Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My OOTD: A Tropical Maxi On A Summer Day

Today I woke up to beautiful sunshine and it actually was warm again! I was so happy that without thinking twice I picked my new maxi skirt and top and decided to wear that outfit today. I went for a coffee in town with my friend Joanna, so I also had a good reason to dress up nicely.

I was never convinced of long skirts/dresses because I felt like I am just too short to wear them without high heels and since my knees are not good with high heels, I never got a maxi piece. However, last time when I was shopping, I spotted this beautiful tropical skirt and decided to at least try it on. And I instantly fell in love with it. So, here's today's outfit!

white cami - Primark
leather bag - FOSSIL
maxi skirt - H&M

I really like those cut outs on both legs - that's probably what convinced me to buy the skirt!

I put my hair up in a ponytail since it was pretty warm and I also felt like this outfit looks so much better with a ponytail instead of my hair down. I used my usual make-up, with a bit more of eyeliner, that you can't even see here because of my weird shaped eyes.

sandals - Deichmann
nail polish - Golden Rose

Tomorrow I am already flying back home and I am both excited and nervous but I try to be excited for now and to enjoy my summer holidays. This outfit made me feel very summery and happy today so I will definitely take it on holidays with me and you will definitely see it more often!

I'm off to bring my uniform to work and then I'll be packing the rest that needs to be packed and I will tidy up the room as much as possible.

Have a nice evening everyone! :)



Monday, 29 June 2015

Empty Products And Maya The Ferret

Hello world!
I feel so bad for not blogging at all lately, but I've been working over the weekend and it was generally a bit stressful since I'm leaving in two days.
I don't have many things left here that I could blog about, since the majority of my luggage is already overseas ( and safe).
But, I was waiting for the right moment to film a video about all the empty products I've collected over the last few months. I knew that I would be going away on holiday in July, so I already tried to cut down on my beauty products and when I found out two weeks ago that I have to leave, I decided that there is really no point in packing every single thing and shipping it abroad because I already sent 70 kg of luggage and this is just crazy!!! I only packed products that are still unused or at least not nearly empty and for my flight on Wednesday I can only take little liquid bottles since I only have hand luggage booked.
I hope this explains the situation a bit.
So, since I've collected A LOT, I decided not to put it all into a blog post, but to film a video which is nicer to watch.

You will also see my little cute baby Maya in the video, and I have no words to express how much I will miss her until I will see her again - and at this moment I have completely no clue when I will have the opportunity to see her, which is sad.

So, without more talking - Here is the video! :)
Let me know if you liked it or not. :)



Thursday, 25 June 2015

My Current Make-Up Routine

I always wanted to film some make-up videos but I don't have a good tripod nor good light to film such nice close up's. So even if I try to take make-up pictures it is extremely difficult to capture the make-up. I basically look very, very weird on such close up pictures and then I always decide better not to do make-up posts because I am just so bad at them.
But today I thought I'd show you what I usually apply to my face in the morning and how it looks like after a whole day of running around in the rain, trying to find something without big success.

To start with, I use the REN vita Mineral Active 7 Eye Gel around my eyes and sometimes I also feel like moisturising, so I also use my Tolpa mattifying face cream, but usually I do in the evenings.
Then, I use my Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in the shade 010 Ivory - I apply it underneath my eyes, on all the spots and red bits of my face.
Once I'm done with that, I use my Bourjois Healthy Balance powder in 53 and then the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzer in 52. 
After bronzer I use a bit of the Sleek Blush in the shade Rose Gold 926. It already is shimmery but I still do apply some Bourjois Delice de Poudre Duo highlighter to my cheeks, brow bones, nose and inner corner of my eyes.
Sometimes I also feel like filling in my eyebrows because they just won't grow at the ends and they are just extremely thin there. To fill them in a bit, I use the BeautyUK high brow all in one brow definition kit.
Then it is time for eyeliner, which is tricky and sometimes I have bad days and my eyeliner looks terrible so I try to draw a thinner line instead of a thick one, because then it usually all goes wrong. I use my Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock gel liner and it is waterproof, so once I've made a mistake, it is very difficult to just take off the bit that looks bad. 
To finish off the whole look  I use my Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycraflex mascara on both my upper and lower lashes.
And if I feel like it, I'll also use some dusty pink lipstick or just a lipbalm most of the time.

Today I've been in town all day long to find some Raspberry Marshmallow Fluff but there was only either the original one in the shops, or there were none at all. In the end I bought the original flavour because I couldn't figure out where else to go and check. It was also raining terribly all day long and I was wearing a summer dress, my trench coat and my leather flats that got so wet that they completely changed their colour and I just hope they will be fine.
I am kind of tired and after having dinner too, I feel even more tired now. I guess it's nap time!



Monday, 22 June 2015

Primark Fashion Nails

As you may already know, I've had bad nails for years and even using conditioners doesn't help as much as I would need it to keep my nails pretty and at least a bit longer than just to the tip of my fingers.
I've had gel nails for a pretty long time and I loved them but it also happened that my nails broke underneath the gel, so that the gel layers broke too and it was tricky to fix my nails again.
I also tried some stick on nails around September last year but I didn't wear them for too long since I thought that sticking on the nails went wrong very often and it made me angry too.

However, recently I've seen several girls writing about the fake nails from Primark. Since they are just £1 for 24 nails and the glue, I thought that this is really worth trying and I found two designs that I really liked so I took both of them home.

Now, I only tried them out last night after work, because I was pretty sure that ripping apart cardboard will ruin the nails quickly.
I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the sizes of the nails because I didn't need to file any of them to shape them to be more similar to my own nail shape. Also, the length of the nails is really nice- I didn't make them shorter either and feel like they look pretty natural on my hands.

After trying them out, and realising that they sell cute designs, I thought that I will buy more of them and just take them on holidays maybe because they are just so much fun and they definitely make my nails look so much prettier!

The only thing that anoyed me so far was the glue bottle because I couldn't figure out where the glue will be coming out since there were removable caps on both ends - But I got it in the end and my nails are glued onto my real nails and I am happy.

For that price I definitely recommend trying them and I hope I will get my hands on more fun designs of those as soon as possible!



Friday, 19 June 2015

This Is The End

I have already spoken about this topic in the latest vlog, which didn't turn out to be a real vlog because I was ill and in bed all week long and then this topic came up that changed my life a lot again.

You can go and listen to it here: VLOG.
Or continue reading here...

So, you already know that I came to Scotland from Austria last July just after graduating from High School. I basically left everything behind to live with my dear boyfriend Eryk and to study in the UK.
Since I didn't get a place at Uni straight away, I got told to study at College for one year to gain more experience since this will give me more chances for next year.
I've applied for Uni the second year in a row while still going to College. Now, College is over, I've finished with Advanced Higher French and Higher Spanish and was expected to go to Uni after summer.
Problems started when I first got rejected from all my choices and I had to consider going back to Austria. For this reason I also applied for Uni in Vienna in case everything would go wrong in Edinburgh.

And now, everything actually did go wrong when I got told some nights ago I would definitely not get in this year either. It has nothing to do with my qualifications, since I actually do have all of them, so to me this is just ridiculous.
I also got told only two weeks before going away on holidays, which means that there is no point for me of coming back to Scotland after three weeks of holidays. So, the beginning of my summer holidays will look just as it did a year ago when I decided to move to Scotland. Just that now I am moving back to Austria.

I can't describe how I feel like just now. Now that I was finally able to live with my boyfriend after being in such a complicated long-distance relationship for so long. We could finally be together all the time. This made us both so happy, even though we've encountered many, many problems too.
Life in Scotland was not easy for me, if I'm honest, but it got a part of me and leaving this part behind just now is hard.

The hardest part of leaving Scotland is not knowing what will happen with me and Eryk, since he can't just come to Vienna with me. I have no idea what he will do here apart from working, where he will live and when I'll see him again. And the second reason why I am so, so sad is that I have to leave Maya here as well. I know that Eryk will take care of her when he's back from holidays, but I also know that he will work a lot and won't have much time for her left. Eryk will also need to move house once he's back from holidays and I seriously don't know where he will stay next and who he will live with and who will accept the ferret in their flat. This is driving me absolutely crazy and I could just cry without an end about this. Not knowing what will happen is the worst feeling.

And as I said, we are going to Poland for the whole month of July and Eryk will come back to Scotland in the beginning of August, so this will be a big Goodbye for us, after a long time again and even thinking about it now, makes me already cry. It will be so hard letting go after getting used to each other so much...

After summer I will hopefully be at Uni and hopefully the time will go by quickly and hopefully Eryk will come and see me as soon as possible.
I will at first live with my parents and brother again, which makes me so happy but also feels a bit weird after living on my own for a year. I am so happy I will be with my family again, but yes, I will miss Eryk terribly. I really hope that we will stay together, that we will be strong just like we used to be before.

My life is such a mess at the moment. I am packing, booking tickets and trying to sort out everything I need to before leaving in less than two weeks.

I hope this helps you understand the lack of blog entries and I hope I can have some time for myself and Eryk, to figure out the whole situation.



Monday, 15 June 2015

My OOTD: Some New Pieces

After working for three days in a row I am so exhausted that I already feel bad for being so weak actually.
I ended up with a flu, which is not too pleasant, but at least I don't have to worry about College any more and I will only need to come back to work next weekend. I hope I will be healthy again by that time.
I just returned from my GP and the pharmacy and am just sitting in my bed after quickly taking outfit pictures outside with Eryk.

I decided to finally post something again and I feel like outfit posts are my favourite and somehow they always bring in the most views. So this shows that apart from me, there are also others that seem to enjoy this kind of posts.

When my mum was over I already mentioned in the previous posts ( here and here) that we did some shopping and also on Thursday I ended up buying myself a new bag. Yes, again. I actually felt so bad for doing this that I was thinking of returning it the same day, but then again I would regret it even more, so I kept it and love it.
And to show you two new pieces from my closet, here's today's outfit for you!

monochrome shirt - Primark
high waisted skinny jeans - Bershka
leather flats - Lasocki
trench coat - Pimkie
satchel - Nica

silver wristband - YES

I love the deisgn of this little bag. It's perfect for a stroll around town or a date night. It has a detachable strap and a short strap at the bottom of the bag, which allows you to hold the bag like a clutch and it looks so cute! I also like the shiny material and the cutest thing is probably the adorable cat which is just a magnet that keeps the bag closed. 

I kept my make-up rather simple today, but still used my eyeliner as usual ( just a bit less) and I actually filled in my eyebrows again, so I finally have a bit more of a framed face again. Yay!
Also, excuse the weird curly hair that somes from behind my ears. Since it's baby hair I always keep it behing my ears and then once I wash my hair it goes crazy and looks like this.

Hope you enjoyed this outfit and the photos, and let me know if you like the bag as much as I do.

To finish off I'd like you to watch our latest vlog, since I was a very happy girl last week due to allll the sunshine! :) SUNNY VLOG



Friday, 12 June 2015

Vlogday And End Of Summer?

It's Friday again and the whole week was amazing because it was sunny and hot and I finally felt happier and more alive.
Bad weather makes me feel so depressive that I was more than happy to see the sun shining every day now.
I've been tanning every morning and afternoon, I enjoyed eating my watermelon in the sun and using my beautiful smelling tanning oil, that reminds me SO much of holidays with my family.

This week's vlog is mostly about us having fun in the sun, going on walks, shopping and me going to the cinema with my French group to see Timbuktu and eating frozen yogurt again, in the sun.

The only thing I can say about this week is that I really enjoyed it and I am sad that the weekend is said to be colder again. I do hope that next week will be nicer again, so I try to stay positive.

I didn't plan to do much today but in the morning I got a call from work and got asked if I could cover someone's shift, so I did work for six hours today too.
And tomorrow and on Sunday I'll be working again and hope that I will be able to relax after the weekend.

To get an insight of what our week looked like, check out the link below now! :)

I hope that you all have a nice weekend and that the weather is nice wherever you live. (If you live in Scotland then your weather will probably suck though.)



Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My OOTD: First Hot Day Of The Year

I've been in heaven all day long because of the amazing sun and the really warm temperature. I've got such a tan compared to what I looked like yesterday, but you can't really tell from the pictures.
To me it's kind of the first really hot day of the year, even though Vienna is twice as hot as the moment. but I would call it hot here in Edinburgh today.
I was in the sun all morning and early afternoon but now I decided to sit at home a bit to let my skin relax a bit.

In half an hour I'm leaving to pick Eryk up from work and this is the outfit I chose:

batik print dress - Troll
leather satchel - FOSSIL
lace flats - Primark

I also decided to braid my "fringe" so that the hair is not in my face all the time because I would sweat even more.

And here's what I looked like before, but after laying in the grass fully exposed to the sun for about two hours.Here I only wanted to be outside but not really having my face in the sunshine any more. And I was having a watermelon again, just like yesterday.

crop top - Primark
patterned shorts - Primark

The other day my best friend Steffi wrote me that every time she eats watermelon she thinks of me and it is just the same for me - when I have watermelon, I think of her. :) <3

Another thing I wanted to add is the latest vlog because I just enjoyed that week so much and maybe you'll like watching it! VLOG

And if you're wondering what I listen to lately a lot, here you are! 

Now I'm off to town, hope you all have such nice weather wherever you live :)



Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The First Summer Kind Of Haul

Last week my mum was in Edinburgh and we spent some days visiting the city, but we also went to shops because my mum wanted to get herself some stuff from here. And of course I also found some pieces I couldn't leave without.
I thought it would be fun to write a quick entry about all the things I got last week ( maybe nearly all the things because many things were household stuff and that's rather boring I'd say).
Apart from that, my mum brought about 6 kg of sweets and I am happy.

First of all: Beauty.

I got myself a new concealer since I was running out of my previous one and I usually get the Collection Lasting Perfection, but there was no shade 1 in any of the shops I went to. So I decided to try the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. If you'd like to read a review/comparison of those concealers - let me know.

Then I also got two lip sticks. First we have the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Gloss Stick in shade Sunrise 03. My mum actually also got one from the same collection but in a different shade. This one looks very pink at first, but on the lips it is definitely not that pigmented, but still glossy and I like it. You can't screw it up or down, so you have to sharpen it once you can't use it anymore. But the gloss stick comes with a sharpener in the packaging, which is very handy actually.

The second gloss stick is the Color Bomb Moisture Plumping Lip Tint from Too Faced in the shade Bigger Berry. This is a purple shade and I thought it would look cool for a change from pink lipsticks. This stick is retractable, so it's pretty comfy and easy to use.
You can see swatches of those two gloss sticks below.

Since it's summer and I want to get a tan quickly, I've been using the Malibu Fast Tnning Oil, and I loved the smell and felt like it did help me tan a bit faster. However, my all time favourite tanning oil and probably smell is the Piz Buin Tan&Protect Spray Tanning Oil. It does have SPF 6, whereas the Malibu doesn't have one at all. I am lucky that I never get sunburnt, so I don't really need sunscreen, but it is healthier to tan with it. so this spray is exactly what I need. It is also much easier to apply the oil to your body thanks to the spray pump. There is no oil running down the bottle and your hands, it's a thin layer you apply and this layer also doesn't stay greasy for too long. It soaks into your skin, leaving that beautiful smell behind. I really love this tanning spray and it reminds me just so much of real, hot summer days, where my mum and me were tanning on our balcony or in the garden in Poland, using exactly the same spray.

The last thing you can see in the first picture is a little travel pack from Ren Cosmetics that I got from the Red magazine at the airport once we brought my mum to the security. I've heard good thins about this brand and was curious about the products so I bought the magazine. The first thing I've used is the lip balm and I am in love! It smells so nice and the consistency is really creamy but not heavy textured. It's just great. I haven't tried the other two moisturisers yet though.

Two things my mum brought me/ left here are the bebe young care face cleansing wipes that I've been using from the first day I started using make-up until the time I've moved out from home. My mum has been buying them since I remember and they are the best make-up removing wipes I've ever tried. Over here, I couldn't find them, only similar ones but still, I wasn't sure if they'd be the same, so I started using Micellar Waters instead. Now my mum brought me two packs of those and she also left a little tub of Nivea Soft moisturiser because she didn't want to take it back.I think that moisturising is important but I am often too lazy to do so, so I hope that now that I have another cream, I will feel the need to empty all of them as soon as possible instead of leaving them in the cupboard untouched.

Next cathegory: Fashion.

Now, I didn't get anything that special and all the things are actually from Primark, but I felt that they are great for summer and also pretty classic things, that I definitely have a lack of in my wardrobe.

First of all I got two light blouses. The top one is more of a creamy coloured vest top. It is pretty lose and it has a bit of a deep cut out back which I thought is pretty flattering. It is perfect for summer outfits, no matter if it's paired with denim shorts, a floral skirt or even skinny jeans for cooler days. 
The blouse below is a three quarter sleeve shirt with some buttons and a little pocket. The sleeves are rolled up and again the top is pretty lose, which I again really like for summer. I also like the black and white look of it and I wish I had more of such pieces in my wardrobe. I imagine wearing this blouse with a high waisted skirt or even with plain skinny jeans, just as I did yesterday.

Next I got a rather plain grey and white striped vest because I didn't have many of them yet and I liked the colours of the top again, even though it's a very simple piece. This top is very fitted so it is maybe not the greatest for very hot days but we don't really have them in Scotland anyways, so I will probably wear this top a lot.
And the last piece of clothing is a pair of patterned shorts with some tiny kind of pompom's around the thighs. At first I wanted those shorts for wearing them with a cute crop top during summer, but now I ended up wearing it all day long in the garden when tanning, cause it's a pretty hot day today. I really like those shorts and think they will look cute paired with a plain crop top and the lace flats from the next picture

I've already had similar shoes in the past but those just fit so much better and they also look a lot slimmer than the ones I had before. I wanted that kind of espadrilles look for summer and when I tried on those I knew I had to get them because they are just comfy and also pretty plain so that I could wear them with many different outfits throughout summer.
I also got new slippers because my previous ones ( that I loved to death) were already so worn out that I finally threw them away. I was never a slipper person but now I am too lazy to put on proper shoes to go to the garden, so I wear slippers. Hahaha.
And the last piece is a pair of sunglasses that I got from the Cosmopolitan Magazine. They have a similar shape to my Love Moschino ones but they are in a different colour. I didn't really want them but I like reading Cosmopolitan, so I just bought the magazine with the glasses.

And the last thing I got is a cute mug from ASDA and I already have one from the same range but with a different pattern. For some reason I always liked having my own mugs. And yeah, here you are: 

As I said, this should be everything I got over the last week, but I may have forgotten something. And there were also less interesting things plus the tons of sweets that are nice to look at but I guess you all know how sweets look like. :D

Also, please go and watch our latest vlog where my mum came to visit us!

Hope you have a nice evening!



Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Few Days In Edinburgh With My Mum

After ten months of living in the UK, my mum finally managed to come and visit me over here for some days. I was very excited to see her again and even though we've seen each other in April last time, I couldn't hold back my tears when I saw her coming through the Arrivals door at the Airport.
Being so far from my family has shown me how important my family is for me, how much I miss them and how good it is to live near your loved ones.

We spent some days exploring Edinburgh a bit and we even went to places I haven't actually been to before, so I also saw something new. We had pretty good weather, since it nearly wasn't raining at all and it wasn't cold either. It could have been better, but we were happy with how it all turned out.
I definitely enjoyed those days with my mum and am also sad that she is already back home, but I know that my little brother needs her more and that I will see her soon again.

While the vlog is uploading, here are some impressions of this week for you:

Old Town

Royal Mile

St. Giles Cathedral

Edinburgh Castle

Coffee break in the Old Town

Victoria Street/Grassmarket

Dean Village

Dean Village

Selfie <3 


The Parliament

Holyrood Palace

The Parliament

Hope you enjoyed those photos and don't forget to check out the VLOG too for some more impressions of this week!



Wednesday, 3 June 2015

My OOTD: Pretty Hot Day In Edinburgh

Today I woke up and went tanning in the garden and I felt like it was really warm for Scotland. It was warm enough for me to just wear a dress and a little cardigan, so that's all I've been wearing when I went to town. But on the bus I realised that everyone was wearing winter jackets, now that it's warm. When I am freezing people tell me that it's so warm and that I'm weird. Well.

It got really windy later and it was difficult for me to keep my dress down. Good that Eryk was carrying the shopping.

I am aware that my face doesn't look too photogenic in this picture but trust me, it was the best of all.
dress - New Look
leather satchel - FOSSIL
cardigan - ZARA
flats - Mel by Melissa

Here I tried to spin and I thought the dress would look very pretty, but the picture turned out more weird than nice.

And here's one of my selfies that I took at Superdry today. I didn't get anything because I would buy everything at once, but Eryk got himself a new hoodie.

Hope you all have a nice evening!