Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Favourite 5 PINK Beauty Products

You may have already found out that one of my favourite colours is pink and even in beauty products, it attracts my attention and I am more likely to get the product just because I think it is pretty. (Whatever)

So, here are some products I really like for what they do, and also for their colour. :)
(The products may not be pink, but the packaging they come in)

My first pink product I love is my Bourjois Healthy Balance powder. Of course it is not pink itself, but the compact case has a vibrant pink colour and I think it looks very pretty.
Also, the product is amazing and I already struggle with applying the powder quickly to my face, because I've hit the den and the powder is only around the inner space and more difficult to reach.
Once I've run out of it, definitely the same powder will take its place in my beauty cupboard. It is great- it has a pretty shade, which makes my face a lot more alive and healthy, it has such a pretty, summery smell and it is not noticeable on my skin. It is just perfect!

The second product is also not pink, but does a great job. It's the Soap&Glory Hand Dream hand cream and it moisturises my skin nicely, it isn't sticky and its smell is beautiful! It feels like a luxury hand cream, even though it is only a drug store product, well.. kind of, Soap&Glory is quite pricey but definitely worth the price!

Now this product is really pink! It is my nail polish from Barry M in the shade Ballerina. Eryk calls me sometimes Ballerina for fun and when I saw this it made me smile. Also, the dusty pink shade reminds me a lot of my room in Vienna, which had a similar wall paint. (Had because it's my brother's room now and it is blue!)
Barry M has nice nail polishes, a great range of colours, easy to apply and they stay on for quite long as well. You could say that it is probably my favourite nail polish brand.

And the next product is again pink! It is my Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lip gloss/matte. It is matte and has such a light consistency. It is not wet and sticky, like a lip gloss, but it also doesn't dry out my lips. However, I don't like wearing it too much when I have chapped lips, just because the chapped areas are even more visible and since the product "dries" on your lips, it can be quite uncomfortable. But apart from that it is great! Also this colour reminds me of my old walls, and the shade is called Happy Nude Year.

The last product for today is not so pink, but transparent, but the bottle has some pink details, which can count as pink as well in my opinion. It is my AVON body mist from the Cherry Blossom range, that I've already had before. I love the light formula, the fresh, fruity smell, that reminds me of summer, and the 100 ml bottle, that I can take on planes!

I think that these are my favourite pink colours and I am very likely to repurchase all of them once I'll need to stock up again.

What's your favourite colour? And does it also affect your beauty shopping?



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