Monday, 22 September 2014

Pink Skies And Pretty Clouds

Last night was not the best for us, we are totally ill. Looks like we have a flu. We were constantly waking up and in the early morning hours we saw that the sky was totally pink! It looked so incredible that I tried to take a picture of it. It doesn't look too good there, but it can give you an impression of what it was like.

I had to get up at some point later because I was meant to go to College and I needed to wash my hair before. I wasn't sure if I was even able to do that and I didn't feel like going to College and sitting there for 2,5 hours. But we had to enrol in Spanish today so I decided to go. I couldn't really eat anything as my throat was so sore and I just went for my Ready Brek porridge with strawberry milk and strawberries. It was nice and it didn't hurt my throat too much. 
When I got ready I made my way to College, where I had a bit of the lesson and then I managed to finally enrol. I now have my student ID and am officially a student.
Look at my pretty flowers!

And at my nice and tasty porridge!

Well, so this is how my make-up looked today and I thought that I'd look very pretty on my ID picture but in fact I look like wearing tons of fake tan and basically everyone does as the light was strange there.
Everything is the same, I just added some eye liner on my upper lid and that was it.
I was also wearing lip gloss but it was gone by the time I got my photo taken.

And I also took some pictures of the area, I think some of the houses just look so amazing and I'd love to live in one of them.
Look at that! There is one very similar but it even has a tiny tower and it just looks so amazing!

And after the pink skies at night, the clouds today looked just amazing as well!

And the last photo for today- me and my little baby Maya :)

We need to go and do some small grocery shopping soon because we have nothing to eat literally. I should maybe make a list of what we really need. Well, I feel very weak and ill and I'd prefer to stay at home but I also want to eat something, right?



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