Thursday, 1 January 2015

My Christmas Gifts 2014

I always like seeing what others got for Christmas and I shared my gifts last year too so I thought I'd do it again this time.

There are quite a lot of little things, so again I split them up in categories.
Let's start with beauty first:

I got a big bottle of glittery watermelon shower gel, which makes our shower gel collection at the moment even bigger!
I also got my favourite perfume, which is Cherry in the Air by Escada. I even went to Boots before Christmas to ask whether they still sell it but unfortunately they don't any longer and so I was even more happy to see it under the Christmas tree after that. I still have some drops of my previous one left, so I didn't use this bottle yet.
As an early Christmas gift I got the Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette, which I showed in this entry already. If you are curious about it, check out the link for more information.
Next I got the Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter and I have to say that its smell is beautiful! I've used it yesterday for the first time and was really surprised that it actually really works well.
I also got my all time favourite lip balm from Yves Rocher and this is my third or even fourth one already. It's from the coconut range and I just love it!
And the last things in this category are three nice things from INGLOT. A liquid eyeliner with a nice felt tip, a crayon eyeliner in a minty shade and a waterproof make-up remover, which should work nicely with my Maybelline gel liner.
Also, an early Christmas gift was the huge Soap and Glory box that I already showed here before.

The next category is Home I'd say:

I got a beautiful and ultra soft fleece throw for our bed in a beautiful greyish metallic colour and it is so typical, for my parents house. You can only find such throws there because we just adore them. So it makes our room feel a bit more like my home too and I am happy.
Then, I got a really cute cupcake mug with a tea infuser and lid, so I am definitely uding it! And Eryk is even a bit jealous and said he wants one too now.
I also got a silver frame that I forgot to take a picture of, but it's just plain and we are collecting frames at the moment to print nice pictures and to decorate our room a bit.
I also got a cute jewellery hanger, that makes it easier for me to store my most used jewellery, without putting it all back into the jewellery box.
And then I also got a No7 mirror with the light around, that I was dreaming of for ages now. It is amazing when it comes to doing your make-up.
I also got a metal tin with fudge from Krakowski Kredens, which is quite a fancy brand of Polish specialities.
And probably the last thing from this section I got is a small scented heart in a pouch that is hanging in our wardrobe, helping keeping our clothes fresh.

And then we could call the last part Fashion:

I got a pretty burgundy satchel, which I am very happy of and I used it from the day I got it. It is not too big but keeps a lot of things in it and seems sturdy as well, plus the colour of it is perfect for this time of the year!
And the last things here are four pairs of tights ( I already ripped one apart unfortunately). There is a burgundy, brown and one pair with faces left.
The last thing is a cute, tiny silver bracelet from YES and I hope I won't lose it anywhere.

Apart from that I also got some money.

These are all the gifts I can think of and I am pretty sure I showed all of them.
I am happy because I didn't really have a wish list and still got all the useful and nice things.

Hope you are also happy with all the gifts you got this Christmas!



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