Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The First Summer Kind Of Haul

Last week my mum was in Edinburgh and we spent some days visiting the city, but we also went to shops because my mum wanted to get herself some stuff from here. And of course I also found some pieces I couldn't leave without.
I thought it would be fun to write a quick entry about all the things I got last week ( maybe nearly all the things because many things were household stuff and that's rather boring I'd say).
Apart from that, my mum brought about 6 kg of sweets and I am happy.

First of all: Beauty.

I got myself a new concealer since I was running out of my previous one and I usually get the Collection Lasting Perfection, but there was no shade 1 in any of the shops I went to. So I decided to try the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. If you'd like to read a review/comparison of those concealers - let me know.

Then I also got two lip sticks. First we have the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Gloss Stick in shade Sunrise 03. My mum actually also got one from the same collection but in a different shade. This one looks very pink at first, but on the lips it is definitely not that pigmented, but still glossy and I like it. You can't screw it up or down, so you have to sharpen it once you can't use it anymore. But the gloss stick comes with a sharpener in the packaging, which is very handy actually.

The second gloss stick is the Color Bomb Moisture Plumping Lip Tint from Too Faced in the shade Bigger Berry. This is a purple shade and I thought it would look cool for a change from pink lipsticks. This stick is retractable, so it's pretty comfy and easy to use.
You can see swatches of those two gloss sticks below.

Since it's summer and I want to get a tan quickly, I've been using the Malibu Fast Tnning Oil, and I loved the smell and felt like it did help me tan a bit faster. However, my all time favourite tanning oil and probably smell is the Piz Buin Tan&Protect Spray Tanning Oil. It does have SPF 6, whereas the Malibu doesn't have one at all. I am lucky that I never get sunburnt, so I don't really need sunscreen, but it is healthier to tan with it. so this spray is exactly what I need. It is also much easier to apply the oil to your body thanks to the spray pump. There is no oil running down the bottle and your hands, it's a thin layer you apply and this layer also doesn't stay greasy for too long. It soaks into your skin, leaving that beautiful smell behind. I really love this tanning spray and it reminds me just so much of real, hot summer days, where my mum and me were tanning on our balcony or in the garden in Poland, using exactly the same spray.

The last thing you can see in the first picture is a little travel pack from Ren Cosmetics that I got from the Red magazine at the airport once we brought my mum to the security. I've heard good thins about this brand and was curious about the products so I bought the magazine. The first thing I've used is the lip balm and I am in love! It smells so nice and the consistency is really creamy but not heavy textured. It's just great. I haven't tried the other two moisturisers yet though.

Two things my mum brought me/ left here are the bebe young care face cleansing wipes that I've been using from the first day I started using make-up until the time I've moved out from home. My mum has been buying them since I remember and they are the best make-up removing wipes I've ever tried. Over here, I couldn't find them, only similar ones but still, I wasn't sure if they'd be the same, so I started using Micellar Waters instead. Now my mum brought me two packs of those and she also left a little tub of Nivea Soft moisturiser because she didn't want to take it back.I think that moisturising is important but I am often too lazy to do so, so I hope that now that I have another cream, I will feel the need to empty all of them as soon as possible instead of leaving them in the cupboard untouched.

Next cathegory: Fashion.

Now, I didn't get anything that special and all the things are actually from Primark, but I felt that they are great for summer and also pretty classic things, that I definitely have a lack of in my wardrobe.

First of all I got two light blouses. The top one is more of a creamy coloured vest top. It is pretty lose and it has a bit of a deep cut out back which I thought is pretty flattering. It is perfect for summer outfits, no matter if it's paired with denim shorts, a floral skirt or even skinny jeans for cooler days. 
The blouse below is a three quarter sleeve shirt with some buttons and a little pocket. The sleeves are rolled up and again the top is pretty lose, which I again really like for summer. I also like the black and white look of it and I wish I had more of such pieces in my wardrobe. I imagine wearing this blouse with a high waisted skirt or even with plain skinny jeans, just as I did yesterday.

Next I got a rather plain grey and white striped vest because I didn't have many of them yet and I liked the colours of the top again, even though it's a very simple piece. This top is very fitted so it is maybe not the greatest for very hot days but we don't really have them in Scotland anyways, so I will probably wear this top a lot.
And the last piece of clothing is a pair of patterned shorts with some tiny kind of pompom's around the thighs. At first I wanted those shorts for wearing them with a cute crop top during summer, but now I ended up wearing it all day long in the garden when tanning, cause it's a pretty hot day today. I really like those shorts and think they will look cute paired with a plain crop top and the lace flats from the next picture

I've already had similar shoes in the past but those just fit so much better and they also look a lot slimmer than the ones I had before. I wanted that kind of espadrilles look for summer and when I tried on those I knew I had to get them because they are just comfy and also pretty plain so that I could wear them with many different outfits throughout summer.
I also got new slippers because my previous ones ( that I loved to death) were already so worn out that I finally threw them away. I was never a slipper person but now I am too lazy to put on proper shoes to go to the garden, so I wear slippers. Hahaha.
And the last piece is a pair of sunglasses that I got from the Cosmopolitan Magazine. They have a similar shape to my Love Moschino ones but they are in a different colour. I didn't really want them but I like reading Cosmopolitan, so I just bought the magazine with the glasses.

And the last thing I got is a cute mug from ASDA and I already have one from the same range but with a different pattern. For some reason I always liked having my own mugs. And yeah, here you are: 

As I said, this should be everything I got over the last week, but I may have forgotten something. And there were also less interesting things plus the tons of sweets that are nice to look at but I guess you all know how sweets look like. :D

Also, please go and watch our latest vlog where my mum came to visit us!

Hope you have a nice evening!



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