Thursday, 11 September 2014

College Success!

Today is quite a stressful day. We woke up at 7 and Eryk had horrible stomach pains and he decided to stay at home as he is ill. I had to go to to College even though I either didn't feel too well but I thought that I could at least try. So I went to the Post Office first to send a postcard and took then the bus to College. I was a bit nervous as I was about to go to Higher Advanced French today to have a look. So when I first arrived there and we had to do some speaking activities I was scared because there are people who are from French-speaking countries. But I tried my best and did all the other exercises as well and after two and a half hours, when everyone left, I had to stay a while with the new tutor and also my previous one came over and the new one said she was impressed by my skills and that with my level Higher Advanced will be nothing difficult for me and it will surely prepare me well for uni. And even the previous tutor said that he was sure right from the beginning that this course would be the right one for me and that he didn't push me there without a reason. I was so surprised by all the nice things they have told me! I am really sad to leave my old class because the tutor is just such a nice guy! But I know that the level he has to teach won't bring me any further and I don't want to waste time again. So they were both very happy to announce that I will now attend Higher Advanced French as this is the best thing for me at the moment.
I think that I will master this course without bigger problems and I know that I shouldn't regret changing class. I want to become an interpretor- I need to do as best as I can to get there.

And to stop talking about my College success- the weather is so nice again, even though it looked horrible in the morning and I decided to wear a jumper. Which was a mistake because I was boiling. Oh Scotland, please stop confusing me with the weather!
Tomorrow both Eryk and I are having a day off ( I mean I work in the evening but before that I don't do anything else). So Eryk suggested going to a cafe maybe if he is going to feel better. So hopefully this will happen and maybe I will finally start editing my vlog as I still didn't manage to!

I love this necklace, it's so pretty!

Sorry about my chubby face- I will never learn how to smile properly :(

College snacks are a must. I am terrible, I will probably never going to start eating healthy.

These are so good! I am addicted to them I think. But they are good for snacking- sorry not sorry!




  1. You have a very good pronunciation in French!! I can confirm that!! :)

    Welcome to advanced higher! :)