Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Empty Products | September

Today I decided that it is about time again to show you the empties I've collected throughout the past weeks. There are not many of them, but still, there are a few worth showing I think.

Let's start with two different washing products.

First we have a beautiful 400ml bottle of the Garnier Ultimate Blends "The sleep restorer" shampoo. I've bought it some time ago and probably the best thing about this shampoo is the smell. Honestly, if you don't have this shampoo and you are not planning on getting it- don't smell it in shops! 
Also, it looks very tempting and it says that it is good for dry and frizzy hair. Well, I don't necessary have dry hair because I just recently cut my dry and split ends. And my hair gets greasy too quickly in my opinion, so I'd probably need a shampoo that won't give me more moisture. But my hair is totally frizzy after it dries. No matter if I let it dry on its own or if I blow dry it. It always is frizzy, and of course after rain as well. And as my hair is quite healthy now, it just looks so bad with the frizz. So I thought that this shampoo would be a good solution. And it was also about 2 pounds at that time I bought it, so it was quite a bargain I'd say. 
Well, so after I used it, I  immediately realised that my hair still felt greasy, it was not fluffy and light, voluminous. It was just heavy, hanging straight down next to my face sides and it definitely didn't look fresh. And on the next day I already needed to wash my hair again to make it look and feel ok. And usually I wash my hair two to three times a week.
Well, so I just quickly tried to use all of it so that I could buy myself a better shampoo.
This shampoo is surely good for thinner hair probably, but as my hair is quite thick and it is just very difficult to wash it, this shampoo just doesn't help at all with the process, it gets trapped under all the layers of my hair and then my hair is greasy. Not good.
However, Karina, Eryk's sister, is also using this one and is very happy with how her hair looks like afterwards. And she also has thick hair. So I don't know if it is just me, but for me this absolutely didn't work at all.

The next thing is just a hand soap from Carex. I wrote some time ago that I totally love Carex soaps and that I'll always buy these. And currently we have a new one already. This one says that it keeps your hands protected from germs for two hours after washing. Of course, I can't say if this is true because I don't have a microscope to prove that. But it is affordable and it smells quite interesting. This one smells like man perfume or something similar that men use.

Next we have my favourite concealer. From all of the ones I've used until now, apart from the Shiseido one, this one was the best. However, it still is not perfect for my under eye circles and you can still always see them. But as I haven't found a better concealer yet, I repurchased this one last time. I need to say that I've used this concealer for five months! I think for such a small product, and a product I've used every day, and quite a lot, it is totally awesome for the price of I think 4,19 pounds. Many people have asked me what foundation I use but I don't use any. The thing is that I smear this concealer nearly all over my face so that it covers a lot of blemishes. I like it quite a lot but I see that when I apply powder on top of it, I just have darker patches and I always hope that nobody will see it. 

Also, I swapped my old eye liner from Golden Rose to this Benefit They're Real Eye liner sample at Boots. And I really have to say that it is easier for me to use this one, than the Golden Rose one with a felt tip. The thing that didn't make me too happy about this is that I couldn't really draw really black lines. And when I looked into the mirror after some time it just looked as if I wouldn't fill in the line, gaps, whatever. I also could not get rid of the stain after taking the eye liner off. I think that the concept is a really good one, but surely not for 18,50 pounds. I heard that there is the same eye liner concept from Maybelline or Loreal so I hope that I will find one someday and that I will be satisfied with it.

Next comes my eye make-up remover. This is already my second bottle of it and at first I was really happy with it because it really removes mascara and eye liner fast. But with time I realised that it wasn't as good as the Bioderma and that I am not sure whether I'd like to repurchase this one just now. I will surely come back to it sometime, but for now I have a big bottle of Garnier Micellar Water so I don't need to get a new make-up remover any time soon.
The Simple make-up remover also comes in a handy bottle, like this one that is a 125ml one. And for travelling this surely is a nice option. This remover also didn't leave any bad smell on my skin (the Garnier one does and it annoys me so much!).

The nail polish remover I've bought back in April is the Cutex one without acetone and it says that it is made for false and acrylic nails, but I used it on my natural ones and I was fine.
I just needed a plain nail polish remover so I never really care about how they are, but I can say that this one is not bad. I liked this one and if I didn't buy the one I got some time ago, I would still probably be using this one. However, the new one is just amazing and it will be in my Monthly Favourites so don't forget to come back at the end of the month to find out what it is!

And the last thing for today is this pack of wet wipes for girls. And I got them some time ago as the Nivea Intimos are unavailable here in the UK, or at least I couldn't find them anywhere, and I am not too happy with these. They don't smell nice and are not as delicate as the Nivea ones, but are expensive because a pack of 25 wipes costs more than 4 pounds. I am not sure if I will repurchase them, but it will probably be an emergency purchase if I get them.



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