Sunday, 18 January 2015

Naked On The Run | Eye Make-up

Today I wanted to share something quick with you, but since the computer has been occupied for the last four hours I wasn't able to upload anything yet, which annoys me a lot because my readers stop coming back to my blog and I end up with 20 views a day, after more than a year of blogging. I feel like this doesn't bring me anywhere and that it is just a waste of time and just pointless.

But, for the ones who will check what's new here, I tried the Urban Decay Naked on the Run eyeshadows, to show you how they work and look like on the skin.

First of all, I used the lightest shade, in the right bottom corner -5050, on my whole eyelid, using the EcoTOOLS Full Eyeshadow Brush. This is a very light shade and barely noticeable, but it's nice for a base.

Then in the outer V and the crease I added the beautiful shimmery rose/coppery shade-Dive using the EcoTOOLS Shade end from the double ended brush Duo.
I really like this colour and it is probably my favourite one from this palette.

Then, I went for a thin line above my upper lashes and below my lower lashes, using the shade Resist, which is also a shimmery shade, but a darker one this time. I used the Define ending from the EcoTOOLS double ended brushes to create the lines to frame my eyes a bit.

The last step was making the look a bit darker,  using the chocolaty shimmer shade-Stun, using a bit of the Full eyeshadow and blend-ending brushes.

I like the colours and the pigmentation seems to be very good in all the shades, but somehow the darkest shade, Stun, always comes down my face and leaves dark patches on my skin behind. Then I always get mad and remove my whole make-up because it is also very difficult to handle it on the eyelid in my opinion. It gets stuck in the crease and won't apply evenly, which is very annoying, especially because it is such a dark shade and every mistake is visible.

Maybe one of you can help me with how the shade can be used without making any mistakes? I will be grateful for any help!



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