Monday, 15 September 2014

Rainy Days and Homeware Shopping

Today Eryk and I stayed in bed for too long again, but I could finally get some proper sleep after last night and three days of work. We woke up to see raindrops on the windows. It was raining. Really raining, and it still is. It is foggy and raining too much, definitely. But still, I thought it would be a good day to go to Matalan and buy some things for our home. Or let's say room. Pay day was just three days ago, so hopefully we will find what we need. We also need to buy food for Maya as we realised last night that there is no cat food left. So she had to eat her ferret crisps and cucumber.
But at least I took a cute picture of her and myself. I mean, I don't look too good, but you can see Maya's teeth and she looks so angry, so funny! And in the evening we also took her to our bed and she was sleeping so cute! We were just watching her and laughing because of how funny she was sleeping.

I don't know if that is even comfortable??

When we finally got up after 11, we went downstairs to prepare a tasty breakfast on such a horrible morning.
We put a baguette in the oven and Eryk had it with some hot bacon. I had some porridge with red grapes and also half of the baguette with butter. And we also had a cup of tea and coffee as always.

Well, now I am waiting for Eryk to come home so that we can finally go to Matalan, and I hope that we will go because we definitely need some things.

I'll try to update this post once I am back.


So our plans have changed a bit. We didn't go to Matalan in the end. Me and my house mate Ela went to Primark and I bought some smaller things there. I didn't manage to buy everything I wanted, but still at least some things. The weather stayed horrible, the fog was just crazy! You couldn't even see the castle! 

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Castle.

Got new pillowcases, which are so cute and so soft! I also took a dark red bed sheet that is matching. I also wanted to buy a duvet cover to match the pillow cases but they didn't have the right size. But I think that our current one is alright as well.

I also got myself a cute pyjama, which says I <3 Scotland and there is a cute bag piper on the vest.

And the shorts are the cutest thing ever! There are different Scottish themed objects printed on them. So adorable!

And as I needed new slippers - here they are!



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