Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Few Days In Edinburgh With My Mum

After ten months of living in the UK, my mum finally managed to come and visit me over here for some days. I was very excited to see her again and even though we've seen each other in April last time, I couldn't hold back my tears when I saw her coming through the Arrivals door at the Airport.
Being so far from my family has shown me how important my family is for me, how much I miss them and how good it is to live near your loved ones.

We spent some days exploring Edinburgh a bit and we even went to places I haven't actually been to before, so I also saw something new. We had pretty good weather, since it nearly wasn't raining at all and it wasn't cold either. It could have been better, but we were happy with how it all turned out.
I definitely enjoyed those days with my mum and am also sad that she is already back home, but I know that my little brother needs her more and that I will see her soon again.

While the vlog is uploading, here are some impressions of this week for you:

Old Town

Royal Mile

St. Giles Cathedral

Edinburgh Castle

Coffee break in the Old Town

Victoria Street/Grassmarket

Dean Village

Dean Village

Selfie <3 


The Parliament

Holyrood Palace

The Parliament

Hope you enjoyed those photos and don't forget to check out the VLOG too for some more impressions of this week!



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