Thursday, 15 January 2015

Empty Products | January

Lately I kind of didn't feel like it was already time for some new empties, but today I realised that there is quite a lot of stuff that I'd be happy to get rid of already,  so here's the entry about those products:


I collected two hair products this time and one was cool, the other one was horrible.
For some time now I've only used Tresemmé hair shampoos and tried out some that seemed to be good for my hair. This time I went for the shampoo which is said to be suitable for all hair types and was sure I couldn't do anything wrong with this one - wrong!
I am pretty sure this shampoo contains no siliciones and that the problem is caused by that fact. Well, it smells very nice and it promises what I wanted. The consistency is not creamy unlike the other Tresemmé shampoos I've tried, but feels like jelly and is blueish transparent. While applying it to my hair it felt alright,  but once I tried to rinse it, it wouldn't come out of my hair at all. My hair was immediately clumped together, sticky, not letting water through at all and so I ended up with more greasy hair than before attempting to wash my greasy hair. At first I thought that maybe I've taken too much of the shampoo or that I didnt rinse for long enough, but no, it kept being like this every time I washed my hair. I got totally mad and stopped using it before christmas because the feeling of it on my hair was just disgusting. Also it makes a sound as if you'd rub plastic wrap and it feels very strange on your skin. Definitely not what I expected and I will never ever buy this shampoo again in my life. It was just a pure nightmare.
The Soap&Glory conditioner though was so, so nice! It is a very light conditioner in my opinion, the smell is the best and my hair felt nice afetr using it. It was 5£, so for a 250ml tube quite pricey, but I've had it for months and am thinking of repurchasing it.


I've had this Garnier body lotion since April, but left it in Scotland when I came back to Vienna,  so I've bought another bottle of it over there and was totally in love with it.  Now, also this bottle came to an end and in my opinion it was the best body lotion I've used in my life, apart from Soap&Glory. The smell is very pretty, the consistency quite liquid and a small amount of it will moisture a lot of skin, my skin really was moisturised, looked and felt better so I was very happy with it! I have really dry skin and just hate moisturising, but this lotion also dries quickly and isn't really greasy,  just perfect!
I also included the Carex hand wash and this one had such a great smell! I was sure it would smell like disinfectant, but I loved using it! I already mentioned many times that Carex hand soaps are my favourite and that we constantly buy them, so I definitely recommend them.
And the last product in this category is my very much loved Soap&Glory Sugar Crush body wash. It was beautiful! The smell is very zesty and the whole bathroom smelt like fresh lemon after using it. It really made me feel fresh and clean. The pump is also super handy and the big bottle just lasted for months as well. Currently I am using another Soap&Glory body wash and I have to say that they are amazing! So cool and cute!


First, let's quickly go through the Garnier Micellar water that everyone seems to be in love with. I like it for removing my make-up,  because it works well, but the smell that is left behind on my skin just makes me go crazy every single day.  I definitely need Bioderma again...
Some days ago I also wrote a blog entry about this Superdrug face mask that Eryk and I used and both liked, so you can go and read some more about it here!
Last week I could collect this tiny sample of the Benefit Porefessional primer from Boots and after using it 3 times it was all gone, but I've tried it and I have to say that it is the weirdest thing ever! It has a nude colour and seems liquid when you squeeze it out but when you apply it to your face and work it, it kind of feels sandy, powdery. It is dry? I really can't tell what consistency it is, but it is weird for sure. It somehow does make pores look a bit softer, but definitely needs to be used with moisturiser underneath because it dries out the skin part you've used it on and it doesn't look too flattering. I am not sure whether I'd buy it, because I don't feel like I really need something like it, especially because it is pricey.


Here we have my seriously most favourite perfume ever, the Escada Cherry in the air, which is said to be a limited edition one. I've had three bottles of it by now and when I asked for it in Boots before Christmas I got told that it is already discontinued, so I was really sad about it, but luckily I got one from my mum for Christmas, so I was even happier about it. It is a very fruity, fresh smell, just like I want it and it is perfect for summer ( even though I use it daily no matter what season it is). It is pricey, but intense and for this reason I only use a little  of it and I have it for some months.
And the last product for today are the Femfresh wet wipes that are very handy and I always have them at home. They are great for travelling etc.



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