Friday, 9 January 2015

Superdrug Face Masks And Vlog

Some days ago I went to Superdrug and picked up three face masks to try out.
I didn't use them for the first days after I got them, but yesterday Eryk suggested to finally use them.
The contents of one sachet were actually enough to cover both of our faces. We used a Dead Sea  Purifying Clay Mask with Witch Hazel and Willow Bark extract, and we definitely loved the fresh and intense smell of it. It says that it is suitable for ideal or oily and blemish prone skin. It says that it deeply cleanses and clarifies skin.
After applying it, it is somehow burning a bit, but not too much and we were not sure whether it was alright or not, but we left the masks on and our faces survived, happily.
After 15 minutes we took them off and our skin was really soft and bright.
Now we have two more left and we will definitely use them in some time again.
And should they turn out to be fine, we will surely repurchase them and make our faces relax once in a while too.

I was actually talking to my mum and brother on Skype while having the mask on my face and Noah asked me " Why don't you have cucumber slices on your eyes and not lay in bed?"
It was so cute of him and we actually don't even know where he knew such a thing from. Probably from some series or ads, but it was adorable!

Also, our latest vlog just went live and it would mean a lot to us if you'd watch it. :)

Have a nice weekend everyone!



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