Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Late Way Back Home

Today in the morning I got up to see the snow outside and nearly freaked out again. I did however go to college and after that my friend Zsófi and I went to hers and Joanna'a place but Joanna had to go to work so it was only the two of us. Zsófi cooked some tasty pasta and we were sitting there chatting for quite a long time. I felt happy to spend some time with a friend finally because I somehow never manage to. Mainly because we live so far away from town and it just takes me ages to get back home in the afternoon or evening.  I also never really have the time to meet up because I have college until 4 or I am at work. 
But hopefully in the future, should we move house this could change and I could socialize more again instead of  spending all evening sitting at home.
Also, winter is not the nicest time of the year and even thinking of leaving my warm house makes me want to cry. For winter, it is really not cold over here in Scotland, but the wind is ice cold and makes everything so much worse. For example now, I had to take one bus, which was at the bus stop quickly but once I had to get off and get another bus I had to wait for 18 minutes and in these weather conditions this could be called torture, at least for me. So in the meanwhile I went to a Tesco Express which was luckily nearby, got some sweets for later in the evening and went back to the bus stop where the bus was due in 6 minutes. Now I finally am on the bus and warm, but still far from home and very luckily I packed my book when I left the house today because I knew I'd be on the bus for a long while when going back home.
So, I will now get my book and read a bit in order to not die of boredom here all on my own.
At home I will have a hot cup of tea and some Golden Syrup cake underneath my very fleecy bed throw and try to do my French homework for tomorrow.

I hope you are all warm and cosy and wish you a nice evening!



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