Friday, 12 June 2015

Vlogday And End Of Summer?

It's Friday again and the whole week was amazing because it was sunny and hot and I finally felt happier and more alive.
Bad weather makes me feel so depressive that I was more than happy to see the sun shining every day now.
I've been tanning every morning and afternoon, I enjoyed eating my watermelon in the sun and using my beautiful smelling tanning oil, that reminds me SO much of holidays with my family.

This week's vlog is mostly about us having fun in the sun, going on walks, shopping and me going to the cinema with my French group to see Timbuktu and eating frozen yogurt again, in the sun.

The only thing I can say about this week is that I really enjoyed it and I am sad that the weekend is said to be colder again. I do hope that next week will be nicer again, so I try to stay positive.

I didn't plan to do much today but in the morning I got a call from work and got asked if I could cover someone's shift, so I did work for six hours today too.
And tomorrow and on Sunday I'll be working again and hope that I will be able to relax after the weekend.

To get an insight of what our week looked like, check out the link below now! :)

I hope that you all have a nice weekend and that the weather is nice wherever you live. (If you live in Scotland then your weather will probably suck though.)




  1. do you cleanse your face every morning and evening ? Your skin looks amazing !

  2. I try to use my face scrub every second morning, and apart from That i just use my Bioderma to get rid of the remove my makeup I also use Bioderma and moisturize afterwards. that's all.I feel like I have more spots now than in. the past, which freaks me out a bit. But thank you very much!