Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Sally Hansen 14 Day Nail Shield | Test

Today before College, while waiting for the bus I went to the pharmacy and found those Sally Hansen soft nail stickers, that are said to protect your nails for up to 14 days.
They were a total bargain so I thought: why not try them?
As my nails are a complete mess, break all the time and are way too short, I started using a nail treatment from Eveline and so far I think it is quite cool, but today I removed it and decided to stick one the strange stickers and to see whether they actually really help.

In one pack you get these jelly like, soft stickers in different sizes, a buffer and a cuticle stick.
You take the stickers out of the foil, chose the size you want to apply to each nail and then you remove a thin plastic layer, and then the nail sticker from the paper and place them on your nails as neatly as possible. Then, if the sticker is too long, use the buffer to kind of cut off the excess and you are basically ready.

I have to say that I am quite impressed, as the stickers really attach to your nails neatly without any creases and after washing the dishes once, they are still stick to my nails.

Probably the only bad thing about them I found by now is that some of the sizes are a bit too narrow to cover my whole nail, but they do look really natural and you can hardly tell, there is something on your nails.

I don't really believe that they will stay on for 14 days without peeling off, but maybe they will really help my nails to grow. If yes, I will definitely get some more of them.




  1. Never heard of that one though it sounds amazing!
    Please tell me/us how they worked.. If they worked.
    Good luck with growing your nails :)

    1. I will definitely do a review about them! :)
      And thank you, my nails are just horrible!

    2. Oh I don't think they're horrible, maybe they're not too long but they look beautiful though!

    3. Oh thank you! They just won't stay long because they immediately break and then their shape is just not too pretty :/