, with lots of shiny particles, giving your lips a sheer nude colour, which is perfect for summer days when you decide to go bold on the eyes and stay natural on the lips. I think this is also pretty much the thought behind this little kit.

What I like a lot about this lipgloss is the smell, which reminds me of vanilla ice cream/ sweets and also for some reason of swimming pools. Don't ask me why. The gloss has a very nice applicator that reaches evey corner of your lips and therefore is so easy to use! It is also not too sticky, which is amazing! 
Another plus for this one is the packaging.It is so simple, yet so elegant, with the engraved top of the cap. 

The second product is the Sumptuous Knockout Defining Lift and Fan mascara. I've tried many mascaras in my life and I know that Estée Lauder always has such good ones! They always make my lashes so long without clumping them together. So does this mascara. The silicon wand is a bit dangerous though ( It hurts A LOT when you get it into your eye, so be careful), but it separates and lenghtens your lashes so easily and beautifully. When I first tried this mascara, I was surprised by how massive my lashes were. I was seriously impressed and I wish I had this mascara stocked up for the rest of my life! ( can someone arrange this maybe?)

Also, the packaging. How pretty does it look?! I love how the information it gives you is all in one space and then the rest of the space is covered by the beautiful lash design.
On the bottom of the mascara you find the sticker with the colour and it has a little arrow too, which tells you to lift this sticker and then you get the amount and where it's made underneath. So basic. So elegant. Love it!

And now over to the Little Black Liner, that I was actually a little bit afraid of at first. It's due to the fact that I didn't have the best experience with liquid liner and then I switched to gel liner and my life was changed. Yet, I was still very excited to try it and I was hoping that my liquid liner skills would get better. So, this liner has a felt tip, which is actually very nice and surprisingly easy to use. You get a very pretty winged look with this thin tip. But, that's not all! If you wish to wear a thicker line, no problem! Just use the other end, which has a thicker tip, which is actually shaped pretty weirdly. You can also flip the liner and you will get an even thicker line! So, you get 3 eyeliners in just 1 packaging. Genius!

I am also so happy that this eyeliner is SO pigmented and that it stays on without smudging all day long. At work it really gets hot and towards the end of my shift I already feel my make-up sliding off my face with the sweat and then I look in the mirror and my gel liner is like vanished. But with this felt tip liner my wings are still beautiful and bold and I simply love it!

Here's me with my new Estée Lauder make-up, let me know what you think!

A big thank you to Douglas again, for choosing me to test these beautiful products!



Wednesday, 1 June 2016

KeepCup - The Reusable Cup

Hello everyone!
I feel SO sorry for not blogging at all lately, but uni got so extremely stressful recently that I don't even know what to study first. Exams are coming up and I have so many assignments to do too, plus work also keeps me busy. I hope that once this semester is over, I will finally get more time to blog again!

But, thankfully today I found a spare minute to take some photos for this blog post and even though I should be studying, I decided it was really time I wrote something again.
So, today I'll write a few lines about one of my favourite gadgets- The KeepCup. If you haven't heard about it yet, now you will!

The KeepCup is a reusable cup, that comes in a few different sizes and styles. And what is very, very cool is that you can actually pretty much design your own cup. You can choose from so many variations, that you won't even be able to choose just one. Trust me. ( I now have 2 KeepCups)
I got my first KeepCup back in Edinburgh when I spotted them in College. I found they were amazing and I was looking for such a cup for ages so I couldn't leave without one. And just a few days ago I got a brand new KeepCup thanks to Mabets and I am so excited about it!

You may ask yourself: "Why is she that excited about a cup?!"
Well, this cup is simply amazing. KeepCups are mainly made to encourage people to use reusable cups rather than disposable cups. You can bring your KeepCup to any cafe or use it at home, you can then also take it with you, wherever you're heading. You can use your KeepCup about 1000 times, which is amazing.
I love all the different colour combinations, they really do make my mornings so much better, when I prepare my hot tea that I want to sip on my way to uni or work. Obviously, more people prefer having a coffee on the go, but I'm more of a tea person and this cup works great for me too!
And to be honest, why not take your smoothie with you too??

Thanks to the rubber ring you can hold the cup nicely, it won't slip out of your hand and it also makes sure you don't burn your fingers, should the content be really hot.
The lid is pretty leakproof too, even though I would not particularly just through the cup in a bag and think my coffee won't run out. Just better be safe, right?
However, when you walk, the coffee/tea/drink won't run out underneath the lid, which is great, cause I remember burning my fingers a few times like that already and it was just horrible.

Another great feature of the KeepCup is the lid on the lid ( does this green part have a proper term?).
By gently lifting and sliding it to the side, the opening gets free, you can have a sip and then you can close up the opening again, so nothing will leak. Genius! ( The green part is made of rubber too, so it really covers the drinking opening nicely and again makes sure the beverage won't come out unexpectedly)

And even though I just like washing mine in the sink, you can of course just put them in the dishwasher, you can take it all apart and then put it together again, you can apparently even freeze and defrost it too ( I haven't done that so I can't tell you how it works).
The cup keeps your beverage hot for longer than a reusable cup and along with all the other benefits I mentioned before I would really say this is such a useful and cool item to have!
And I remember those miserable, cold, rainy, stormy days back in the UK, when I was going to College and wanted to cry because I was freezing, until the day I got my KeepCup. It actually helped me so much there!
I definitely recommend those cups to everyone! I could have like 10 of them and would never get bored! :D

Have a nice day! I'm now off to study again and later on I'm heading to uni.
PS: Check out this video!!!