Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Kiehl's Skincare Review

A few weeks ago I received a parcel from Kiehl's with some of their skincare products and I was so excited because I only heard good things about this brand and I didn't try any of their products before.
Already on the first day I used them all and obviously continued using them so that I could write a blog post about them as soon as possible! I hate waiting with beauty reviews- I love make-up and skincare products and I like telling others about it! :)

In my parcel I found the Ultra Facial Cream, the Rare Earth Free Pore Cleansing Mask and the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate. 
The design of the products is very simple and they look more like something from a pharmacy rather than a drugstore. But I like that with skincare. I like when it clearly says what it is for and it doesn't need a colourful design really- it wouldn't make a difference, right?

To start with, I chose the Ultra Facial Cream. At first I wasn't sure whether it is for the day- or night time, so I decided to use it in the mornings and the concentrate at night. 
The face cream has a hydrating formula with extracts of glacial glycoproteins and desert plants. I mean, this already sounds interesting! I don't think I've ever used anything with these ingredients before to be honest. Thanks to the light consistency I only need to use a tiny amount to moisturise my face and therefore it also isn't greasy, which is very good. The cream contains a glycoprotein which comes from sea glaciers and it protects your skin from cold temperatures, and the desert plant makes sure your skin doesn't loose the water it needs to ensure it doesn't dry out, so this face cream is probably a real life saver during the autumn and winter months. I know it's summer now, but I guess the sun dries your skin out too, so it will also come in handy during the hot months to be honest. Amazing!
The only thing that bothers me a little bit is the smell. I had a lip balm from Blistex once, which apparently had no smell, but to me it did smell like chestnuts, and this cream has the same smell ( even though it probably has nothing to do with chestnuts).

The second product is the line-reducing concentrate. I know I'm still young, but I'm a person who laughs a lot and therefore I do have some wrinkles on my forehead and next to my eyes, that just don't regenerate really, and this is what I use the concentrate for. The concentrate comes in a glass bottle with a little pump that makes life so much easier! One pump is definitely enough for one use and that's why I also think this might last for a long time, especially because I don't use it daily but around every second day. The consistency is just like a serum really, but once you start massaging it into your face you can feel like it heats up and at first this is really concerning, but this feeling quickly fades and if you use it at night time, like me, you will wake up with a nice and soft face! The product is also said to tighten up your pores a bit, so I generally use the concentrate on my whole face and give more attention to my nose area, the forehead and the outside of my eyes. So far, my skin is looking pretty good, let's hope it will only continue to look better over time ;) 

And the last product, the deep pore cleansing mask, is probably my favourite! It comes in a massive tub of 142g and I thought it would still be used up very quickly. But I was wrong! After using it once, I knew that this is gonna be a mask I will have in my bathroom cabinet for a long time! The mask has a weird consistency, almost a cream, but with more of a dry feeling? If that makes any sense? It reminds me a bit of concrete but you know, it's not! :D
So, when I was using it, I quickly realised that only such a tiiny amount is needed to cover your whole face in this mask, so from the picture you can't even tell that I've used it at all.
The mask dries within 10 minutes, you gently wash it off with a cloth for example and you are left with a soft, glowy skin that is cleansed from all the dead skin and grease. I still had some blackheads left, but I think if you're using the mask regularly it will minimise your pores and keep your skin clean, so blackheads won't appear anymore, or at least not that many. Still, your skin feels amazing- so clean! What I also think is very good about this mask is that it is washed off so easily, it doesn't dry into that hard shell that you have to rub off your face violently. Your face gets to relax and I also didn't see any redness after the whole procedure. 

So, to conclude I have to say that I'm really impressed by this beauty trio from Kiehl's and I think I might even go and buy a few things from their counter now and then. :)

Have you tried any Kiehl's products? Let me know! :)




  1. I have only tried their eye cream and I love it. I want to try the mask next!

    Lauren x |