Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Tangle Teezer The Original

Today after College I quickly went to Boots and saw this beautiful pastel lilac and baby pink Tangle Teezer, all on his own on the shelf. This time I couldn't resist any more, especially because it is a pastel coloured brush and I've only seen neon ones before. And it was the last one in the shop.
I have to say that I wanted one for ages now but always decided to use my Nashi Argan "tangle teezer" for as long as possible. Since I've used it over a year now, I see that the brussels have already lost their original shape and are a bit banana shaped by now ( they are not so straight any more).
I really like it because it has a handle, which is very practical and it also does a great job in general. For this reason I will try not to overuse my real Tangle Teezer for now.

I bought a Tangle Teezer for two of my cousins and they both said they really liked them and they have curly hair. So I thought that it needs to be a bit different than my current one if they like it so much. And also, when I was still in Poland I asked my mum to brush my hair with my cousin's Tangle Teezer and my mum was amazed about how fast the brush detangled my hair and said that she could have needed one back then when it was her job to handle my really thick hair. And I think this is so true! Once I tried to use a usual brush, I just couldn't get it through my lengths and gave up after three seconds. This brush really makes handling hair easier and less painful for sure.
I surely won't be able to go back to a usual brush.

Did you try the Tangle Teezer yet??




  1. How much are they ?

    1. The original ones cost usually from £10 to £12, the compact version costs usually £12 from what I know. :)

    2. Oh! not bad, I thought they are much more expensive

    3. Well, I usually have my brushes for ages and buying this brush is in my opinion a good investment :)