Saturday, 31 January 2015

Spring feeling

Yesterday in town, I decided to look out for flowers that I could display in my room. I've bought carnations quite often over the time I've been here in Scotland and I really like them. But yesterday I spotted tulips for the first time in ages and they reminded me of how much I miss having beautiful tulips around me.
Tulips are definitely my favourite flowers and I got the bouquet for £2 only! I should have bought two instead of one only, but I somehow didn't think about that yesterday. There were yellow, orange and pink ones, but the white ones were just so beautiful that I had to pick them! They don't really give a pop of colour to the room, which I usually like, but they are so delicate and make the room cosy and calm.
Since I now know where to get tulips from, I will definitely get them more often and feel a bit more "springy". The winter is really annoying me already and I want it to get warm outside finally.
Let's hope that my beautiful white tulips will cheer me up at least!

Talking about buying more flowers this spring, I will also need to get myself a pretty but simple vase for our room to keep all the flowers in! The tulips are currently in a high tumbler glass, which doesn't look too bad.

I came home an hour ago and just minutes before I left it turned out that apparently I am off tomorrow for some reason, which is really nice. So, maybe I will be able to go and find a vase and another bouquet of pretty tulips in town.

Also, please go and check out our latest vlog that I edited and uploaded on YouTube yesterday! You can watch it, by clicking here!

What about you, do you like flowers too?



Friday, 30 January 2015

Nutella Muffins | Recipe

Since I lately never had all of the ingredients needed for any kinds of muffins, but really missed baking already, I finally managed to bake these ones yesterday. I got the recipe from mu Butlers Muffin and Cupcake recipe book I bought in Vienna before moving out.
So, here's how I made them:

-100g of soft butter
-120g of sugar
-2 eggs
-120g of flour
-1 tablespoon of cocoa powder
-1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
-100g of Nutella

1) Preheat the oven to 170 degrees C.
2) Mix the butter and sugar in a bowl, add the eggs.

3) Mix flour, cocoa powder and baking powder in a different bowl and add to the first mixture.

4) Then add Nutella and stir or mix again for some seconds.

5) Put the dough in the muffin cases and bake for 20 minutes.

6) Let them cool down and you are done!

Of course you can add a frosting but I preferred them this way.
I really like them and they are simple to prepare.

Let me know if you try them out one day!

The vlog!



Thursday, 29 January 2015

Bielenda CC Diamond Extreme Nail Hardener 10 in 1 | Review

Since my nail are totally horrible, keep breaking all the time once they are a tiny bit longer and are very thin, I was trying to find a good nail hardener for a long time now.

In Poland my mum and me went to a drug store and tried to chose one that looks promising. I've heard many good things about the Bielenda 8 in 1 nail hardener, but also that it contains formaldehyde and decided not to take it. Instead we found this 10 in 1 hardener, with Diamond powder and without formaldehyde. It sounded good and wasn't expensive either, so we bought it. I started using it straight away. so from the last week of December, applying two layers of it as often as possible.

The 10 effects listed on the pack are:
-hardens the nail
-improves the nail's resistance
-improves the thickness of the nail
-makes nail polish stay on for longer
-gives the nail a shiny look
-the nail is more even
-makes the nail look prettier
-is easy to apply
-dries quickly

Now that I've used it for some time, I can really tell that it already helped my nails get sturdier. They got harder and are not so easy to bend any more. They do still break sometimes, but definitely not as often as they used to.
A very good point is that this hardener really dries in seconds, so I literally apply it sometimes just before I have to leave the house.
I will definitely keep using it for as long as possible, as I want to grow healthy longer nails to wear nice nail polish, but I can seriously say that I can already tell a difference, which satisfies me.



Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wraps For Dinner | Recipe

I came from College and Eryk decided to prepare some super tasty wraps. I took the pictures and thought I'd share our "recipe" with you.

We used some cucumber, half of a red pepper and a tomato, also Iceberg lettuce, grated mozzarella and cheddar cheese, southern fried chicken fillets, light mayonnaise, sour cream and some ketchup.

Eryk used to work at KFC, so he has some wrap preparing experience- Boyfriend Bonus Point!

Once they were rolled up neatly, we put them into the toaster and toasted them until they had these gold brown marks.

They are delicious!
I think they are quite healthy, apart from the sauces, so we tend to eat these a bit often...

Do you like wraps? If yes, do you have any suggestions to try out?



Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Banana&Blueberry Milkshake | Recipe

I love fruits but often find it difficult to eat them on a daily basis. First of all, to me they seem ridiculously expensive here, plus it is not the best time of the year for fruits.
And when I do get fruits, I am the only one to eat them and they often rot until I manage to eat all of them. So, to me it is easier to blend them all together and drink them in the evenings and I know that they will all be gone before I can throw them away.

So, here's a quick milkshake recipe, for the shake I just did.
Here are all the ingredients and now we can start!

I took three bananas and a handful of blueberries and threw them in the blender...

I added some cinnamon and pieces of dark chocolate...

And in the end I added about 250 ml of cold milk...


It is a quick solution, for adding some vitamins to your diet and milkshakes are so tasty!
Of course, you could add sugar or honey or whatever else you'd like and make your personal shake!



Monday, 26 January 2015

My OOTD And Little Goodies

Today the weather was so pretty that I decided to finally wear a skirt again instead of jeans.
So, this is what I wore and our cutie pie Maya modelled with me in our backyard.

I went for quite a lot of make-up and at first I had a make-up disaster and wanted to cry but I somehow managed to fix it a bit.
For my base I used my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, my Bourjois Healthy Balance powder, Urban Decay Naked on the Run bronzer and the blush too. I used my Maybelline gel liner and the Urban Decay Perversion mascara on  my eyes and my new AVON lipstick in the shade Wine With Everything, and I absolutely love it! It is a purple/burgundy shade and it is a bit glossy as well.
My outfit consisted of my grey and white patterned crop sweater that I got from ASDA one day, my black skater skirt from H&M, some burgundy tights I got for Christmas, my Clarks leather loafers and my Jack Wills shopper bag. (+ my furry coat for outside)

When I came home I got to open two envelopes- one from Soap&Glory and the other one from Benefit, and here's what I found inside:

Now I'm off to do all of my French homework, which is so much that I don't know when I'll finish it.



Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Favourite 5 PINK Beauty Products

You may have already found out that one of my favourite colours is pink and even in beauty products, it attracts my attention and I am more likely to get the product just because I think it is pretty. (Whatever)

So, here are some products I really like for what they do, and also for their colour. :)
(The products may not be pink, but the packaging they come in)

My first pink product I love is my Bourjois Healthy Balance powder. Of course it is not pink itself, but the compact case has a vibrant pink colour and I think it looks very pretty.
Also, the product is amazing and I already struggle with applying the powder quickly to my face, because I've hit the den and the powder is only around the inner space and more difficult to reach.
Once I've run out of it, definitely the same powder will take its place in my beauty cupboard. It is great- it has a pretty shade, which makes my face a lot more alive and healthy, it has such a pretty, summery smell and it is not noticeable on my skin. It is just perfect!

The second product is also not pink, but does a great job. It's the Soap&Glory Hand Dream hand cream and it moisturises my skin nicely, it isn't sticky and its smell is beautiful! It feels like a luxury hand cream, even though it is only a drug store product, well.. kind of, Soap&Glory is quite pricey but definitely worth the price!

Now this product is really pink! It is my nail polish from Barry M in the shade Ballerina. Eryk calls me sometimes Ballerina for fun and when I saw this it made me smile. Also, the dusty pink shade reminds me a lot of my room in Vienna, which had a similar wall paint. (Had because it's my brother's room now and it is blue!)
Barry M has nice nail polishes, a great range of colours, easy to apply and they stay on for quite long as well. You could say that it is probably my favourite nail polish brand.

And the next product is again pink! It is my Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lip gloss/matte. It is matte and has such a light consistency. It is not wet and sticky, like a lip gloss, but it also doesn't dry out my lips. However, I don't like wearing it too much when I have chapped lips, just because the chapped areas are even more visible and since the product "dries" on your lips, it can be quite uncomfortable. But apart from that it is great! Also this colour reminds me of my old walls, and the shade is called Happy Nude Year.

The last product for today is not so pink, but transparent, but the bottle has some pink details, which can count as pink as well in my opinion. It is my AVON body mist from the Cherry Blossom range, that I've already had before. I love the light formula, the fresh, fruity smell, that reminds me of summer, and the 100 ml bottle, that I can take on planes!

I think that these are my favourite pink colours and I am very likely to repurchase all of them once I'll need to stock up again.

What's your favourite colour? And does it also affect your beauty shopping?



Saturday, 24 January 2015

Another AVON Haul | Beauty

Some time ago I had the chance to order some more AVON cosmetics and it was so hard to chose something, and I can definitely tell that I would love to try out so many things!
Last time I got in total six products, which you can see here: AVON Haul Nr 1.
This time I got five products and I really think that they are great.

Let's start with some body mist. I even ordered one the last time, but in the Cherry Blossom scent, which I already had before and loved it. I use it on a daily basis so I thought it would be cool to get some other scents too.

So I went for two different ones. One is the Strawberry & Guava one, and the other one is the Orange Blossom one.
I actually have a shower gel from the Strawberry & Guava range, but I haven't used it yet, since I am using my Soap&Glory Orangeasm at the moment. But I smelt the shower gel and I liked it, so that's why I chose the mist from this range.
The Orange Blossom was something I thought sounded nice and it turned out that Eryk's mum has ordered it too and I could have a look. so I decided to really get it as I liked it too. They are both fruity, but I think that the Orange one is a bit "heavier" than the Strawberry and Guava mist. I still like both of them and have now a small collection of three body mists to chose from.

The next product is a hair serum, that I think Eryk's sister has and she loves it. It contains honey extract and jojoba oil. It smells beautiful and it also doesn't really leave your hair greasy, but sleek and shiny ( and hopefully nourished as well). I already have one hair oil, but this one seems a bit more lightweight to me and I think it is easier to use in terms of making your hair look nice- or making your hair look dirty. I will actually try to use it on a regular basis, maybe twice a week, to help keep my hair pretty for as long as possible.

And the last two things I got are lipsticks. I have so many lip products, but actually only one proper lipstick, which is a matte dusty pink one from Golden Rose and I love it.
Now I wanted to try out some AVON lipsticks and chose the shades Toasted rose, which is again a dusty pink, but a lighter one, more nude one and more glossy than the Golden Rose one, and Wine With Everything, which is a pretty burgundy colour, that I've wanted for ages now.
They both look very pretty on my lips I think, and the dark one also makes my teeth look a bit whiter in my opinion.

Hope you liked this quick beauty update, and I can't wait to order some new babies from AVON, but I know that for now I should take a short break.

And don't forget to check out yesterday's vlog, it doesn't have too many clicks yet. :(


Friday, 23 January 2015

A Friday In Edinburgh

The vlog is already converting and it should be live in probably an hour ( hopefully).
I got up in the morning and since Eryk was not home today I decided it was a good day to go out, get some fresh air, have a walk, relax. I couldn't decide where to go to, so I just simply chose the city centre, or let's say specifically George Street. I love the architecture of the buildings there, the shops are just the nicest and cutest, it's not as busy as Princes Street and there is also a baptist church, that I decided to enter, since I've never been in one before.

I shot some pictures and filmed some short video clips- which are in today's vlog, so I recommend that you go and have a look later!

I still have no idea what this building is, but I definitely need to explore it one day.

Paperchase has definitely the BEST frames in the world! I wish I had some money left aside for some new room decor, but looks like I need to wait until the next pay day. I will go there with Eryk one day, so that we can chose some for our photos we are planning on hanging up in our room. They have the perfect style, exactly what we'd need!

I went into this baptist church, and it is so strange, because it has an elliptic shape and the tower in the center, it looks more like one of Edinburgh's "usual" buildings.

Inside there are lots of benches all around, the ceiling has some pretty decorations and it was totally empty. There was only someone playing the organ and the acoustics seemed so nice to me. This totally reminds me of all the years I used to sing in a choir and I'd love to get some singing lessons but I just don't know where I could.

Have a nice weekend everyone. :)



Thursday, 22 January 2015


This morning I told Eryk that I finally need to get myself a cup that I could carry my tea in to College as I end up buying one every day and I could also bring my own one.
But since I didn't have such a cup I thought that I should have a look in town for some today after College.
Well, during my break, we went downstairs to the College shop to get some snacks and there I found a whole cabinet full of such coffee/ tea cups.
I was very excited and the range of colours to chose from made me go crazy. I knew I had to get one immediately, so I went for a dark navy one, with a bright pink rubber band around the cup, for secure hold, and a mint lid.
I am so fascinated by the cup and can't wait using it.
It looks pretty, fun and well made- but this, we will find out once I've tried it.

This cup has an Edinburgh College logo on the rubber band and was £6,50.

This is an Australian Brand, and you can find the cups here: keepcup
You can even design your own cup, which is amaziiing!

The pink rubber band gives you a safe hold and you will probably not burn yourself.

The cups from the website obviously don't have this logo, it's just because I got mine from College.

The lid has a plug, than you can slightly lift and turn until it touches the little indentation, where it will stay.

Then you can drink, and once you're done, you can close the whole again by moving the plug back and sealing the whole. (hopefully well)

Since I drink too little during the whole day, I think this will remind me of taking some extra tea or juice to College every morning.

What do you guys think about it? I think it is so cute and handy!