Friday, 23 January 2015

A Friday In Edinburgh

The vlog is already converting and it should be live in probably an hour ( hopefully).
I got up in the morning and since Eryk was not home today I decided it was a good day to go out, get some fresh air, have a walk, relax. I couldn't decide where to go to, so I just simply chose the city centre, or let's say specifically George Street. I love the architecture of the buildings there, the shops are just the nicest and cutest, it's not as busy as Princes Street and there is also a baptist church, that I decided to enter, since I've never been in one before.

I shot some pictures and filmed some short video clips- which are in today's vlog, so I recommend that you go and have a look later!

I still have no idea what this building is, but I definitely need to explore it one day.

Paperchase has definitely the BEST frames in the world! I wish I had some money left aside for some new room decor, but looks like I need to wait until the next pay day. I will go there with Eryk one day, so that we can chose some for our photos we are planning on hanging up in our room. They have the perfect style, exactly what we'd need!

I went into this baptist church, and it is so strange, because it has an elliptic shape and the tower in the center, it looks more like one of Edinburgh's "usual" buildings.

Inside there are lots of benches all around, the ceiling has some pretty decorations and it was totally empty. There was only someone playing the organ and the acoustics seemed so nice to me. This totally reminds me of all the years I used to sing in a choir and I'd love to get some singing lessons but I just don't know where I could.

Have a nice weekend everyone. :)



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