Tuesday, 21 June 2016

My OOTD: Sun Is Back

Hello guys!
My exams have already started yesterday and I am so busy with revision now that I hardly even have time to do anything else. My life got so boring now but I guess after the 30th of June it will all be better again!

So, I just took a break from revising and decided to write a quick entry and I wanted to do an OOTD for ages but the problem is that there is nobody really who could just take some time to photograph my outfit in a nice place. And now I thought I'd try it myself at home and though I'm not too happy with the photo quality, I thought it wasn't too bad. Now you finally get to see my face again, after all the beauty related posts I was writing over the last few weeks ( It is simply much easier than having someone take photos of you + the weather was a nightmare recently and there was no chance for good outfit pictures anyways)

crop top - Forever21
flats - Forever21
( That was a bit too much of Forever21 already :D )
crossbody bag - Vigneron

Yes, my face is 100 times whiter than my legs ( no fake tan, I promise).

I recently got this beautiful bag from a brand calles Vigneron. It's made of leather, has a beautiful braided texture and this gold chain strap. Inside it has another flap that covers the inside of the bag and even though it is such a small bag, I can fit everything I need into it. ( Trust me. ) I was looking for such a bag already months before my birthday and once I saw this one a few weeks ago I just couldn't say no. It has this Chanel like look, which I adore and this also makes me like the style of the bag a lot. It was a bit expensive, but hey, it was my birthday :D

Also, the shoes are new and I got them in the nude colour too and I am so impressed because at first I thought my 2 big toes would be so sore when wearing these sandals but I even wore them to work the day after I bought them and I was perfectly fine! I love them!

My make-up is the same, as usual, I applied some Golden Rose Nr. 12 lipstick to give my poor face a pop of colour. I hope my face will tan soon because I'm so brown everywhere else already and this just looks really weird.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this entry, also make sure to check out this video: HERE
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Wish me luck for my exams and have a nice week! :)