Thursday, 22 January 2015


This morning I told Eryk that I finally need to get myself a cup that I could carry my tea in to College as I end up buying one every day and I could also bring my own one.
But since I didn't have such a cup I thought that I should have a look in town for some today after College.
Well, during my break, we went downstairs to the College shop to get some snacks and there I found a whole cabinet full of such coffee/ tea cups.
I was very excited and the range of colours to chose from made me go crazy. I knew I had to get one immediately, so I went for a dark navy one, with a bright pink rubber band around the cup, for secure hold, and a mint lid.
I am so fascinated by the cup and can't wait using it.
It looks pretty, fun and well made- but this, we will find out once I've tried it.

This cup has an Edinburgh College logo on the rubber band and was £6,50.

This is an Australian Brand, and you can find the cups here: keepcup
You can even design your own cup, which is amaziiing!

The pink rubber band gives you a safe hold and you will probably not burn yourself.

The cups from the website obviously don't have this logo, it's just because I got mine from College.

The lid has a plug, than you can slightly lift and turn until it touches the little indentation, where it will stay.

Then you can drink, and once you're done, you can close the whole again by moving the plug back and sealing the whole. (hopefully well)

Since I drink too little during the whole day, I think this will remind me of taking some extra tea or juice to College every morning.

What do you guys think about it? I think it is so cute and handy!



  1. It looks so cute, I'm searching for a good one for ages now!
    Please tell me how this one's doing. Maybe I'll get myself one as well :)

    1. I am planning on going somewhere tomorrow so hopefully ill try it out then. I am really curious about it!