Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tiring Day

I sadly couldn't sleep last night at all and I slept from 6 until nearly 10 only. This is mental as I had to go to College and I was happy because it was French time, but still, I was so tired.
So when I got up I stayed a bit longer in bed and texted some friends, I cleaned the cage, had some breakfast, got ready and left. On the bus I saw my friend Danielle and we had a small chat together until I had to get off. Then I sat on the next bus and a woman just came and asked me to fill in a bus survey, so I did and the time went by quickly so that soon I had to get off the bus again. At College I tried to work as hard as possible, but being extremely tired didn't really help. After the lesson's finished I had to wait for my letter to be written by the Student Office, which took a while, and then I had to go to the library to make some photocopies of some documents. After that I could finally take the bus home, but it took me ages to get there. At home I quickly ate something and I saw an ASOS magazine for me laying on the table so I had to check it out already. I definitely shouldn't buy anything now, or over the next few days as I have already planned something quite big and exciting for me. This will take some months to get real as I first need to save up for it.

Oh and as people keep asking me what my new phone looks like, I'll add two pictures to show you.

I think it looks really nice and it is easy to use (which is good for me), it is fast and I am surely happy with it.

I see these coats like everywhere and I think that they look so nice, but as I said before, I really shouldn't spend any money now, as I want to have something that I totally fell in love with. And it's not just for one season.

And I also found this bag in the ASOS magazine and it just looks so funny! It is so cool, but it costs 35 pounds, and it is also not a bag you would carry on a daily basis. So at this moment I wouldn't buy it either.



Monday, 29 September 2014

Lush With Lizzie And New Phone

I got up before 10 and washed my hair, Eryk and I had breakfast together and we both needed to get ready as he headed to work and I was about to go to College. The weather was amazing as we had 19 degrees and sunshine, no clouds. I was felt really happy this morning. In College it was quite strange again but we did it somehow. My friend Lizzie said that she would go and pick up my phone with me, so after Spanish we headed to the tram and were soon sitting in the phone shop. The guy that served me was really nice, and Polish, and I hope that I chose the right phone for me and that it will be good. So, both Lizzie and I were happy after I got the phone and we decided to go to some other phone shops to look after a phone Lizzie is interested in and we also went to LUSH. Well. We spent quite a while in there, but we definitely had fun. Pictures will be below.
We then also quickly went to HMV and to Tesco because I needed to buy some food for Maya. Then we went and sat on a bench, waiting for our buses to arrive and when they did, we had to say goodbye already.
It was a really fun and successful day and as the weather was amazing too, it was just perfect. Eryk is still at work and I just got home so I will probably prepare some tasty wraps as I am soooo hungry. I will then check out my new phone, learn how to use it and so on. I think that this is going to be a long night!

Also, if any of you feel like they want to read something about my phone, just let me know and I can prepare a wee post  about it in the next days.

I started my day with this delicious Onken yogurt. The raspberry& honey flavour is just amazing and I totally enjoyed it. I also had a bagel with some apricot jam, as always.

And a nice mug of Earl Grey.

These look so cool! Such a shame they don't smell nice at all. :(

We totally loved the lip products and spent most of the time checking out all of them.

I also bought this delicious Cocio chocolate milk from Tesco. It is really so good and it looks so retro! Totally in love with it.

And my OOTD: H&M sweater, WAREHOUSE jeans, Lasocki shoes, GABS bag, Orelia necklace. Sorry, my face didn't look too attractive in this picture. 

PS: Why do I have less views lately? Makes me really sad. :(



Sunday, 28 September 2014

Favourite Beauty Products | September

As I published the Favourites post about other things, now it is time to talk about beauty. I really don't have many beauty products, only what I need. I would really love to have really excited beauty products but right now, I am not in such a good financial situation to buy whatever I'd like to.
But still, I think that there are some changes from month to month, regarding preferred beauty products.

1) I am in love with the coconut lip calm from Yves Rocher. It is so soft and so creamy and it smells so nice as well. I use it so often during the day that it is nearly empty already, and I bought this one at the airport on my way to Scotland in April. This is actually my second lip balm of this scent and it surely is my most used one. I also have one that smells like raspberries but it is tinted so this one is better for on the go in my opinion. My lips are usually dry and I need to have lip care everywhere I go, so this one is always in my bag to protect my lips.

2) An older product in my make up bag is this crayon eye liner from Essence. I just got it a long time ago, back in Vienna to use it on my lower lash line but it doesn't really work out always because my lashes are in the way and the line gets really thick so I need to make it thinner using a cotton wool bud. But lately I discovered that I can make very thin lines just above my upper lashes, so that my lash line looks thicker but I don't exactly have a visible line on my lids. I have oily lids and normally such eye liner would just melt on my eyes and my eye lid would be black all over. But with a think line this doesn't happen and my eyes look pretty. So that's what I use it for. It was cheap and it lasts nearly a life time.

3) The next product is the one I use to fill in my eyebrows. It is the BeautyUK high brow all in one brow definition kit. It costs a bit more than four pounds, but you get three shades in this palette and there is also a wax to fix your eyebrows. And there is also a small brush with a round and angled end, and mini tweezers. Which means that basically you can do your brows with only one product everywhere you want. I use the angled brush end to fill in my brows and the round one to apply the wax afterwards. It really helped me to control the growth of my brows. They are still not perfect but they already look so much nicer , because I could shape them easily with this small kit.

4) Once I needed a nail polish remover and I was at ASDA and saw this one from Sally Hansen on sale so I just grabbed it because it was 2 pounds something. I didn't expect anything special from it, just a normal nail polish remover. But no. When I first used it I was so surprised by it! With one cotton pad I can remove the nail polish from all 10 nails without any problem, you don't need more than two seconds per nail because the nail polish gets off nearly immediately after you touch your nail with the pad. This nail polish remover is just a miracle and I will surely keep buying this one. As you only need such a tiny amount of it, it will last for a longer while than a usual drug store remover and it is just so good and so easy to work with. I totally love this!

5) And the last product I wanted to show you is my Batiste dry shampoo in fruity& cheeky cherry. I have thick and heavy hair and I wash it every three days, basically twice a week. On the third day they start looking heavy and they tend to just hang down and to get too shiny. People always tell me that you can't see it on my hair but I can at least feel it and I totally hate it but I just can't wash my hair more often because that would kill me. So as I am working weekends and I usually wear a ponytail at work and my hair needs to be washed again, I use some of this to make my hair look a bit fluffier and lighter again and make it smell better until I finally come home and get to wash it. I can't really tell that it makes an amazing difference but it helps at least a bit, and with my hair it is generally difficult to find good hair products, so I think that having a can of Batiste at home is always good, just in case I'd want to freshen up my hair.

And these were all the products I wanted to show you this time. I hope that my short reviews helped you if you were maybe thinking of getting one of these products, and that you enjoyed it.

Tomorrow I am back in College and after that I need to go to town to pick up my new phone. I am so excited, I don't even know anything about phones. But at least I will finally be able to communicate on the go and stuff. 



Saturday, 27 September 2014

Home, Food & Clothes Favourites | September

I came home some time ago and while at work I realised that the month is coming to an end and that I need to write my post about Favourite things. Well, This post is going to be about some food stuff and also something for home and one piece of clothing.

 Here they are, and now I'll just quickly write some words about them.

1) McVities Digstives biscuits- We always bought chocolate ones and I was fine with them. But then one day I found these and I decided to give them a try and they are so good that Eryk and I ate already so many packs of them over the last days. They are so nice, they are basic biscuits with a thin caramel layer and a chocolate layer on top. They sometimes cost 1 pound, which is also good.
Yesterday I bought one pack but Eryk ate them all in bed and left only one over for me. :( But I already bought new ones today. Whoops!

2) Febreze Air effects- This air refreshener smells so nice and we use it on a daily basis for our room to let it smell nice at any time. This scent is called Spring Collection and it is a flowery smell. Since we have a ferret that poops a lot and we only clean the cage twice a day, it is also very useful to get rid of the pet smell sometimes.

3) Cheerios- Sometimes I don't really feel like having a sandwich for breakfast so I go for Cheerios. I remember that I never liked them until one day, not so long ago, when I was in my aunt's house and had them. And now they are my favourite cereals and I can eat them every day with nice cold milk. Not only for breakfast, but also as a quick snack during the day they are great. We also have Cookie Crisps and some Rice Puffs but I prefer these.

4) Tymbark Cactus- This juice brings back so many memories from Poland. This is such a typical drink for summer in Poland and I don't know why. I remember it being at every barbecue party. It is just a really refreshing apple, lime and cactus juice. I really like it and I would just love being in Poland now, having really nice holidays, but well, holidays are over. I need to remember to buy this one more often from now on, because it really makes me feel good.

5) H&M crochet sweater- I am such a knit person. I always love having a cosy cardigan or sweater and this one is my favourite one at this moment. The problem is that this is actually the only one that is acceptable to wear with everything and that actually still looks good. (I mean it's new but my other ones are already a bit damaged from washing them and so on). It is a light cream colour, keeps you warm and as I said it goes with everything. Well, I thought of buying another one of these, just in a different colour and I hope that I will manage to do this until it gets really cold.

These were some of my favourite things this month and I hope that I gave you a quick overview of them. ;)



Friday, 26 September 2014

The Royal Mile

Today I cleaned nearly the entire house apart from the stairs and our flat mates room.
I was cleaning up for so long that I was in my pyjamas until the afternoon! When I finished I decided to get ready and go to town to sort out my phone. I went to three or four different shops and found out that only unlocking my phone would cost 50 pounds so I decided not to do it and to ask for contracts and phones at o2 and Three. Well, so finally I found an offer that I am interested in and I hope Eryk will tell me that the phone is ok and then I will go on Monday and get it hopefully.
But as I was wandering around town, trying to find phone shops, I walked along Princes Street and then a guy in one of the phone shops told me to go across the bridges and find another shop. I was totally confused and ended up standing on The Royal Mile. Being there I thought to myself "Ok, lets stay here for some more minutes." so I took some pictures of the buildings and I saw St. Giles' Cathedral- my love. I've never been inside of it but it is just BEAUTIFUL! Next time I'll have some minutes, or hours left, I'll go there and enjoy the beauty of this cathedral.

Not to bore you with my thoughts- here are the pictures.

Old Town

The Balmoral

Waverley Station

The Carlton and The Scotsman

The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile

St. Gile's Cathedral

The Royal Mile

Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed being there. It is a beautiful place!



Thursday, 25 September 2014

Cooking Went Wrong

Yesterday the sky looked so pretty again and I am just obsessed with taking pictures of colourful skies and pretty clouds. So yesterday it looked like this:
We were playing a bit of Gothic 3 last night again but it was late and I got so tired that I fell asleep on the couch. Then Eryk told me to go to bed while he stayed a bit longer downstairs. At 3:30 am I woke up and realised he was not in bed and I thought that he fell asleep in front of the computer so I went downstairs to have a look but he was already turning off the computer and we went upstairs to get some sleep. Today I didn't feel like waking up at all and stayed in bed until 11. That was however the latest I could stay as I needed to wash my hair and get myself ready for College. So Eryk made some nice breakfast for me and I left on time. I was even waiting six minutes for the bus. And the weather was so strange today! I left the house and it was warm but soooo windy! And when I was on my way back home it got so cold and I wanted to be home quickly but the bus took forever to arrive and I also needed to buy the ingredients for today's dinner.
So when I finally came home, Eryk and I prepared some chicken breast fillets with rice and a peppercorn stir-in sauce from Philadelphia. It looked so delicious and we couldn't wait to eat it, but when we tried it, it turned out that it tasted totally horrible! We thought it would be good to add some Vegeta to the chicken strips while they were in the pan, it's what we always do, but we must have added way too much of it so the whole meat and sauce were so salty that we were not able to eat it. Eryk just ate the rice I think and I forced myself to eat a bit of it at least. But after that I drank a small bottle of apple juice and it still didn't help so I grabbed a jam filled doughnut and thought it would get better, but I still can taste the salt. It is horrible. Well, looks like we are not that good at cooking.

I also took two pictures today with the view from my classroom windows, it's so incredible!

I can't believe how huge the mountains are in this city, they look so nice there!

Well, I am so tired and still ill and I should actually go to bed and have a rest as I have work in two days and I will probably be dying there.
Tomorrow is my day off so I was planning on getting my phone done as it is really the time for it already.
Eryk should also have no plans for tomorrow so maybe we will manage to go there together if he won't need to do anything else.

Oh, and I just wanted to say that I have SO many short videos on my camera and computer that I just need to edit and upload on Youtube but I just completely have no time at all. Most of the time the computer is occupied by Eryk and his brother and there is just no way for me to get them out of there. I will try my best to edit something over the next days and hopefully it will finally work out.



Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Hot Day In Autumn

I am so happy that I can still enjoy some really hot sunshine, just as today, and that it is not raining constantly yet. I also felt better this morning, mainly because my back seemed to have stopped being sore. I really hope that my muscles were sore because of having a cold, because a kidney infection would be one of the worst things to have to go through now.
Eryk and I got up at 9 because he had to get ready for work and I couldn't fall asleep any more so I got myself ready, cleaned Maya's cage as usual, vacuumed our room and went to Scotmid to buy some ferret food and to top up my Ridacard. I then went back home for a while and left for College. I had Spanish today and to be honest, today this lesson drove me crazy. The problem is that we are split in two groups of different levels, but we are all in one classroom. Now one group is on the left side of the room and the other one is on the right side. However, two girls from my level needed to sit with the people from the other level and we just completely couldn't understand why they just were not allowed to take their chairs and sit with us. Also, the teacher can't concentrate properly on any of the groups and we always have to wait when he explains something to the other group and we are just sitting there pointlessly. Also, we are doing some revision of numbers and jobs just now and that's just what I did already years ago and I feel like I'm wasting my time there. I hope it will get better because I will  be so annoyed by this course.
Looks like someone was naughty again...

OOTD: shirt: New look, skirt: H&M, cardigan: H&M
I am off to eat my Spaghetti now and to revise for College. :)



Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Being ill

Today I don't feel any better, but even worse to be honest. My back hurts and it reminds me of the pain I had back when I had a bad kidney infection. Well, I hope that this is not the case this time because I would freak out. I hope that my muscles are sore as I have a cold and this is a common situation for me.
Still, I went to College and it was quite OK there, but on my way home I thought I'd fall asleep and I felt horrible. Basically  I came home and crawled into our bed, hid under blankets and asked Eryk to make me tea every time I empty one mug. So I already got my second big mug. I try to drink as much as possible to get rid of the bacteria and stuff from my kidneys, in case it's them who are crazy again.

Well, it was however a nice and warm day so I decided to wear a dress again.
Here's my OOTD just to let you know what I looked like.
This dress is probably my favourite everyday-dress. I think that my waist looks so nice in it and it is just perfect. But the sad thing is that the upper material, the one with the flowers (there is a navy one underneath that is thicker) is very thin and transparent basically and somehow there appeared some thin lines (white on the dark material and dark on the white flowers) and I just don't know when it happened. It seems like the thread got pulled out somehow. :(
Oh and if someone wants to know, this dress is from New Look and I bought it in April. Then I also had black tights because as I'm ill, I didn't want to risk getting even more ill. And my lovely shoes are from Lasocki. I also totally love these and could wear them every day.
And then on top of the dress I also had my crochet H&M jumper to keep myself warm. My school bag is my GABS one as it is the biggest one I have. Oh, and there is also a Maya sitting on my arm! ;)
And my cute necklace is from Orelia.

When I needed to go to College, Eryk decided to bring me to the bus stop and he took Maya with us and we let her run around in the grass and people were just stopping and looking at her, so cool!
At College I could enrol for French finally and when I came home I just went to bed, put on my pyjamas and Eryk is making me tea every hour or so. I am snacking of course (WHEN YOU ARE ILL YOU ARE ALLOWED TO!) and I hope that I will get better soon. The fact that I need to go to work on Saturday and Sunday is terrifying me now.

And just to show you how things look like now, here you are:
Caramel Digestives (which are AMAZING!), Doritos, Volvic water and my favourite Twinings Earl Grey tea by my side. Lots of used tissues, half of a toilet roll, my tablet, pillows and blankets. I think that I should go back there, and finish today's post. I should also do my homework as long as I feel still alright to do something.

We'll see if I get better tomorrow, and I really hope I will, because school and work are on my plan and I should definitely go there.

See you tomorrow! Let's all hope that the cold will end soon!



Monday, 22 September 2014

Pink Skies And Pretty Clouds

Last night was not the best for us, we are totally ill. Looks like we have a flu. We were constantly waking up and in the early morning hours we saw that the sky was totally pink! It looked so incredible that I tried to take a picture of it. It doesn't look too good there, but it can give you an impression of what it was like.

I had to get up at some point later because I was meant to go to College and I needed to wash my hair before. I wasn't sure if I was even able to do that and I didn't feel like going to College and sitting there for 2,5 hours. But we had to enrol in Spanish today so I decided to go. I couldn't really eat anything as my throat was so sore and I just went for my Ready Brek porridge with strawberry milk and strawberries. It was nice and it didn't hurt my throat too much. 
When I got ready I made my way to College, where I had a bit of the lesson and then I managed to finally enrol. I now have my student ID and am officially a student.
Look at my pretty flowers!

And at my nice and tasty porridge!

Well, so this is how my make-up looked today and I thought that I'd look very pretty on my ID picture but in fact I look like wearing tons of fake tan and basically everyone does as the light was strange there.
Everything is the same, I just added some eye liner on my upper lid and that was it.
I was also wearing lip gloss but it was gone by the time I got my photo taken.

And I also took some pictures of the area, I think some of the houses just look so amazing and I'd love to live in one of them.
Look at that! There is one very similar but it even has a tiny tower and it just looks so amazing!

And after the pink skies at night, the clouds today looked just amazing as well!

And the last photo for today- me and my little baby Maya :)

We need to go and do some small grocery shopping soon because we have nothing to eat literally. I should maybe make a list of what we really need. Well, I feel very weak and ill and I'd prefer to stay at home but I also want to eat something, right?